Written by David Britland, Stephen Tucker

1978 - 1981
Work of Various

109 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Stephen Tucker, David Britland.
Language: English

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Stephen Tucker Spoonerism spoon bending
Also published here 1 1
Stephen Tucker, David Britland Three Coins vanishing coin with coin puzzle presentation
Inspired by 1 2
Jeff Hughes Utility Reverse while doing a swing cut, also as a force
Related to 1 3
David Britland Chinka Dice chink-a-chink, with jumbo dice kicker
1 4
Bob Ostin Tilt to Countdown card at named number
1 6
Unknown Tilt brief
1 6
Edward Marlo Marlo's Clipped Bottom Deal
1 6
Joe Dignam A Telling Penetration card through table
1 7
Edward Marlo Marlo's Basic Grip Palm
1 7
David Britland Out Policy
1 8
David Britland The Oracle on Uri Geller, Mark Lewis, Joe Dignam
2 9
Basil Horwitz Velleda Variations one-ahead prediction with erasable pen
2 10
Peter Royal Edible? gag, apparently eating spread of cards
2 12
Al Smith Cross Over Aces using pick-up from wrong packets, see p. 37 for variation by David Britland
Related to 2 13
Bobby Bernard Tidy coin vanishes in tie, pinch vanish
2 15
Trevor Lewis All Change color change, using a one-handed top palm with the second card from top, see p. 37 for credit information and variation by Stephen Tucker
Related to
  • Deane Moore's "The Clip Palm" in "Genii" Vol. 11, Nr. 10, 1947. P. 305.
  • Notes (David Britland, 1979)
Also published here
  • "Color Change" in "Abra" Nr. 1578, 1976. P. 352.
2 17
David Britland Calculated Mysteries prediction / force with calculator, memory button, Uri Geller anecdote
2 19
Stephen Tucker Bend! key bending
2 21
David Britland Synthetic Spell
2 22
David Britland The Oracle
3 24
David Britland (reviewer) Cards 2 - 51 Faces North by Karl Fulves 3 24
David Britland (reviewer) The Crabtree Connection by Roger Crabtree (written by Lewis Ganson) 3 24
David Britland Velleda Variations chips with numbers in a bag, forcing a number, erasable ink
Inspired by 3 25
Bob Ostin Card Sharp deck wrapped in handkerchief, selection is found pinned to handkerchief with safety pin
3 27
David Britland Quasi
3 30
Stephen Tucker Concorde string through envelope and finger ring placed inside, ring is found threaded on string
3 32
David Britland Dark Forces card turns face up in the deck, when value is counted it leads to selection, Henry Christ force as placement
3 34
David Britland Disapen pen disappears between hands
3 36
David Britland Notes on the one-handed top palm with second card from the top and Cross-Over Aces
Related to 3 37
David Britland The Oracle with credit information by Jeff Busby on The Hotel Mystery Plot
4 39
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread brief
4 39
John Fealey Smokey smoke from mouth, with match, smoking thumb
4 40
David Britland Guillo bits of business for the finger chopper
4 40
Jeff Busby The Repeat Hotel Mystery with Joker as kicker and presentation ideas by Reinhard Müller, see p. 49 for credits
4 41
David Britland Auto Knot with a string, knot is moved and string apparently restored
4 45
Stephen Tucker Split Tenkai pennies, with two halves of a coin, coin is restored as climax
4 47
Unknown The Back-Clip
4 48
David Britland The Oracle
5 50
David Britland (reviewer) Sleight Unseen by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 5 50
David Britland (reviewer) Cloned by Magic Ronnay 5 50
David Britland (reviewer) Spectrum Plus by Magic Ronnay 5 50
Keith Davies Slip-Up noisy reverse, from center to top while turning deck over
5 51
Philip T. Goldstein Red Exchange with color changing back kicker of two cards
5 52
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ The Annemann / Christ Alignment Move
5 52
Peter Kane What's Up Deck deck vanishes
5 53
Al Smith The SMITH Shift to the top, with jogged card
Inspired by 5 54
David Britland Quick Slick several phases, 4&4
Inspired by
  • Karl Fulves' "Oil and Water" in "The Linking Ring" Vol. 53, Nr. 8. 1973, P. 74.
5 56
Bob Veeser Veeser Switch
5 56
