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Fred Kaps Einige Dinge über die man nachdenken sollte "Things to think about"
fooling vs. entertaining, books, methods vs. effect
Fred Kaps Münzen durch den Tisch - International with different coins and a glass
Related to 2
Fred Kaps Fred Kaps Version von "Twisting the Ace" mit Hilfe des "Ascanio Spread" with Ace to Four of Clubs, color changing back finale
Also published here 3
Fred Kaps, Larry Jennings Kombination - Larry Jenning's Chop-Cup Routine mit einem Becher und drei Bällen
Related to 4
Fred Kaps Schulden Ace to Four, then cards are removed, always add up to ten
Also published here 6
Fred Kaps Real Magic ring and silk penetration with key ring
Also published here 7
Fred Kaps Steering Wheel Move
Fred Kaps Noch ein "Click-Pass" with four coins, picking up the coins one by one
Also published here 7
Fred Kaps Zeitung zu Geldscheinen paper to money
Also published here 8
Fred Kaps Danke für die Tenkai-Karten-Produktion
  • Produktion der Karten
Also published here 9
Fred Kaps Rote Karte in Blauem Spiel
Also published here 9
Fred Kaps Münzen-Verschwinden mit Geräusch coins vanish from cup
Also published here 10
Fred Kaps Sonne und Mond in der Hand des Zuschauers (Silber und Kupfer)
Also published here 10
Fred Kaps, Larette "Larette" Tischausstattung case transformed to a servante
Also published here 11
Fred Kaps Bob Driebeek's Tosheroon Variationen different ideas with the move, as a stop trick and as a prediction
Also published here 12
Fred Kaps Münzenverwandlung und Verschwinden im Tuch with tape and a handkerchief
Also published here 13
Fred Kaps Konstruktion von Zeitung zu Geldscheinen
Also published here 13
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