Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Alex Elmsley

495 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Amado Narvaez.
Language: English

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Alex Elmsley The Tower Bridge Cut Charlier cut in both hands 7
Alex Elmsley Little-Finger Spinner out of right-hand end grip 11
Alex Elmsley The Multiplying Aces roll-down between the fingersAlso published here 13
Alex Elmsley The Rosette roll down with five coinsRelated to 19
Alex Elmsley Two-Ball Roll rolling two balls between fingers of both hands 22
Alex Elmsley The Fan Prediction touched card matches with predictionAlso published here 29
Alex Elmsley Angle Jog Switch as cards are fanned 30
Alex Elmsley Hidebound Forecast card with different back design is found in wallet as prediction, card-to-wallet method with ungaffed walletRelated to 33
Alex Elmsley The Mexican Prediction free selection is predicted with two cards (value and suit)Related to 37
Alex Elmsley Face Your Brothers three selections are placed face-up in deck, face to face with matesVariations 39
Alex Elmsley Cull Feeding to feed cards next to reversed cards while spreading 40
Alex Elmsley A Delicate Balance freely removed selection's color is named repeatedly, edge-mark in center 45
Alex Elmsley It's a Small World ten card versionRelated to 48
Alex Elmsley Halfway to Heaven not all cards 51
Alex Elmsley Verbum Sapienti dictionary booktest with multiple spectatorsAlso published here 53
Alex Elmsley Open Intruder unknown odd-backed card is found with open prediction procedure from faceVariations 56
Jack Avis Avis Spread Switch credit informationInspired by 58
Alex Elmsley Brownwaves II two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, performer stops spectatorVariations 60
Alex Elmsley Cutting at 26 multiple methods 60
Alex Elmsley Faro Check with credit information 61
Alex Elmsley Brownwaves III two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, then namedRelated to 64
Alex Elmsley Counting while Spreading brief 64
Unknown Cut Glimpse in the hands 66
Alex Elmsley Multiple Mind Reading spectators receive some cards, shuffle and think of top one, combined packet is given backVariations 67
Alex Elmsley Double-Cross selection and mate are thought of, groups displayed, matrixing principle 69
Alex Elmsley Like a Rolling Bone forcing the number four with an ungaffed die 73
Alex Elmsley Failure number is thought of and card at this position in shuffled deck, performer divines both (most of the time)Also published here 76
Bill Simon Covered Side Steal 78
Alex Elmsley Auto-Prediction three cards are predicted written on another playing cardVariations 80
Alex Elmsley Divina-Sign packet of eight cards with designs, three chosen by dealing procedure, divined 83
Alex Elmsley A Card from Cagliostro packet of eight postcards with cities, three chosen by dealing procedure, predicted as postcard message 85
Alex Elmsley Aussi-Mental three cards selected through dealing process out of performer's hand, named by performer 87
Alex Elmsley Animal, Vegetable and Mineral pack of children's picture cards, three selections made and divinedVariations 89
Alex Elmsley The Octal Pencil Liar's Matrix, spectator selects number column and reads out print color lying on one of them 93
Alex Elmsley Verbum Veritas Liar's Matrix, spectator selects word column and reads out print color lying on one of them 97
Alex Elmsley Pack of Lies Liar's Matrix, spectator selects card column and reads out their colors, lying on one of them, different methods:
- Mnemonic Method
- Marked Deck Method
- Unmarked Deck Method
- Lewry's Platform Presentation
Louis Nikola, Alex Elmsley Card Mnemonics 101
Colin Lewry, Alex Elmsley Lewry's Platform Presentation Inspired by 105
Alex Elmsley Still Taking Three sandwiched card vanishes, reappears in half the deck face up, three methodsInspired by 109
Alex Elmsley ATFUS Precursor 110
Alex Elmsley Pseudo Duplicate see next pages 111
Alex Elmsley Bottom Slip Cut 114
Stephen Minch ATFUS Credit Information 116
Alex Elmsley Point of Departure from sandwich to pocketRelated toVariations 118
Alex Elmsley Economy Class Departure without double facer 122
Alex Elmsley ATFUS Variation 123
Alex Elmsley Rollover Switch as reversed card is put on table 123
