Written by Steven Schneiderman

Work of Eric DeCamps

28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Devlin.
Language: English

(23 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Eric DeCamps Special Thanks i
Steven Schneiderman Introduction ii
Eric DeCamps Splitting the Twos Inspired byVariations 1
Richard Kaufman, Eric DeCamps The Radical Change as Split 2
Eric DeCamps Showboat Aces four Aces lost and found one by one 3
Carmen D'Amico Hindu Shuffle Multiple Shift sliding blockRelated to 3
Piet Forton Pop Out Production 5
Eric DeCamps Another Matrix 6
Eric DeCamps Slide Steal to get one ahead in matrix 6
Eric DeCamps Coin Vanish stolen out of fist when brushing a card over hand 7
Eric DeCamps Ring and Rope Also published here 10
Eric DeCamps Card and Coin Transposition signed card in center of deck transposes with signed coin in hands 11
Eric DeCamps Bottom Card Cop different cop palm position 11
Larry Jennings Coin Cut 13
Eric DeCamps The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye signed card lost, another signed card put on spectator's hand, a card appears in the hands, it is the second card and spectator hold first hand 14
Eric DeCamps The Kelly Top Placement from Bottom Placement into right Tenkai Palm or to top 15
Eric DeCamps Monkey Business three double facers, color changing back climax, pictures appear on the AcesInspired by
  • "Card Marx" (Eric DeCamps, marketed assembly)
Eric DeCamps Card in Wallet three cards chosen, one spins out, changes into second one, deck vanishes under handkerchief and third signed card is in wallet, using topit 19
Unknown Thumb Fan Cover 19
Audley Walsh Audley Walsh Spinner 20
Eric DeCamps The Inverted Card short ambitious card sequence, card turned inside out and split, using blank-faced and blank-backed cardInspired by 22
Eric DeCamps Hindu Shuffle Force Handling 23
Eric DeCamps Slate of Hand card chosen, name of it appears on one of two ungimmicked small slates, card itself travels between slates 26