Written by Cushing Strout
Work of Cushing Strout
48 pages (Paperback), published by I Saw That!
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Cushing Strout Introduction
Cushing Strout Variations on "The Nine Problem" Small packet spelling discovery, no-touch, gives different ways to present it (tarot cards etc.)
Inspired by 9
Cushing Strout, Stewart James Invisible Setups Idea to combine spelling with ladder stacks to find card
Cushing Strout The Queens Cast a Spell Locate card by spelling, then produce a named Queen after losing all four into the deck, fortune telling presentation
Inspired by
  • "Aces for Connoisseurs Again" (H. Nicholls Harley, New Pentagram, Mar 1981)
Cushing Strout Further Than That and the Lie Detector Combine Further Than That with lie detector plot

Also includes variation based on The Nine Card Problem, and Alex Elmsley's Tell Me Three Times
Inspired by 20
Cushing Strout The Left-Handed Clock Cards dealt into clock formation, card is located using a spinning physics toy as the clock hand
Inspired by 24
Cushing Strout Taking Another Look at the Dead Man's Hand After spelling some words, magician deals the Dead Man's Hand to the spectator
Inspired byRelated to 27
Cushing Strout Conjuring with Classics Essay on theory about storytelling in magic, compares to Conan Doyle and Lewis Carroll
Cushing Strout Six Napoleons Small packet, down under deal to find a special card representing a jewel, story based on Sherlock Holmes
Cushing Strout The Bohemian Scandal Storytelling of a Sherlock Holmes story, uses plunger principle somewhere and some spelling
Cushing Strout Holmes Meets Endfield Using a Sherlock Holmes book and a deck of cards to create a coincidence, story telling
Inspired by 35
Cushing Strout One the Other Side of the Mirror Wacky storytelling trick for Alice in Wonderland
Cushing Strout Postscript
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