Written by John Carney

Work of John Carney

80 pages (Paperback), published by CarneyMagic
Illustrated with drawings by Stephanie Gladden.
Language: English

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John Carney A Word from Mysto's Minion 3
John Carney How to Be Awesome at Magic as Mr. Mysto
- Practice. Practice. Practice!
- Magic Is a Show
- Nervous?
John Carney Hypnotizing a Straw! straw rises in bottle 8
Unknown Pencil and Coin Vanish classic, behind ear 10
John Carney Mysto Says 13
Bill Bowman, Dai Vernon Clipped! rubber band is linked to safety pins when jumped off billAlso published here 14
Unknown Dime to Dollar 16
Unknown Paper Tree, Very Pretty classic newspaper tree 18
Will De Sieve, John Carney Clippo 20
John Carney Mysto Magic Puzzle gag 23
John Carney Weird Ones chapter intro 24
Unknown Turning the Screws magnetic fingers 24
Unknown Spooky Arms arms pressed on sides of doorway 26
John Carney Mysto Says 27
Unknown Wallpaper Be Healed Torn Wallpaper Gag 28
John Carney Mysto Says 29
Unknown Ghost in da House! optical illusion, afterimage 30
John Carney Creepy Crawly Creature napkin moves eerie over tableAlso published here 32
John Carney Mysto Says 33
Unknown Floating Hot Dog the floating finger illusion 34
Unknown Zombie Finger finger in matchbox, gag 34
Unknown Hoo-Doo Guru stopping the pulse 36
John Carney At the Dinner table chapter intro 38
Unknown Edible Dishware biting glass gag, with coin 38
Unknown Bluff Bending against table, optical illusion gag 40
John Carney Mysto Says 41
Unknown Silverware Supper swallowing knife 42
John Carney Napkins and Handkerchiefs chapter intro 44
Unknown Rare Rabbit Bit rabbit folded from handkerchief 44
Unknown Poultry In Motion chicken formed from handkerchief 46
Unknown A Powerful Blow! gag, blowing nose with handkerchief 48
Unknown Invisible Hair napkin or handkerchief animates as if drawn by invisible hair 50
Unknown Indestructible Napkin knife through handkerchief 52
John Carney Mysto Says 53
Unknown Rising Bread bread zombie 54
John Carney Mysto Says 55
Unknown Spoork spoon transforms into fork when rolled in handkerchief 56
John Carney Card Magic chapter intro 58
Unknown Ribbon Spread Turnover 58
John Carney The Key Card 62
Unknown The Glide 64
John Carney Mysto Says 65
Unknown Rising Card deck in case 66
Unknown Karate Kard 68
John Carney Mysto Says 69
Unknown Criss Cross Force 70
John Carney Spirit Whitsle whistle on string starts to make sounds, card is revealed 73
John Carney Message to the Wizzards' Graduating Class as Mr. Mysto 74