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish 126
Alex Elmsley The Fiddle with the Biddle in the Middle card appears between sandwiched cards in deck, then vanishes from sandwich and reappears face-up in deck 129
Unknown Push-In Change 130
Alex Elmsley The Red and the Blue two decks change place except for two selections in themVariationsAlso published here 131
Alex Elmsley The Shy Chameleon triumph routine in which backs are not seen to delay color changing deck effect 136
Alex Elmsley Turn-About Card card visually turns over when snapped 140
Tony Kardyro, Elmer Biddle Kardyro-Biddle Steal Sequence 141
Cy Endfield "Hofzinser" Top Change 141
Alex Elmsley A Small Revelation four miniature cards are glued together in stepped formation, one of them turns over 144
Alex Elmsley Fool's Mate joker as cupid and methodVariations 149
Alex Elmsley Jubilee 153
Neal Elias, Bert Fenn Bottom Reverse deck turned over above cards 153
Edward Marlo Pull-Down Cut 155
Alex Elmsley Plunger Shift for two cards 159
Alex Elmsley Separating the Men from the Boys kings and jacks alternated, queens change place with jacks 161
Alex Elmsley A Problem with Duplicate Identities two cards are put on table, two selections are shown to be the same, then table cards are turned over and are unchanged 166
Alex Elmsley The Imp of the Inverse card vanishes from pack, was never there, pseudo duplicate 168
Edward Marlo 9 as 6 168
Alex Elmsley Sum Talk of Alexander value of selection is used to deal to another selection and so on through the deck, sum of all values equates a number from beginning 171
Alex Elmsley Switchy-Coo card a chosen number is reversed, then changes to previous selection 175
Alex Elmsley Half Packed one half is put in pocket, other half vanishes, selection reappears 178
Paul LePaul, Alex Elmsley Bluff Pass 179
Alex Elmsley Second Link two selections, named number corresponds to distance between those cardsRelated to 183
Alex Elmsley Counting while Spreading brief 183
Alex Elmsley Diamond Cut Diamond Ace to Ten of diamonds in order, selection transposes with named valueVariations 186
Alex Elmsley Signing Off performer names card an position, then all cards have performer's signature 189
Alex Elmsley Signature Piece signature travels from red backed to blue backed deck 192
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force 194
Alex Elmsley Shakedown Related to 197
Alex Elmsley Pocketpick visible card in breatpocket turns out to be later selection 207
Unknown LTP Steal of bottom card in right hand 208
Alex Elmsley Breast Pocket Switch card in LTP for card openly in breast pocketRelated to 209
Alex Elmsley Pockets Full of Miracles card is looked at by three people, everybody sees a different card. they all come from different pockets then 211
Alex Elmsley Finessed Riffle Force 211
Alex Elmsley, Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Switch of single card 212
Jack McMillen Card-from-Pocket Extraction from deck bluff 215
Alex Elmsley Reluctant Cards to Pocket ten cards one by one 217
Alex Elmsley 5 as 6 False Count 219
Alex Elmsley Duplicitous Cards to Pocket six cards, two duplicates, one by one 222
L'Homme Masqué One-Handed Spring Palm packet handling 224
Alex Elmsley Flight Plan four aces, one by one 228
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley ATFUS Variation 229
L'Homme Masqué, Alex Elmsley Two-Handed Spring Palm packet handling 230
Alex Elmsley En Voyage Ace to Three travel to pocket one by one, then all to different pocketsVariations 233
Cliff Green Double Lift Push 235
Alex Elmsley Pseudo Duplicate laying two cards face-up on table in crossed formation 236
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm multiple cards 238
Alex Elmsley Processional four aces oujogged from deck, one by one pushed flush and removed from pocketVariations 241
Alex Elmsley Daley Double two black aces change place with one of them in pocket, in repeat phase they turn red and black aces come from pockets 243
Alex Elmsley Between Your Palms card between spectator's palm turns out to be a later signed selection, using stranger cardVariationsAlso published here
  • Abracadabra, Vol. 13 No. 335, June 28, 1952, p. 361
Alex Elmsley Only Child handling of "Between Your Palms" without stranger card 250
