Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
90 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
74 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction "For a long time magic was difficult to master."
Karl Fulves Tricks with Cards chapter intro
No Guesswork No. 1, spectator cuts off some cards from a pile, prediction in the form of "the same as you and enough to make them twelve, ..." (The Trick That Fooled Einstein)
Karl Fulves Secret Thought No. 2, position of card predicted, selection via cutting some cards off and remembering card at that number
Karl Fulves Think of a Card No. 3, spectator takes any card and does calculations with its identity from which performer divines it
Karl Fulves The Lie Detector No. 4, eleven-card packet, red or black spelled from top to bottom and next card put down, continued until one card remains which is selection
Karl Fulves, Henry Christ Sum and Difference No. 5, highest and lowest card from a packet removed, sum and difference of those values calculated and added, result predicted
Inspired by 6
Karl Fulves I've Got Your Number No. 6, packet mixed face-up and face-down, half given to performer behind back, number of face-up cards in one half plus face-down in other half predicted three times
Karl Fulves Stock-Market Magic No. 7, three spectator each have the same number of cards, cards are removed and exchanged according to instructions, final number of cards divined and predicted
Karl Fulves What's in a Name? No. 8, name is spelled in eleven-card packet and last card turned over, repeated until one card remains, it is the only odd-colored one
Related to 10
Karl Fulves The Computer Deck No. 9, Poker Player's Picnic handling
Related to 11
Karl Fulves It Figures chapter intro
Think of a Number No. 10, number thought-of, after some calculation the result is always six
Iced Dice No. 11, three dice stacked under paper bag, calculation with top and bottom numbers, result predicted or divined
Figure Fun No. 12, matrix number force, forces 34
Karl Fulves Number Magic No. 13, spectator uses the value of a card and another number for calculation with calculator, both numbers divined when total is seen
Karl Fulves Bold Cut Force deck behind the performer's back, spectator cuts off two packets
Karl Fulves Murder by Calculation No. 14, using four suspects on paper cards with phone numbers on their back and calculator, name spelled out on upside-down display
Karl Fulves Out of Sight chapter intro
Karl Fulves Trisecting the Paper No. 15, tearing a paper into three pieces with one tear, spectator has to close eyes
Related to 20
Karl Fulves Time Out No. 16, performer says stop after any given interval of multiple of ten seconds, using pulse as secret guide
Karl Fulves Time Further Out No. 17, performer changes time on watch by exactly one hour without looking behind his back
Karl Fulves Ghost Ring No. 18, rope between wrists, large ring penetrates onto it when spectator closes eyes
Karl Fulves Behind That Door No. 19, rope to wrist, other end held by spectator, ring onto rope when out of sight behind a door
Loopy Loop No. 20, string through finger after some looping around
Karl Fulves Band It No. 21, rubber band on performer's fourth finger, spectator holds second and third fingers and closes eyes, rubber band is now on second and third fingers
Also published here 27
Karl Fulves Interval of Darkness No. 22, rubber band on performer's finger, spectator holds finger and closes eyes, rubber band is released, repeat phase
Also published here 28
Karl Fulves Mental Magic chapter intro
Karl Fulves Beyond Numbers No. 23, page and word selected with calculation procedure
Karl Fulves Devil's Dictionary No. 24, spectator says stop while riffling through dictionary and remembers last word which is divined
Karl Fulves Knowing the Future No. 25, rubber bands near edge of cardboard hold eight cards, one chosen and moved to top, predicted, ungaffed version without divided cards
Karl Fulves Ribbon Revealed No. 26, three different colored ribbons, one given to performer behind back, he divines its color
Karl Fulves Red, White, Blue No. 27, three envelopes and papers with colors, color configuration predicted, redistribution principle
Karl Fulves Paper Magic chapter intro
The Paper Rabbit No. 28, making a rabbit out of a piece of paper with folding and cutting
Karl Fulves Lucky Lollipop No. 29, lollipops on three pieces of paper, number changes when papers are rearranged
