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71 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Charles Aste Jr..
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Edward Marlo Faro Notes 1
Alex Elmsley In and Out Shuffle Definition 1
Edward Marlo Faro as a Control how to control a card at known position to top with faro shuffles, with subsections:
- Less Than 52
- With Two Cards
- For 2 Cards at Undetermined Positions
Inspired by 2
Edward Marlo A Correction commentary on ECT tables, see also new hardcover edition for further commentaryInspired by 8
Edward Marlo Odd Faro how to cut the deck like in an odd-numbered deck when having an even number of cards 9
Edward Marlo The Faro Calculator getting into stack with faros, reverse-principle 10
Edward Marlo The Chain Calculator how to calculate position of any card after faro shuffles, memorized deck 12
Edward Marlo The Left Over Faro Shuffle partial faro as an ace multiple control 14
Edward Marlo Shuffling the Aces after every (in-)shuffle, an ace is on topVariations 16
Edward Marlo Placement Shuffle placing aces thirteen cards apart, with stacking application 18
Edward Marlo Control of the Aces four card control using faro shuffles, different versions 19
Edward Marlo An Out Shuffle Effect using faro shuffles 21
Edward Marlo Progressive Miracle repeated multiple timesInspired by 22
Edward Marlo New Deck P.M. version of "Progressive Miracle" described before 27
Edward Marlo 76-76-67-67 no selection, using faro shuffle, with variation that ends in red-black separated deckRelated to 29
Edward Marlo The Memorized Stack a memorized stack from NPO, but only with jokers (as "keys") and faros 31
Edward Marlo Fingertip Miracle three selections, memorized deck, impro 33
Edward Marlo Full Deck - Five Faros returning 52 cards to their original order after only five faro shuffles 34
Edward Marlo The Reverse or Backward Faro 36
Edward Marlo A False Shuffle Combination combining faros with partial faros 37
Edward Marlo The Wrong Hand player receives aces, performer straight flush 38
Edward Marlo It's Mathematical stay stack principle applied to memorized deck, two effects 40
Edward Marlo Alternative Procedures stay stack principle applied to memorized deck, see previous item 43
Edward Marlo Two Disclosures 1) another card is selected, its value used to count to selection
2) stop effect
Edward Marlo Automatic Placement with several applications following 47
Edward Marlo Variants on Automatic Placement 48
Edward Marlo Faro Foolers: First Fooler as many cards as one likes, automatic placement 49
Edward Marlo Second Fooler with two selections in two halves of one deck, automatic placement 50
Edward Marlo Third Fooler two cards, faro and automatic placement 51
Edward Marlo "Shuffle around Selections" no. 7 51
Edward Marlo Fourth Fooler two cards selected, a card turns face-up between selections, see also page 55 for two further notesVariations 52
Edward Marlo Fifth Fooler twenty-sixth card is forced with procedure similar to automatic placement 52
Edward Marlo, Warren Wiersbe Sixth Fooler Inspired by 53
Edward Marlo Seventh Fooler two cards 54
Edward Marlo Variation on Automatic Placement two variations 55
Edward Marlo Faro Fooler #8 using mechanical estimation 56
Edward Marlo Automatic Cut Principle left thumb pulls down on left side 57
Edward Marlo Uses of Partial Faro Check - Faro Fooler #9 face-up card is sandwiched by two selections, or used to count to them 57
Edward Marlo Faro Fooler #10 three cards 60
Edward Marlo Exact Placement placing top card into position indicated by value of bottom card, left over bottom faro 61
Edward Marlo Faro Fooler #11 Exact Placement, two selections are found at thought of number, with three variations 62
Edward Marlo Faro Fooler #12 two separated face up cards come together to sandwich selectionVariations 65
Edward Marlo Instant 26th Location getting a selection to top with faro, crimp, twenty-sixth faro check and half plus one principle 66
Edward Marlo The 17th Location two cards 67
Edward Marlo The 13th Location three selections 68
Edward Marlo Wrong to Right two wrong cards are changed into selections 69