Alex Elmsley Interrupted Top Change as card is placed right-jogged on deck 252
Alex Elmsley Incommunicado four cards are selected and produced from different spots, two spectators unknowingly have the same selection 254
Alex Elmsley Square-Up Glimpse 256
Alex Elmsley Devaluation chinese coin in handkerchief and half dollar in pocket change place, pile of half dollar appears as finale, Ken Allen's Chinatown Half set 261
Alex Elmsley Revaluation (A Reminiscense) chinese coin and four pennies, chinese coin from handkerchief to box, then pennies to box, transposition of chinese coin with four pennies 264
Alex Elmsley Magnetic Okito Box magnetic lid 265
Alex Elmsley Boston Two-Step small coin travels from handkerchief to box with half dollars, then all coins travel to handkerchief and box is emptyVariationsAlso published here 268
Alex Elmsley Box Turnover 269
Jack Chanin TV Surprise Production 271
Unknown Gravity Turnover 271
Alex Elmsley The Astral Coin Rides Again coin and two cards, coin appears, travels and penetrates table, coin threaded to cardVariations 273
Alex Elmsley Coin-Card Gaff coin is attached to card with thread 273
Alex Elmsley Milling a Coin small coin is smashed to dust between to large coins, recess in large coin 280
Alex Elmsley Sucker Silver silver to copper transformation routine with sucker explanation 282
Unknown Push Steal coin is pushed in fist and stolen back 284
Friedrich Wilhelm Frikell Frikell-Style Thumb Palm 284
Alex Elmsley The Spider's Treasury four coins are produced from empty hands, stand-up 287
Alex Elmsley Deck Preparation for Faro Shuffles sanding cornersRelated to 295
Alex Elmsley Weave Corrections for Miscuts 297
Alex Elmsley Placing a Key at Twenty-sixth Position finessed methods with faro shuffle 300
Alex Elmsley The Mathematics of the Weave Shuffle long article for "mathematicians" with the following subchapters 302
Alex Elmsley Out- and In-Weaves definition of terms 303
Alex Elmsley The Odd Pack and Weave 304
Alex Elmsley Equivalent Odd Pack 304
Alex Elmsley Returning a Pack to the Same Order mathematical discussion 305
Alex Elmsley Solving the Shuffle Equation how to find out number of shuffles required to return pack to same order 306
Alex Elmsley Stack Transformations how faro shuffles affect a stack 307
Alex Elmsley Royal Flush Deal royal flush deal for any number of players, faro shuffling 308
Alex Elmsley The Constant Stack Related to 309
Alex Elmsley The Restacking Pack stack whose value distribution is not affected by faro shufflesRelated toVariations 309
Alex Elmsley Binary Translocations 1) to bring top card to any position with faros
2) to bring card to top with 2^x cards
3) variation of 2)
Related toVariations 311
Alex Elmsley Double Control transposing top card with selection at certain position with faro shufflesRelated to 312
Alex Elmsley Penelope's Principle bringing center card to position corresponding with number of cards in cut-off pileRelated toVariations 313
Alex Elmsley Penny Wise card at position corresponding to cut-off pile is predicted, Penelope 315
Alex Elmsley Prediction by Proxy spectator removes any card, mate is found by penelope-procedure (pile cut off, counted, card at that position is selection), twenty-six-apart-stack 317
Alex Elmsley Tuppence two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, then namedRelated to 319
Unknown Bottom Card Glimpse 320
Alex Elmsley Meet Me on the Road selection is found at position of cut-off pile, penelope's principle 323
Alex Elmsley A Woven and Cut Case penelope-procedure (pile cut off, counted, card at that position is selection), key is placed next to selection via faro 325
Alex Elmsley Autopilot separation at twenty-six 326
Arthur Finley Remote Control spectator riffle shuffles after controlRelated to 327
Alex Elmsley, Bill Reid Direct Link featuring Bill Reid's "Automatic Discovery", named number corresponds to distance between spectator's and performer's selectionRelated to 329
Alex Elmsley The Custodial Card two cards selected, a card turns face-up between selections, twenty-six key card, faroInspired by 333
Alex Elmsley The Fan and Weave Controls two handlings of an ingenious control:
- The Fan and Weave Control
- The Fan and Weave Double Control
Related toVariations 335
