Written by Bob Hummer
Work of Bob Hummer
10 pages (Stapled), published by Caddy Manufacturing Company
No illustrations
Language: English
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Bob Hummer The Magic Separation face-up and face-down cards are shuffled, performer separates cards behind back so one pile consists of same amount of face up cards as the other, see Collected Secrets for variations
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Bob Hummer Face Up Prediction spectator and performer turn cards over in the deck, number of reversed cards is predicted
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Bob Hummer Lite-Ning Addition spectator removes an Ace or a Two face down, then a Three or a Four and so on, total of added values is divined
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Bob Hummer Two Card Transpo one marked card in performer's inner pocket, one in the deck
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Bob Hummer Jogged Card to Inside Pocket injogged card, deck held in right hand, card secretly transferred to inner right pocket
Bob Hummer Replacement In-Jog top half placed on lower half, top card of bottom half in-jogged
Bob Hummer Two Card Location behind back, with knife stabbed in the deck
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Samuel Berland, Bob Hummer Card and Ribbon ribbon with gummed sticker in pocket, selection vanishes from deck and is found attached on ribbon
Also published here 9
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