Written by Joseph Ovette

Work of Joseph Ovette

32 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Lew Chuck.
Language: English

(33 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Joseph Ovette Foreword 3
Louis Lam Amazo card cut to is revealed, with a deck with 32 cards 4
Unknown Corner Bend Glimpse while fanning cards to the spectator 4
Louis Lam A Sensational Card Effect thought of number and counting 5
Louis Lam An Addition one of four thought-of, travels to pocket eventually, OOSOOM 5
Louis Lam A Miracle in Cards two cards and their positions are noted, one by performer and one by spectator, cards are eventually found 6
Joseph Ovette Think And Take spectator finds other spectator's card, reversed 7
Joseph Ovette Bagging The Card one half card of cut deck is selected, ribbon placed in paper bag and bag is bursted, other half of selection appears 8
Unknown Double Lift Reverse 8
Joseph Ovette Number Telepathy cards with numbers on them, sum prediction 10
Joseph Ovette, Louis Lam A Tip on Slow Motion Card Vanish thin card stuffed in thumb tip, with other method by Louis Lam for thumb nail method 11
Joseph Ovette The Whispering Thought assistant in other room divines card 11
Joseph Ovette Midget Stack of Bowls on Palm of Hand production of small fish bowls, with handkerchief 12
Joseph Ovette Shoe Laces To-day metal tips of shoe laces are cut, vanish and appear back on 13
Joseph Ovette Impromptu Hathaway Box built from a shoe box, brief 14
Joseph Ovette A Routine For a Card Silk silk is just removed from pocket 14
Joseph Ovette The Perfect Pellet Switch with chewing gum 15
Joseph Ovette Simple Location with Ace through King of one suit stack to locate card 16
Joseph Ovette A Simple Do As I Do two cards are exchanged, they turn out to be the same 16
Joseph Ovette Audience Do As I Do 16
Joseph Ovette Different Princess Card Trick with Jumbo cards, to pocket 17
William Ruesskamp Another Card Silk Idea silk transforms in a box, card is found at random number, Rueskamp 17
Joseph Ovette Clean Rabbit Vanish in a tube, with two trays 18
Joseph Ovette Transparent Tube Production plastic Tube is filled with confetti, then handkerchiefs are produced, with Okito's Substitution Principle 20
William Ruesskamp A New Slant on Pellet Reading switch with hat, billets are numbered 21
Karl Germain, Joseph Ovette Germaine's Butterfly Trick handkerchiefs transform into large silk butterfly 21
Joseph Ovette Dropping the Eggs spectator holds tube on his hand and eggs and performer breaks eggs open into tube, eggs vanish 23
Joseph Ovette Magician Versus Layman cigarette is lit with blown out match 23
Joseph Ovette Slate Message Reading three pieces of information are written on a slate and divined by performer 24
Joseph Ovette A New Production Frame covered with paper, large silk production 25
A. N. Rossi Phantom Vanish box build with frames, to vanish livestock 26
Joseph Ovette A Sock Die Box Twist after die appears in hat, rabbits are produced, with sucker presentation 29
Wu Ling A Chinese Phantasy glass with water is covered with paper, ribbons are produced from inside and glass vanishes, then two doves are produced from silk 30