Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
256 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
144 entries
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Steve Beam Introduction
Steve Beam How to Read This Book
Steve Beam The Rolly Polly Controlly chapter intro
Steve Beam The Rolly Polly Controlly deck is cut in several pieces and reassembled, oddity
  • The Rollout
  • The Rollup
  • Mat Less Handling
Steve Beam Rolly Polly Goalie two ways of tabled false cut, multiple packets, some face-up and some face down
  • The Leapfrog
Steve Beam Utility Cutter cutting six piles, three face up and three face down with the Rolly Polly Controlly, knowing how many cards are face up, as a control
Marty Kane Mirakill based in the Utility Cutter
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Around the World spectator separates deck into red and black by cutting face up and face down packets, with the Rolly Polly Controlly
Steve Beam The Paddlewheel one card location, using the Rolly Polly Controlly
Steve Beam The Spring Roll one card location, using the Rolly Polly Controlly as key card placement
Steve Beam Rolled Derby placement for three key cards, Rapid Rollup
Steve Beam Negotiating Free Shows humorous article, continues on page 91
Steve Beam Telephone Tricks chapter intro
Doug Canning Excalibur thought of card, spectator has to do some spelling and performer can divine card over phone
Related to 34
Lewis Jones Close Call one card divination over phone
Marty Kane Survivor TV Series with sixteen cards
Inspired byRelated to
  • Marty Kane's "Jack Queen King Ace Card Trick" in Peter Duffie's "Virtual Magic"
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Telephony with deck and three dice
Inspired byRelated to 40
Steve Beam With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy... You Might Be a Magician from the South If: humorous article
Steve Beam Prediction Effects chapter intro
Tony Griffith Rainbow Prediction birthday theme, prediction joker, card and also back, rainbow deck
R. Paul Wilson Hexadiction predicting 6 cards with the Queen of Clubs
R. Paul Wilson, Frank Thompson, Edward Marlo The Blink Force
Phil Ogden Open Prediction spectator first selects several cards and from them one final card which matches prediction
Steve Beam Killer Prediction
Steve Beam Fifth Incantation cards with other cards written on the back, single card prediction
Related toVariations 52
Rajneesh Madhok Reading the Future
Steve Beam Counter Measures chapter intro
Steve Beam Killer Count method to false count packet for any number, with Hamman Count
  • Variation #1 - Even Cards
  • Variation #2 - Even Cards
  • Variation #3 - Beamsley Count
  • Large Numbers
VariationsAlso published here 58
Doug Canning Boomerang spectator names number, performer cuts one cards less and selection is on top of reminder
Slip Cut
Brother John Hamman The Hamman Switch
Steve Beam Counterweight multi-phase routine, ending with 51 on 1 card gag
Also published here 61
Steve Beam Eye Contact spectator names selection, performer divines position and cuts to the card, Killer Count
Steve Beam Flash Memorization apparently deck is memorized, spectator names a number and card at position is revealed by performer, Killer Count
Steve Beam Cold Cuts shuffle tracking presentation, Ace and number is named and found at position
Also published here 64
Steve Beam Overheard at the IRS Audit of a Magician humorous article
Steve Beam, Marty Kane, Doug Canning, Mick Ayres, Rajneesh Madhok The Lack of a Picture is Worth... humorous article
Steve Beam Gambling Tricks chapter intro
Lewis Jones Lucky, Lucky, Lucky prime principle force, small packet counted to named number until selection appears, as bar bet
Inspired byVariations 70
Steve Beam To Memorize or Not to Memorize on the question of memorized decks
