Written by Andi Gladwin
Work of Tomas Blomberg
328 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Tomas Blomberg
Language: English
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Andi Gladwin Welcome to the Lab
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase break
Tomas Blomberg The Konami Code bunch of photographs shuffled by spectator are disposed at the table, spectator ends up on the predicted one via pointing/arrows on photos
Tomas Blomberg Cashing Bank Night effect, using the condition of heads or tails of five coins to select the envelopes
Inspired by 18
Tomas Blomberg Neckless Grandma two tied pieces of rope go through the performer's neck
Tomas Blomberg ABandOn after doing Crazy Man´s Handcuffs, one of the bands merges into the other
Related toVariations 22
Tomas Blomberg Magic Lesson six-phase routine where a rubber band and a borrowed ring are linked and unlinked several times. When the ring is going to be handed back to its owner, it changes places with the rubber band
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Pinnacle" (Russ Niedzwiecki DVD, 2005)
Tomas Blomberg Brazilian Bend spoon inside a cup of coffee slowly bends without touching
Tomas Blomberg Bills Witch ten-dollar bill changes into a twenty-dollar bill, three different handlings, gaffed bill
  • First folding method
  • Second folding method
  • No-fold method
Tomas Blomberg Double Bills Witch twenty-dollar bill is split into two ten-dollar bills
Tomas Blomberg, Paul Harris Double Bills Witch Routine twenty-dollar bill is split into two ten-dollar bills, one of them changes back into a twenty
Tomas Blomberg Daley Delight Switch with Bills no details, see also p. 256
Tomas Blomberg TB Spread Double double lift from a spread
Inspired byAlso published here 55
Chris Mayhew Chris Mayhew´s TB Force without removing the double from the deck
Tomas Blomberg À la Cummins spectator pushes Joker into deck to find selection, instead the Joker changes into selected card, then it changes back
Inspired by 58
Reverse Cull bottom card dragged under spread
Edward Marlo Swivel Change
Tomas Blomberg Tattwo You signed card from a red-backed deck matches with blue-backed card prediction. Signature travels from selected card to prediction
Inspired byRelated to 62
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change
Tomas Blomberg Matest -Phase one- two spectators select the same card
-Phase two- ungaffed handling for Doc Eason "Anniversary Waltz"
Interlock position see also p.100
Tomas Blomberg Matest Inverted -Phase one- two spectators select the same card, which was signed at the back
-Phase two- second card is selected and signed at the face, signature travels from the first card to the second one
Tomas Blomberg Double Brainwave Update Update ungaffed
Inspired byRelated to 70
Tomas Blomberg Really Double Brainwave with two different cards named
Tomas Blomberg One Improbabilty Open Prediction type of effect
Inspired by 74
Tomas Blomberg Two Double Turnovers intro
Tomas Blomberg Top Centre Double Turnover from the top of the deck
Tomas Blomberg Relativity Push-off
Inspired by 81
Tomas Blomberg Proteus Bound while the deck is in the card box
  • Ambitious Card Ending
Inspired byRelated toVariations 84
Tomas Blomberg Fuentes Load-Up Load-Up variation in which card ends up face-up second from top
Inspired by
  • Baltazar Fuentes Change (see Malone's "Radical Aces", MUM, Vol. 82 No. 11, Apr. 1993)
  • "Load-Up Move" (J. Stewart Smith, Top of the Deck, 1950)
Tomas Blomberg Switchhopper selected card between the two red Queens travels appearing between the two black Queens
Tomas Blomberg Optical Kosky
Inspired by
  • "Kosky's Invisible Card Exchange" (marketed ca. 1940)
Tomas Blomberg Low Life Display
Inspired by 94
Tomas Blomberg Peel Slide Switch
Inspired byAlso published here 97
Tomas Blomberg 113 G Sandwich routine
  • Phase one- red Kings find selected card
  • Phase two- selected card transposes with tabled black Kings under case
Inspired by
  • "Royale with Cheese" (Luke Dancy, marketed, 2004)
Also published here
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley Switch
Related to 103
Axel Adlercreutz Switch using the Interlock Concept
Tomas Blomberg Interlocked Daley red Aces transpose with black Kings
Inspired by 106
Tomas Blomberg Low Cost card between the red Jacks vanishes and appears between the tabled black Jacks
Inspired by 109
Tomas Blomberg Hindu Interlock force, switch and control of a card
