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Ali Bongo Pongolian Handcuffs wrists are tied with a rope, rope in 30cm tube to separate hands
Ali Bongo Flutter-Bugs how to build flutter-bugs from rubber bands and plastic, gag
Ali Bongo Vanishing Cane Tip knob alternative
Ali Bongo Voodoo Card deck in bag, selected card is pierced with pencil and burnt with a candle, same card in other deck has same stigmata
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Ali Bongo Force Wheel wheel to force a number, with folded pieces of paper, for banknight etc.
Ali Bongo Bill in Pumpkin... or Can of Beans or Block of Ice... or Almost Anything! cryptic description, bill is burnt and appears somewhere else
Ali Bongo Photo Phorce forcing a photo from a photo album
Ali Bongo Instant Art empty frame is wrapped in newspaper, picture appears
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Ali Bongo Houdini Coin coin in tube penetrates two nails
Ali Bongo Ribbon Fountain Finale from hat, with flowers at the end of ribbon
Ali Bongo Simple Silk Cut handkerchief in folded paper
Ali Bongo Revolving Card Fan / Revolving Anything cards, bill, pack of cigarettes revolve on palm-up hands
Ali Bongo Ring on Rope in paper bag, extra ring
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