Steve Beam Odd Man In with blank cards, as a bar bet trick
Inspired by 73
Jerry Sadowitz Slip-Jog as a control
Reinhard Müller Flip-Flop Poker using the Müller-Flop, packets are turned over and card selected, card next to selection are all high cards of same suit, selection transform to form a Royal Flush
Reinhard Müller Three-Deal Royal Flush different method for Flip-Flop Poker
Steve Beam The Curiouser Count chapter intro
Steve Beam The Curiouser Count versatile variation of the Curious Count
Inspired byRelated to 82
Steve Beam Even Curiouser Count with single cards, pairs and triplets, broken count force
Related to 85
Steve Beam The Fabulous Four Card Prediction five cards as a prediction, spectator can remove any of the five cards, selection is found at total of the four cards
Steve Beam The Fantastic Four Card Prediction total of four selected cards lead to selection
Steve Beam Curiouser Count Epilog more ideas on the Curiouser Count
Related to 92
Steve Beam Impossible Locations chapter intro
Mick Ayres Mr. Clean selection found at total of two cards
All Around Square-Up Glimpse
Spectator's Ose False Cut without credits
Related to 96
R. Paul Wilson Slider spectator cuts to remember a card, groups of cards are shown to spectator and card can be found, using the Slider move
Steve Beam Piling On multiple key cards
Lewis Jones Son of the 21 Card Trick three piles
Steve Beam Total Chaos selection ends up on total of freely named numbers, humorous presentation
Steve Beam Exhumation spectator cuts to card, which leads to selection, two methods
Steve Beam The Caviar Location two cards are found, not entire deck used
Inspired by 104
Steve Beam Macho Magician Alternatives to Watching the Super Bowl humorous article
Steve Beam Meet the Eliminator and the Exterminator Matsuayama Force for more than two variables (Eliminator) and forcing specific locations (Exterminator)
  • The Matsuyama Principle
  • Fourmat (Doug Canning)
  • Editorial
  • The Eliminator
  • The Exterminator
Related toVariations 109
David Solomon One Man's Search for Meaning two packets are dealt through to build card, remaining two cards are added and formed card is found at exact position in deck
David Solomon Even More Meaning two packets are dealt through to build card, remaining two cards are added and formed card is found at exact position in deck
Steve Beam Four Gone Conclusion card is constructed by using the Eliminator, card is missing in the deck and found in case, message on Joker
Related toAlso published here 114
Steve Beam Deal of Fourtune card is formed with the Eliminator and then found at total of two cut packets
Steve Beam Fourplay prediction in envelope, card is formed with the Eliminator, both remaining cards match, one in value and one in suit
Steve Beam Diamonds are Fourever constructed card is found at total off two packets, using the Eliminator
Related to 119
Steve Beam Singularities chapter intro
Dominique Duvivier Persi De D three selections are lost, three random cards are shown to each spectator which eventually transform into selections
Inspired by 124
Dominique Duvivier Duvivier Double Undercut
Related to 127
R. Paul Wilson All That Jazz number of card stopped at is counted from deck to find selection, flexible method
Allan Slaight Castor & Pollux Geminii Twins variation
Also published here 134
Doug Canning, Steve Beam Double Digit Inflation using the Tent Prediction as a two-way out
Inspired by 135
Mick Ayres Calculated Risk number is formed with calculator, cards are mixed and match the total, using A Swindle of Sorts
Lewis Jones The Scorpion chosen card to card case, lap switch
Andy Hurst That's the Ticket theater tickets, prediction of chosen seat
Chastain Criswell Defaced head of joker is moved on card
Lewis Jones Recount card travels face-up into deck
Inspired by
  • David Acer and Jay Sankey's "Count on It" in "Crossroads" 2000.
