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63 pages (Hardcover), published by Sphinx Publishing Corporation
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Mulholland Introductions 7
Al Baker The Finger Knows - And Tells one of fiveRelated toAlso published here 9
Roy Benson The Glass Trick two handkerchiefs stuffed in glass, handkerchief below second one vanishes 14
Al Flosso Seven Coins coins travel from one hand to the otherRelated to 19
Unknown Change-Over Steal 20
Robert Harbin The Pierced Cards cards in bag, pierced with needle and thread, when bag is mixed, selections hang on threadVariations 24
Sam Leo Horowitz Duo-Flight as Leo Hartz, with envelopesVariations 28
Unknown Envelope Switch flapless, with stack of envelopes 30
Charles "Think-A-Drink" Hoffmann Beer an Milk Beer peg drawn on paper, spigot pushed through image and beer is poured. Peg is transformed into a cow and milk is poured 33
Eugene Laurant The Nest of Boxes four rings tied on ribbon, in boxes, with assistant 39
Magini Fishbowl Production with assistant 44
Steve Miaco Production of Two Pigeons also works with rabbit, from handkerchief 49
Russell Swann The Card in the Banana folded in banana, magnetic case to steal card 54
Unknown Al Baker 59
Unknown Roy Benson 59
Unknown Al Flosso 60
Unknown Robert Harbin 60
Unknown Leo Hartz Sam Leo Horowitz 61
Unknown "Think-A-Drink" Hoffman 61
Unknown Eugene Laurant 62
Unknown Magini 62
Unknown Miaco on Steve Miaco 63
Unknown Russell Swann 63