Tomas Blomberg Intelligent Leaper Handling using the Hindu Interlock
Inspired by 115
Tomas Blomberg Lucky 14 spectator finds the four Aces using three previously selected cards
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 117
Tomas Blomberg The Freakish Miracle Frequent Miracle type of effect, using three decks with their backs openly marked, two deck dealt through until a match occurs, match at same position in third deck but on other side of card
Inspired by
  • "The Frequent Miracle" (Tom Bowyer, The Sphinx, Vol. 39 No. 3, May 1940)
Tomas Blomberg Deal the Way using cards which are printed black or white in the face, some spectators pick two cards each, which can change between them afterwards. Depending on the cards, they are distributed in two sides, magician is able to predict the difference in the number of spectators between sides
Inspired by 124
Tomas Blomberg Torn Uncut Card Sheet uncut sheet which contains all the cards of the deck, magician rearranges the pieces of the sheet to make a previously selected card disappear from it, "52 on 1 Gag"
Inspired by 130
Tomas Blomberg Estimated Sunken Key two selected cards by spectator and magician, spectator deals the deck in six piles, two possible endings:
first ending: both cards are next to each other in the same pile
second ending: both cards are in the same position in different piles
Inspired by 134
Tomas Blomberg Late Key two selected cards from a deck, one is lost and the other one is placed in spectator's pocket, this deck and another one are dealt at the same time, magician stops at the first selected card and at the duplicate of the second selection
Related toAlso published here 137
Tomas Blomberg Hard Card Paradox new presentation for the Brainwave Deck
Related to 140
Tomas Blomberg Interlocked Gilbreath adding new dimensions to the Gilbreath Principle
Tomas Blomberg Photo Vibrations spectator mixes a large stack of photographs, performer is able to describe one of them without looking
Tomas Blomberg Hold your Gilbreath Russian Roulette type of effect using cardboard rectangles with thumbtacks, some pushed downward and some sticking up
Tomas Blomberg Mind Stress ten cards with ten three-digit numbers each, spectator thinks of one number, performer divines it
Also published here
  • marketed via Ben Harris's WowBound
Tomas Blomberg Packet Morpher Sequence four cards turn face up, one by one, extra card
Tomas Blomberg Tomas on the Elmsley Count small finesse
Tomas Blomberg Hoftwister card is selected and lost (say, Seven of Clubs), Jacks turn face down one by one except the Jack of Clubs (same suit), then it turns into the selection and the other Jacks into the rest of the Sevens
Inspired by 165
Frank Ward Cloyes The Paintbrush Change
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display
Also published here 169
Tomas Blomberg Three-Card Monster Homing Card version, where a face up card appears three times in a packet of three face down cards. Finally the performer ends up with only one card, and between the three tabled cards appears another one.
Inspired byRelated to 170
Bob Veeser The Veeser Concept
Backward Alignment Move
Also published here 171
Paul Harris P.H. Snap Count
Also published here 171
Tomas Blomberg ProHof from three selected cards spectator choose one, the three cards turn into the other three of same value, and selection appears face-up in the middle of the deck
Derek Dingle The NoLap Switch
Also published here 174
Edward Victor The EYE count
Tomas Blomberg Marlo Might Have Liked This Sympathetic Cards version, part of the effect occurs during the revelation, odd-backed
Inspired by 178
Jerry K. Hartman Swing Slip Cut
Also published here 180
Subtlety for the Sympathetic Cards changing secretly the order of one card in a packet in order to show the same packet as a different one
Tomas Blomberg One Behead Twisting the Aces version
Inspired by 187
Francis Carlyle Paddle Move
Also published here 188
Axel Adlercreutz Revolt Twisting the Aces version without extra card
Also published here
  • "Revolt" (Axel Adlercreutz, Alter Reality, 2007)
Tomas Blomberg L-I-A-R Lie Detector effect using blank-faced cards where it is written either "True" or "False". The cards are able to detect when the spectator is telling the true about a selected card, ending with the selection appearing in the packet
Variations 191
Tomas Blomberg Multiplex Re+Set Re-set routine, three phases:
  • Phase one- Fives transpose with pocketed Queens one by one
  • Phase two- Queens transpose with pocketed Fives all at once
  • Phase three- Fives vanish and appear in four different pockets
Inspired byRelated to 195
Tomas Blomberg Signed Hot Mama Chicago Opener version, second selection is signed
Inspired by 203
Dai Vernon Strip-out Addition
Tomas Blomberg Brownian Bridge two packets, performer takes a card from the first one and places it into the other, turns to be the thought of card and is placed at the thought of number
Inspired by 208
Tomas Blomberg, Jack Parker Chase The Red Out Of This World type of effect, uncommon method
Inspired byRelated to 211
Tomas Blomberg Defect Gatherer punched hole dragged across a card
Related to 214
Tomas Blomberg Gasp! Scream! one Ace put in case, other Aces vanish one by one among Kings, Aces then with other Ace in case
Inspired by 217
Tenkai Ishida Book Break Turnover
Two-as-Four EYE Count
Tomas Blomberg Mxyzptlk word "mirror" written on back of card, another chosen word on another card, both words change to mirror writing
Inspired by 222
Tomas Blomberg QXS...SXQ two Queens put together into deck, the separate next to two selections
Inspired by 225
Allan Ackerman HP Move displacement of packet under fan, "Hidden Packet"
Tomas Blomberg Mental Devilish Miracle
Tomas Blomberg Delayed ATFUS
Tomas Blomberg X-Scape two halves encircled with rubber bands, selection penetrates into one half, that half then dribbled and selection caught with other half
Inspired by 233
Tomas Blomberg Schrödinger's Tie any number named, deck is taken out of box with ribbon which is around it, pulling the ribbon cuts the deck at right position(s)
Norman Houghton Kismet Envelope three-way envelope
Tomas Blomberg (Vernon + Sadowitz)^2 spectator cuts deck into four packets, with one hand performer shows face cards, turns packets over again, when turned over again, they are Aces, then Jacks
Inspired by 249
Dai Vernon Given the Slip Move
Tomas Blomberg, Jack Parker Jack's Trick spectator cuts deck into four packets, a Queen is placed on each packet, they assemble on one packet, then it is shown that spectator also cut to the Aces
Tomas Blomberg Svensk Voodoo one card selected and one thought-of, first found at number named by performer, second at number named by spectator
Inspired byRelated toVariations 256
Tomas Blomberg Two-Deck Svensk Voodoo two selections and numbers
Inspired by 260
Tomas Blomberg Daley Delight Switch with Decks different fingering
Tomas Blomberg TSAR "Technicolor Successive Assembly Reversed"
  • The Laydown
  • The Transpositions
  • The Reverses
Also published here 264
Tomas Blomberg Tabled Oil & Water 4&4, three extra cards, one phase
Tomas Blomberg Rhythm Switch Assembly
Brother John Hamman Center Double from four-card packet
Tomas Blomberg Rhythm Switch cards laid out onto packets, uses Snap Deal
Inspired by 278
Lennart Green Snap Deal brief
Tomas Blomberg Rhythm Switch Bluff Assembly four-of-a-kind vanishes, leader packet as indifferent cards
Tomas Blomberg Rhythm Transpo
Tomas Blomberg Time After Time three spectators mix a selection in a third of the deck each, it ends up on top eventually
Inspired byAlso published here 283
Tomas Blomberg, Axel Adlercreutz Cardpool with clean vanishes and reappearances
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Edward Marlo Miracle Change Steal
Tomas Blomberg Double Christ forcing two cards with Christ Force
Also published here 297
Roy Walton Trigger Move apparently deck is turned over but it is cut in the process, similar to a turnover pass
Tomas Blomberg Sunken Christ three cards chosen with performer's back turned, all located, Christ force
Tomas Blomberg PreMEMOnition post-it note with prediction stuck on card, Christ Force
Inspired byAlso published here 303
End for End Reverse deck turned over
Tomas Blomberg Swedish Parity Poker five cards with rules on them, a card game is played according to them, sum of one's hand decides on who wins
Tomas Blomberg Simplex Non-Transitiv Poker Die die with four poker cards on each side
Tomas Blomberg Three Bar Scams intro
Tomas Blomberg Four Heads coin flipped four times, bet is that it shows head every time
Tomas Blomberg Two-Upped con game with tossing of two coins
Tomas Blomberg Between the Cheats bet involving how many cards are between two random values
Tomas Blomberg 16 Card Swindle version of NIM/"The Game of 31"
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