Written by Hen Fetsch
Work of Hen Fetsch
8 pages (Stapled), published by The Yogi Magic Mart
Illustrated with drawings by Al Severe
Language: English
5 entries
Cover photograph
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Hen Fetsch Band-It Card selection is lost in the deck and encircled with two rubber bands, deck is placed behind back and when shown again selection is on face of the still encircled deck
Hen Fetsch Click Locator Card thick card only glued at center
Hen Fetsch Band-It Card Cache same effect as Band-It Card, more rubber bands and clean at the end
Hen Fetsch Band-It Card Escape removing selection from deck, encircled with rubber bands
Phil Thomas Band-It Card Undercover card is removed from deck under handkerchief held by spectator, deck encircled with rubber bands
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