Bluff Pass brief
Lewis Jones Omega False Count
Marty Kane Apart-Hide involving counting, spelling, down-under deal
Inspired by 147
R. Paul Wilson Sucker Assembly one Ace placed face-up in deck, other Aces join
Luke Dancy Warped face-down card between Queens turns face-up, card-warp without bending cards
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
Nathan Kranzo Tip Trey selection stands on table
Inspired by 151
Scott Robinson Trading Spaces Kings face up distributed in deck change places with Aces on top of deck
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 152
Allan Slaight The Deck Will Tell spelling words color, suits and value and always finding matching cards to selection
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 155
Steve Beam Bait and Switch chapter intro
Steve Beam Bait and Switch fishing concept for Si Stebbins
VariationsAlso published here 160
Steve Beam Six Appeal thought of card is divined, using the Bait and Switch
Steve Beam Six Pack thought of card is divined, using the Bait and Switch, smaller set-up
Steve Beam A Card and A Number - Take Three
  • One-Deck Version (with mates)
  • Two Deck Version
Inspired by 167
Doug Canning Midnight Speller counting and spelling, to find selection
Variations 168
Steve Beam Mooning the Midnight Speller by spelling
Inspired by 169
Mick Ayres Ahead of the Game prediction in pocket, cards add up to find position of selection
Inspired by 170
Steve Beam From the Belly of the Beast producing selection with "There It Is!" mechanics
Inspired byAlso published here 171
Lewis Jones Dai-O named card is only odd card, limited choice
Hindu Shuffle Display
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count
Mick Ayres Con-Sense gambling themed book test, total of hands used select word
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Zero Tolerance thought of card is divined, several methods
Steve Beam, Marty Kane For Those on a Low-Card Diet gags for Cannibals
Steve Beam Magic from Spain chapter intro
Antón "Mago Antón" López Bullet in the Belly card is flicked in to the deck, next to selection
Related to 186
Antón "Mago Antón" López The Spanish Turnover side-jogged card is switched while top half is turned-over
Steve Beam Yankee Version card is flicked in to the deck, next to selection, with prophecy move
César Fernández Lightning Divination thought card, number corresponding to value is removed from deck and card divined
Related to 189
Mick Ayres Letter
Related to 190
Gianfranco Preverino Mutus, Nomen, Dedit, Cocis
Camilo Vázquez The Dragon Shuffle hindu shuffle force, bottom card changes several times
Camilo Vázquez Dragon Aces four Ace production, incorrectly described in Garcia's book
Related toAlso published here 194
Juan Esteban Varela Spell Found single card prediction, thought of number is counted and name spelled to arrive at card, flexible method
Variations 194
Ramón Riobóo Ramón Riobóo chapter intro
Ramón Riobóo In the Bluff clever card force, number is counted in the deck to select card, revealed by asking question to other spectator
Ramón Riobóo In the Long Run cards shuffled face up and face-down
Related toVariations 202
Ramón Riobóo Cops and Robbers two phase routine, six red cards and six black cards, after cuts and shuffles always red/black pairs
Related toVariations 204
Ramón Riobóo One in the Side Pocket spectator selects card for performer and vice versa, both unseen in pockets, two cards are determined, four of a kind
Related to 205
Ramón Riobóo The Royals Go Courting Queens and Kings and selection finds mate
Inspired by 206
Steve Beam Mating Season V first two cards match, then entire deck
  • The Really False Count
Related to 212
Chris Hannibal Lethal Weapon humorous prediction, No-Gag, no can be unfolded and forms name of famous person
Inspired by 215
Trevor McCombie Hellish Hot Curry cut and turn over to select card, with two predictions in form of mates
Inspired by 217
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Scott Robinson Boxed Set Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
Inspired by 219
Scott Robinson That's Wrap climax for The Toy, card is fully gift wrapped, different methods
Inspired by 220
Steve Beam Alternative Book Titles for Volume 5 humorous article
Steve Beam Named Location stacking cards so they can be spelled to by using the name of the spectator, as a multiple out
Steve Beam Dribble Stud Force turning over both halves
Also published here 227
Steve Beam GPS Stack mathematical stack, knowing amount of cut cards
  • Weighing the Cards
Phil Ogden RAM Deck - Random Access Memory Deck expansion of Lewis Jones Memory Deck, with logical system
Inspired by
  • Lewis Jones' "Memory Deck" in "Cardiograms"
Lewis Jones Mnemonia method to quickly memorize some cards
Steve Beam The Memory Fogger method to quickly memorize some cards
Mick Ayres Card Counting for Poets rhyme for counting 52 cards
Inspired by 239
Steve Beam Bottom Feeder
Inspired by 240
Steve Beam Fifty-Two Card Monte selection in face-up spread, spread is turned over and spectator has to remove selection, betcha
  • Three Card Monte
  • Piling On
  • Camouflage
Inspired by
  • "The Five Card Fooler" in Walter Gibson's "What's New in Magic" 1956.
Steve Beam The Accordion Spread Force forcing a number of cards, packet size
Rajneesh Madhok SAD Memory ADE for fishing suit
Inspired by 242
Steve Beam Quickie Reference Section (The Glossary) intro, brief explanations of used principles and moves
Steve Beam Memory ADE for fishing suit
Steve Beam Prophecy Move
Steve Beam Underhand Shuffle
  • Finer Points
  • Why It Works
  • Double Undercut Alternative
  • Top Stock Only
Steve Beam, Doug Canning Cyber-Session Protocol humorous article
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
Steve Beam Routine Builder
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