Written by Ben Harris
Work of Ben Harris
24 pages (Stapled), published by Ben Harris Magic Publications
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
18 entries
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Ben Harris Dedication
Ben Harris Introduction
Ben Harris The Turnover Palm top card into right hand as deck is turned over
Ben Harris Righting a Reversed Card clean-up for small packet as packet is spread, similar to Asher Twist
Ben Harris Diagonal Turnover Pass simulates flipping over the deck with only the left hand
Ben Harris Palm to Palm classic palm to gambler's cop, shuffle demonstration gesture
Ben Harris Hanging Palm holding card at table edge below table
Ben Harris The Return of the Alien combo of odd-backed elevator, universal card, three-card vanish, color changing backs
Inspired by 7
Ben Harris Unload on Deck during display sequence
Ben Harris I Didn't Know You Used Marked Cards spread bottom deal, deck spread between the hands and "random" card tossed out
Ben Harris Impromptu Daryl using tilt principle
Inspired byRelated to 13
Ben Harris Hanging Card two cards vanish by hanging them in the air, another card changes into those two cards and the the third card is reproduced from air
Inspired by 16
One-Handed Cop of Top Card as deck is set down
Ben Harris Oil and Water Delux 4&4
Ben Harris The Three Card Game color changing back kicker
Inspired by 21
Edward Marlo Floating Penthouse deck put on flat hand, deck opens up by itself and three selection rise into three different directions
Inspired by
  • "The Ultimate Floating Deck" (Ben Harris, 1984)
Edward Marlo Milk Build Key Placement
Edward Marlo TPC Move getting card in perpendicular position, from break
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