Bob Ostin Relativity spectator divides his packet in red and black and in suits, performer locates selection
Inspired by
  • Stewart James' "The Problem of the Missing Clue" in "The Linking Ring" Vol. 58, Nr. 10. 1978, P. 85.
5 58
David Britland Fulvesque introduction
5 60
Karl Fulves Scanner Count any four cards, one is agreed upon by three spectators, they all note position of the card in packet one by one, then it is divined
Related toVariations 5 60
Karl Fulves 5-4 spectator turns cards over from a packet of 18 cards, behind back performer splits packet and knows relation of face-down and face-up cards in each half
Related toAlso published here 5 61
Wayne Dobson Diamond Deal
5 62
Unknown Bluff Shift
5 62
Edward Marlo Marlo's Instant Botton Deal
5 63
Stephen Tucker, David Britland Tucker's Turnover one Ace changes into selection
5 64
Dai Vernon Through the Fist Flourish
5 65
Stephen Tucker, David Britland Face Card Fantasy with Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks
5 66
David Britland, Trevor Lewis Ace Wave four Aces in envelope, named is reversed and has different back, with message on back for extra kicker
5 67
David Britland (reviewer) Cards and Cases by Karl Fulves 5 68
David Britland (reviewer) The Shamrock Code and Parallel Principle by Karl Fulves 5 68
David Britland The Oracle on Harry Lorayne, Paul Stone, The Ace Place
6 69
Keith Davies Silken Shade
6 71
Stephen Tucker Bessie result on calculator forms a name, name is found on selection
6 72
Basil Horwitz Triple Choice with ESP deck, prediction on billet
6 73
David Britland Cabbalistic Cord ring threaded on string under handkerchief
Inspired by 6 75
Al Smith Heavy Metal Aces
Related to
  • Al Smith's "Tradacez" in "Cards on Demand" p. 5.
6 77
Unknown Biddle Steal
6 77
Stephen Tucker Velleda Variations sentence is erased, name of selection appears, erasable ink
Inspired by 6 79
John Fealey Po£o gag at store, bill is found inside Polo Mints / Lifesaver
6 79
Les Johnson Awestruck
6 80
David Britland Drinking Spell spelling through cards, names of liquids
Inspired by 6 81
David Britland Alien odd backed card, mirror face as kicker
VariationsAlso published here 6 83
David A. Wright The Six Maniac blank cards change into selection, with nude picture cards
6 85
Keith Davies Oil Shake 4&4, mixing climax
Inspired by 6 87
David Britland Creo prediction of created card, re-deal
6 88
Stuart Williams Thermo Static! electric lighter lights even without battery
6 89
David Britland (reviewer) Self-Working Mental Magic by Karl Fulves 6 90
David Britland The Oracle on Jeff Busby, Arcane
7 91
Bob Couttie Under-Hand prediction in form of miniature card under hand
7 92
Stephen Tucker Tucker Trip four coins from hand two hand, back clip method
7 93
David Britland Iso-Warp four Aces turn over, one by one
Inspired byAlso published here 7 95
Frederick Braue Braue Addon
7 95
Marc Russell On the Bizarre Twist alternative one-handed handling
Also published here 7 96
Terri Rogers Spondulics two bills torn, one half of each travels into envelope
Inspired byRelated to 7 97
Philip T. Goldstein Tarot Deca spectator finds his own selected card, Major Arcana
7 99
Piet Forton Chroma-Zone two red Aces appear, then they change to black Aces and back several times
7 100
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move without previously reversing cards
Also published here 7 100
Dai Vernon The Paintbrush Change
Also published here 7 100
Piet Forton, Remo Inzani, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Snap-Over Change with two cards
Also published here 7 102
Stephen Tucker Seer two reversed card in deck, spelling value to find Aces
Inspired by 7 103
David Britland, Gert Malmros Numismagic
7 105
David Britland Thru coin is brought down on table and vanishes, with variation by Stephen Tucker as a transformation
Inspired by 7 105
Al Smith, Wayne Dobson Twitch Switch "P.C. Change"
Also published here 7 107
David Britland (reviewer) Nickel Saver by Scotty York 7 109
David Britland (reviewer) The New One Cup Routine by Shigeo Takagi 7 109