Written by Ali Bongo

Work of Ali Bongo

64 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo.
Language: English

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Unknown All About Ali "This series originally appeared in Goodliffe's 'Abra'." 2
Ali Bongo Doves A La Carte cards on tray turn into card castle, which can be opened and doves appear 5
Ali Bongo Snowstorm in Pongolia three pieces of paper pushed into a tube, performer mimes to cut them with scissors and confetti come outRelated to 8
Ali Bongo Out of the Picture framed picture of vase of flowers, flowers disappear, then spring flowers appear 10
Ali Bongo Witch Switch hat (paper cone) changes color under handkerchief, sucker endingRelated to 12
Ali Bongo The Tearable Ogre newspaper torn as face of ogreRelated to 15
Ali Bongo Penetration Minus big metal disc in envelope is penetrated with object, then vanishes entirely 18
Ali Bongo The Lady's Not for Burning eight paper pieces, four are burnt, letters appear on other pieces to form a nameInspired byRelated to 21
Ali Bongo Bongo's Blooming Bush bush is covered briefly and blossoms appearRelated toVariations 24
Ali Bongo The Printer's Nightmare water put in magazine, water comes out black and magazine is blank 28
Ali Bongo Fruit Salad two in the hand with miniature fruits, can of fruit salad as climax 31
Ali Bongo The Balancing Yogi sucker trick with a small doll, spectator cannot balance it 34
Ali Bongo One Rope Only rope is threaded through hole in big wooden board, rope penetrates assistant 36
Ali Bongo The Baffling Bangle bracelet appears knotted to a rod, under handkerchief 40
Ali Bongo Jail Break cards with pictures of a prisoner, prisoner vanishes and appears on other card 43
Ali Bongo Symbols in the Sand sand in box, spectator draws a letter and shows it around, then letter is erased by shaking the box, medium divines letterInspired by
  • Ron Baillie's "The Finger of Fate" in Peter Warlock's "Pentagram" Vol. 5, No. 6, 1951.
Ali Bongo Bouquets and Bangers glove is tossed in the air and changes into flowers, other glove changes into sausages 49
Ali Bongo The Houdini Pin pin vanishes from corked tube and appears in small boxRelated to 52
Ali Bongo Now Is the Hour large clock in envelope, hand changes to chosen hour 55
Ali Bongo Blooming Assistant cup is filled with milk and placed on spectator's head, milk changes into flowers 57
Ali Bongo Second Thoughts more ideas on the items in the bookletRelated to 60
Ali Bongo Pongolian Production Box 62