Written by Uwe Ohlendorf
Work of Piet Forton
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: German
13 entries
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Uwe Ohlendorf Liebe Zirkelfreunde!
Piet Forton Entree - Ein Tucherscheinen production of handkerchief in midair, from sleeve fold
Piet Forton Drei Münzen - ein Glas three coins produced and travel to silk held in hand. They then vanish and travel to glass
Also published here 3
Piet Forton Popokatepetl-Paper production of dollar bill with flash paper, burning candle from inside the coat
Also published here 6
Piet Forton Das Fadenzerreissen classic Hindu Thread
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Piet Forton Ching-Chang-Chung - der unsterbliche Chinese Figurine of Chinese man beheaded when card trick goes wrong - card is changed to correct selection, head is restored
Piet Forton Piet Fortons As-Erscheinen Pop-Out Move
Also published here 11
Piet Forton Glückszahl 7 four Sevens produced, vanished and reappear in deck
Also published here 13
Piet Forton Eine Entenfeder - Ein Tip zum Kellentrick paddle routine with points on feather
Alex Elmsley Elmsley-Count
Piet Forton Russische Damen cards appear, disappear and change color of backs, based on Elmsley Count
Also published here 18
Piet Forton The Longitudinal Ten Kai Palm to produce cards from a handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 19
Piet Forton Piets Producer gimmick to contain silks for silk production
Also published here 22
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