Written by David Britland
Work of David Britland, Marc Russell
30 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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David Britland Tunnel Sandwich sandwich cards pushed through deck perpendicularly, card appears in sandwich
1 1983 1
Marc Russell Jedi Force getting into the "Lorayne Force"
Inspired by 1 1983 4
David Britland Editorial
1 1983 5
David Britland Flipover Cut cutting sequence in which an Ace appears face-up on the deck, last Ace first wrong and then changes
Also published here 1 1983 6
Larry West Snapover Flourish rightening the bottom reversed card in small packet while flipping it over in the hands, Mexican Turnover action
1 1983 7
David Britland PanACEa slop shuffle
1 1983 8
Daryl Martinez Martinez Display cutting display
1 1983 8
Marc Russell Tell Tale Triumph selection lost, then Aces lost, face-up/face-down shuffle, Ace of same suit as selection found, then other Aces are reversed in deck with selection in between
1 1983 9
Zarrow Shuffle
1 1983 10
Marc Russell Exit Line card vanishes between sandwich cards
Inspired by 1 1983 11
David Britland Add On Finesse cards in step configuration
1 1983 13
David Britland Going Under Ground involving a Joker as well
1 1983 14
David Britland Flesh Eaters three handlings, with interlace subtlety
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1 1983 15
Marc Russell Any Which Way You Can cross between All Backs and Sleeve Aces
Inspired by 1 1983 19
David Britland One-Hand Reverse one-hand top palm derivation to reverse top card to bottom
Also published here
  • Magigram, Vol. 9 No. 2, Oct. 1976
1 1983 21
David Britland Fourlorn last card vanishes
Inspired byVariations 1 1983 22
David Britland Double Trouble spectator's and performer's cards reverse
Inspired by 1 1983 24
David Britland Cannon Fire bottom card shoots out, different grip
Inspired by 1 1983 25
David Britland Promenade Aces in a row, no indifferent card on first one, one on second, ... three on fourth Ace, progressive Aces with this layout
Variations 1 1983 26
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Card Switch see next page
Also published here 1 1983 27
Jerry K. Hartman M. C. Switch Ed Marlo, Drag Switch, as top card of packet is drawn off onto deck
1 1983 28
David Britland Spinner Daley Spin Flourish (or Jerry Andrus?), card changes, top card of double is pushed flush during spinning action
1 1983 29
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