Written by Harry Lorayne
Work of Harry Lorayne
26 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph Wierzbicki
Language: English
15 entries
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Harry Lorayne Introduction
Harry Lorayne Four-Ace Opener
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Card Spin one-handed from deck
Also published here 2
Harry Lorayne Magnetic Pull selection travels next to out-jogged reversed card, optional sandwich follow-up
Also published here 4
Harry Lorayne Spread-Off Double Lift top few cards thumbed off and top card double lifted
Inspired by 7
Harry Lorayne Take Five five cards touched and outjogged, down-under-deal, remaining card matches prediction
VariationsAlso published here 9
Harry Lorayne Push-In Strip-Out Switch outjogged cards pivoted out and put on top
Harry Lorayne Two Ambitious more a transposition theme
Also published here 12
Harry Lorayne Numero Uno number up to twenty names, that many cards cut off by performer, selection at that position
Also published here 14
Harry Lorayne Lorayne's Magician Vs Gambler cards to pocket finale, more thorough description
Inspired by 16
Unknown Double Cut
Harry Lorayne Butterfly Cut Variation
Harry Lorayne Mated Updated! spectator finds two mates by putting cards next to them in deck
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 23
Harry Lorayne Snap Lap bottom cards
Also published here 24
Harry Lorayne Last Words
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