Karl Fulves Boys and Girls No. 30, boy and girl names on paper, folded and cut, all boys are separated from girls, smooth and torn edges
Also published here 42
Karl Fulves WOW! MOM! No. 31, simple two-way out prediction, bloodless hand
Karl Fulves Out of Nowhere No. 32, producing any item from a paper cup, for example a toy car
Karl Fulves Jumbled Numbers No. 33, seven numbers on slips of paper are threaded onto safety pin in random order, performer takes it behind his back and tears off the numbers in order of spectator's phone number
Karl Fulves Red Magic No. 34, some words are reversed in mirror and some not
Karl Fulves The Rings of Saturn No. 35, moebius strip
Karl Fulves Favorite Food No. 36, paper change bag, used to have the spectator select paper billets with his own favorite food
Karl Fulves Novelty Magic chapter intro
Karl Fulves Vanishing Ring No. 37, finger ring wrapped in handkerchief vanishes
Karl Fulves Hank the Ghost No. 38, handkerchief held in front of glass on table, chosen sock that was beside glass is suddenly inside, kind of impromptu third hand method
Karl Fulves Reverso No. 39, numbers, words and designs appear in mirror image through glass of water
Chair Lift No. 40, boy cannot lift chair near wall with book on it, but girl can
Raise Your Foot No. 41, stunt in which spectator cannot lift foot near wall but performer can
Karl Fulves Two-Person Mind Reading chapter intro
Karl Fulves Truth in Labeling No. 42, four bottles on table, spectator drinks of one, then blindfolded medium comes into room and divines the bottle
Karl Fulves Reading the Classifieds No. 43, crumpled ads from newspaper on table, one chosen and three words chosen from it, medium looks at the words and identifies the whole ad
Karl Fulves Behind Closed Doors No. 44, four or five coins in envelope given to medium in other room who divines the chosen coin
Related to 63
Karl Fulves Behind Closed Doors II No. 45, four or five coins in envelope given to medium in other room who divines the chosen coin, second method
Related to 64
Karl Fulves Magic Mind No. 46, nine objects written on pieces of paper, one chosen, medium divines it with two questions, code
Karl Fulves Think Alike No. 47, objects on table, one chosen, medium divines it blindfolded
Related to 68
Karl Fulves Think Alike Again No. 48, objects on table, one chosen, medium divines it blindfolded, different code
Related to 69
Karl Fulves Who Done It? No. 49, murderer divined by assistant
Karl Fulves The Three-Object Test No. 50, three objects in bag, a spectator removes one object and hides it behind his back, medium divines missing object, two different repeats, code with feet
Karl Fulves Crime Does Not Pay No. 51, murderer divined by assistant
Karl Fulves Money Magic chapter intro
Strongman Stuff No. 52, coin pressed on head with hand, spectator cannot lift hand
Karl Fulves By George, He Got It! No. 53, quarter folded into bill by spectator, date of coin and serial number of bill divined by performer behind back
Karl Fulves Guessing Game No. 54, coin under handkerchief on magician's palm, spectators reach under it and guess what it is, it turns out to be much bigger, wrist watch as hold-out
Watch George No. 55, bill folded and unfolded, then it is upside down
Karl Fulves Bare-handed Vanish No. 56, coin vanishes in handkerchief, ditch into rolled-up sleeve
Karl Fulves Spirit of '76 No. 57, four coins shown front and back, answer of question appears on back of one coin (one of two possible answers), display sequence in which apparently four coins are shown from both sides
Calvin Cole, Karl Fulves Pocket Presto No. 58, spectator counts his change and puts one coin into pocket, amount of change divined after some calculations
Also published here 81
Karl Fulves Cloak of Invisibility No. 59, coin dropped in glass under handkerchief cover vanishes, reappears audibly in glass again
Karl Fulves Confederates chapter intro
Karl Fulves Numbers in Mind No. 60, hidden numbers revealed by performer, using a confederate
Karl Fulves Guilty Party No. 61, using a confederate
Karl Fulves A Mind for Money No. 62, chosen coin divined, using a confederate
Karl Fulves The Nine-Cent Card Trick No. 63, nine cards in square and nine pennies laid out, one chosen, card and date on coin on it divined, using a confederate
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