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Written by Asi Wind
Work of Asi Wind
35 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Asi Wind
Language: English
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Asi Wind 3-D Telepathy three spectators write on billets, one chosen and content divined, then other two divined
Asi Wind Double Digits Force forcing two one-digit numbers by riffling through cards and spectator names two values he sees
Inspired by 7
Asi Wind Noah spectator cuts to card and another one choses its mate, two spectators then count to a card in half the deck each under the table and they match, then three cards are mated in the deck at once, then whole deck
Asi Wind Stay Stack Set-up Trick setting up a stay stack during a location
Inspired by
  • "Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid" (Juan Tamariz, Magic from my Heart, DVD 1)
Charles T. Jordan Divided Deck Overhand Shuffle
Dai Vernon Angle Jog Dribble Force
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
Asi Wind Gang of Four slop shuffle triumph, in second phase a card is chosen from the face-down spread, when deck is gathered and re-spread, all mates turned over
Inspired by
  • "Twin Souls" (Dani DaOrtiz, DVD Que Raro)
Count-Down Force forcing the seventh card, two methods, one using Curious Count
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