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Graham Adams Mr Douglas Dexter, and Gentlemen introduction, "All I know is that S.W.Erdnase when reversed spells E.S.Andrews."
Graham Adams The Plaque System using wooden blocks of different thickness the size of a card for practicing moves like cuts, see also photographs starting on p. 74 with multiple cuts illustrated with the wood pieces
Related to 4
Graham Adams To Shuffle the Whole Pack Without Disturbing the Order of the Cards Hunter type shuffle without necessity to count the center run
Graham Adams A New Method of Stock Shuffle altered finger position, see also photographs starting on p. 45
Inspired by 7
Graham Adams Five Card Stock Leaving the Cards at Any Desired Numbers not necessarily for a poker deal
Inspired by 7
Graham Adams Six Card Stock for Any Number of Players
Inspired by 9
Graham Adams Seven Card Stock for Any Number of Players
Variations 9
Graham Adams Cull Shuffling
Inspired by 10
Graham Adams On Forcing on the classic force, using shuffle instead of pass to centralize card
Inspired by 11
Graham Adams The Riffle see also photographs starting on p. 31
Graham Adams The Pass and How to Do Without It
Graham Adams The Peep and Riffle key card in center, selection controlled to top with an in-the-hands riffle shuffle
Graham Adams The Slip Shuffle card from center brought to bottom in one overhand shuffle, see also photographs starting on p. 39
Graham Adams The Inverted Crimp cards bridged in other direction, see also photographs starting on p. 51
Inspired by 16
Graham Adams Nap Routine royal flush dealt repeatedly
Graham Adams Bottom and Second Dealing
Graham Adams The Twenty Five Card Trick
Graham Adams A Four Ace Experiment assembly with no switch at the beginning, using cull shuffles
Graham Adams The Torn Pack and Tricks Therewith two cards selected and returned, then whole deck torn in two halves, two cards counted to in both "halves", they match and are one selection, everything mixed in a hat and both halves found by touch
Graham Adams Final Comments
Graham Adams The Plates many photographs for the the items on the remaining pages, photographed by F. C. Hodson
Graham Adams "Faro Dealers" Shuffle only a photo illustration, "as described in Sharps and Flats, p. 204"
Graham Adams The Bottom Deal photo illustrations
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Graham Adams The Second Deal photo illustrations
Related to 61
Graham Adams Tearing the Pack with photo illustrations
Graham Adams The Diagonal Palm Shift photo illustrations
Related to 85
Graham Adams The Fan reverse pressure fan, photo illustrations
Graham Adams Production of Cards with photo illustrations
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