Written by Ali Bongo

Work of Ali Bongo

33 pages (Stapled), published by the magic hands editions
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo.
Language: German

(15 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Manfred Thumm Vorwort 1
Ali Bongo Einleitung 2
Ali Bongo Bongo's Ball- und Würfeltrick dice in a bag changes place with a ball behind cardboard 3
Ali Bongo Streichholzschachtel-Kümmelblättchen monte with matchboxes and a coinAlso published here 6
Ali Bongo Bongo-Bingo-Box box with numbered balls, forcing numbersAlso published here 8
Ali Bongo Forcieren mit einem Tuch forcing with a devil's handkerchief 10
Ali Bongo Forcieren eines Farb-Chips chips on strings in a bag, to force a color 12
Ali Bongo Tafel mit zwei Botschaften slate wrapped in handkerchief, writings appear on both sides, similar to Instant ArtRelated to 14
Ali Bongo Knetgummizerschneiden magically cutting modeling clay into three pieces 16
Ali Bongo Die farbenwechselnde Rose color changing rose, with tubeAlso published here 18
Ali Bongo Bongo-Blüten-Busch blossoms can be removed, silks, different method than in the Bongo BookAlso published here 20
Ali Bongo Bongo Blendo Also published here 23
Ali Bongo Bongo-Zick-Zack-Falter cardboard to produce handkerchiefAlso published here 26
Ali Bongo Fred und Lulu Also published here 29
Ali Bongo Voodoo-Karten deck in bag, selected card is pierced with pencil and burnt with a candle, same card in other deck has same stigmataAlso published here 31