Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

38 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Charles Aste Jr..
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo The Tabled Palm 1
Edward Marlo One Hand Table Palm 2
Edward Marlo Tabled Riffle Palm during square up after tabled riffle shuffle, either hand 3
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Steal from tabled deck 5
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Steal from tabled deck 6
Edward Marlo Adjustment Misdirection from tabled deck as a card in front of deck is adjustedVariations 8
Edward Marlo Table Riffle Angle Palm for a certain number of cards 9
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Angle Palm from tabled deck after riffle shuffle 10
Edward Marlo Ribbon Spread Palm as the spread is adjusted with both hands 11
Edward Marlo Travelling Double two cards travel to top of deck 12
Edward Marlo Tabled Double Lift using crimped deck 13
Edward Marlo Ten and Ten one selected card 14
Edward Marlo Tabled Stop Effect using tabled palm 15
Edward Marlo Out of Your Hands top card of tabled deck transforms 16
Edward Marlo As a Control to apparentrly cut top card into center yet retain it under control, using tabled Tenkai Palm 17
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Replacement to tabled deck 18
Edward Marlo Card to Top on tabled deck, using tabled palm 19
Edward Marlo Sell or Delusion Inspired by 19
Edward Marlo, Ernando Veneri Veneri Turn Variant bluff method for "card at any number" 20
Edward Marlo Face Up Elimination selection appears as last card in face up eliminiation process, even though it was not there 21
Edward Marlo Rise-Rise-Rise card from center rises to top visible, tabled, two methods (Tenkai and Flat Palm)Variations 23
Edward Marlo Angle Palm Transfer from right Tenkai Palm to left Rear Palm 26
Edward Marlo Flat Palm to Tenkai Palm one-handed adjustment 26
Edward Marlo Tip Up Angle Palm multiple cards, in the hands, to right handVariations 26
Edward Marlo Full Buckle Palm one-handed bottom palm of a single card 28
Edward Marlo, S. W. Erdnase Modified Erdnase Bottom Deal Grip for bottom palm application 28
Edward Marlo Center Block Palm cards are spreaded face-up, right handRelated to 29
Bob Nelson Full Buckle Palm - Toss Cover one-handed bottom palm of a single card 29
Edward Marlo Direct Rear Palm as top card is placed openly to bottomRelated to 31
Edward Marlo Vanish from Packet vanishing a card from a packet of five, "Red and Blue Effect" 32
Edward Marlo Card to Pocket Direct Rear Palm application 32
Edward Marlo Direct Rear Palm - Multiple Cards 32
Edward Marlo Ten Cards to Pocket Finale handling for the end 33
Edward Marlo Direct Full Palm as card is placed openly to bottomRelated to 33
Edward Marlo The Card Transfer for application ideas see also page 37 34
Edward Marlo Classic Palm Replacement to Tabled Deck 35
Edward Marlo The Lost Card sucker presentation, using The Card Transfer 36
Edward Marlo Addition to Tabled Packet 37
Edward Marlo The Card Transfer - Variation 37
Edward Marlo The Card Transfer for Ace Cutting only idea mentioned 37
Edward Marlo The Card Transfer with a Definite Number of Cards crimp 38