Alex Elmsley Brainweave ungaffed handling of BrainwaveRelated toVariationsAlso published here 338
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan Variations 341
Alex Elmsley The Obedient Faro shuffling a card to any position up to twenty with two shuffles, for magicians 346
Alex Elmsley Spell by the Numbers automatic placement 349
Stephen Minch Automatic Placement - Credit Information 349
Unknown Speller spelling to any card at position twelve 351
Alex Elmsley Paraspell two cards, faro-version of Stewart James' "Evolution of a Dream" 353
Alex Elmsley Collinspell collins aces with spelling finale, setting cards with a faro, featuring interesting vanishes 357
Alex Elmsley Arab Roto-Pack using faros for various placements 365
Alex Elmsley What a Party! adding faro principles 369
Alex Elmsley Late Night Location stay stack with duplicatesVariations 372
Alex Elmsley Auto-Discovery two cards are used to divine a very free selection that's pocketed by spectator, stacked 374
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Rising Card rubber gimmick, faro placementRelated to 376
Alex Elmsley Faro Placement to control selection between two cards 379
Alex Elmsley Faro Placement to control selection between two cards 381
Alex Elmsley Computer Dating removed selection is mated under fair conditions, stay stack 385
Russell "Rusduck" Duck, Alex Elmsley Stay Stack credit information 385
Alex Elmsley Empty and Full removed selection is mated under fair conditions, stay stack 387
Alex Elmsley Wedded Ambitions free selection, mate rises to top, stay stack 389
Alex Elmsley Topsy-Turvy Stay-Stack (A Problem) topsy-turvy stay stack with two decksRelated to 391
Alex Elmsley Parity Failure some cards from 5x5 cards layout are turned over according to rules, condition is called out and on one card is liedAlso published here 392
Alex Elmsley Tell Me Three Times three cards chosen and called out, on one of them is lied, stackVariations 396
Alex Elmsley Future Stock two card prediction, stack, one-ahead 398
Alex Elmsley, Charles Sanders Peirce Through Darkest Peirce cards are dealt out multiple times to mix them, yet they are mated, relation to Sympathetic Cards 401
Alex Elmsley Card Position Formula After Dealing calculating position of any card in a packet of any size, after dealing cards out 404
Alex Elmsley Blind Stud cards are cut and dealt out, things about hands are revealed with back turned, gray code to base 4 406
Stephen Minch Gray Code some credit information 406
Alex Elmsley Mental Boxer six cards are divined after cards are mixed face-up face-down, gray code 410
Alex Elmsley Kingfisher four cards are divined, gray code 414
Alex Elmsley Pursuit of Thought four cards are divined, gray code 419
Alex Elmsley Fate's Datebook part of "The Dazzle Act" (starting on page 425 until the end of the book), using a improvisational type of selection procedureRelated toVariations 433
Dai Vernon Top and Bottom Glimpse 435
Unknown Cross-Cut Force 435
Alex Elmsley, Richard Himber Cold Steel knife is stabbed between two selectionsVariations 440
Richard Himber Knife Stab Estimation 440
Stephen Minch Mechanical Estimation some credit information 440
Alex Elmsley Fan and Weave Control to any Position extension with two cardsInspired by 442
Unknown Knife Blade Glimpse Related to
  • Blackstone's Secrets of Magic (Walter Gibson, p. 21)
Alex Elmsley The Tale of the Old Timer cutting to four jacks, then queens, then kings, then dealing out all jacks to aces 449
Alex Elmsley Pocket Deck Switch with description of psychology 450
Herb Zarrow, Dai Vernon Zarrow Shuffle 453
Frank Garcia Affas-Gaffas False Cut 455
Alex Elmsley Dazzle packet with jokers, backs change color multiple timesRelated toVariations 463
Alex Elmsley Everchange Count Variation Inspired by 464
Alex Elmsley Half Pass with small packet 465
Alex Elmsley Tour de Force five card location with flourishy production and call-back productions referring to previous routines 471
Alex Elmsley Multiple Hindu Shuffle Control 471
Unknown One-Handed Center Card Production 473
Alex Elmsley Outjogged Erdnase Transformation 474
M. Jules Dhotel Pop-Up Card Flourish 476
Audley Walsh Long Distance Spinner 477
Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley Vernon Flourish Deal both-handed as production 478