Written by Ben Harris

Work of Ben Harris

85 pages (Stapled), published by BHM Industries / New Directions Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Ben Harris.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Ammar Foreword v
Jeff Busby Foreword vii
Ben Harris Acknowledgements xi
Ben Harris Musings xvii
Ben Harris Click Click Click some blank cards change into three selectionsInspired by 1
Dai Vernon Add On Move 2
Ben Harris The Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned overAlso published here 3
Unknown The Flushtration Count 4
Ben Harris The Norway Addition to Fandango Move center face-up card of sandwich visually transformsAlso published here 6
Ben Harris HighLight numbers on paper, one marked with highlight pen, digit travels to another paper, using principle that highlight pens dissolve printing on NCR paper (no carbon required) 9
Ben Harris, Mark Kriewaldt Credit HighLight signature on spectator's credit card vanishes, a signature from a paper travels back onto credit card 13
Ben Harris Through the Universe - Backwards odd-backed prediction card changes (turns out to be) selection, then transposes with it, then deck changes back color, "Structually, the effect is subtle, yet at the same time fully cocked." 17
Unknown Biddle Steal 19
Ben Harris Flight of Fancy three empty wine glasses are covered with paper tubes, three signed cards vanish from deck and reappear in those glasses 22
Ben Harris Mental Photography three photographs are introduced, three spectators each select one, performer divines who has which one 34
Ben Harris The Creeps matchbox opens by itself, rubber band as secret powerRelated toVariations 38
Ben Harris The Strange Little House Upon The Hill card folded to matchbox that opens by itselfInspired by 43
Ben Harris Tagged key penetrates off and onto key ring that has a tag on it as wellInspired by 46
Ben Harris, Geoff Pearce Knuckle Buster borrowed finger ring stuck on performer's finger, finger is broken at its knuckle to release ring 50
Ben Harris Prologue: A Little Sadist-fax-ion on fax machines 55
Ben Harris MentaFax photocopy of fifty-two cards with one reversed, freely thought-of card is missingInspired by 59
Ben Harris Brain Scan number arrived at with procedure, a fax sent earlier predicts that number in an indirect way 63
Ben Harris Mirror Image Gag gag for fax, writing is printed in mirror image 67
Ben Harris End Paper Gag gag for fax machine 67
Ben Harris Blank Off Gag sending many blank pages via fax as gag 68
Ben Harris MediFax Alert Gag gag, sending medical graph 68
Ben Harris Million Dollar Gag fax gag, sending lottery winning notification 70
Ben Harris The Pseudo Telephone Answering Machine Gag 72
Ben Harris Some Tone-Generated Bits telephone gags
- Twilight Zone
- On Hold
- Beam Me Up, Scotty
Ben Harris Dimensional Relativity reprint of effect, card reversed on both sides is placed reversed in deck, rest of deck changes back color, then selection turns "inside out" and becomes kind of a double blank card with both signed sides insideAlso published here 76
Unknown Rose Flourish squared deck is spun and smears into a rosetta 77