40 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Andrea Müller
Language: English
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"Magic" Christian Stelzel Personal Thoughts
  • Set-Up
  • Self-Critisism
  • Success
  • Creativity
  • Psychology
  • Sources of Mistakes
  • Music
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  • Read Literature about Presentation
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Cane Gag - The Appearing and Vanishing Cane with a handkerchief
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My Cardproduction - Original Card-Production
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Original Card-Fourish
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My 6 Card Repeat with spectator putting three cards in pocket, do as i do presentation
Variations 10
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Diminishing Cards cards are changed into bill at the end
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The Coin in the Bottle bottle is smashed with hammer to bring coin out again
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My Tie Cut - The Cut and Restored Tie tie placed in folded jumbo card
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My Close-Up Board held by two spectators
"Magic" Christian Stelzel, Valentino Graziadei My Card Stabbing with close-up board held by two spectators, blindfold and a sheet of newspaper
Variations 23
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My Knife through Jacket with large kitchen knife and newspaper
Variations 26
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Instant Chop Cup with bottomless spray can, becomes real spray can as climax
"Magic" Christian Stelzel, Frank Gordon Christian's 4 Ace Matrix with two Jumbo cards
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