Written by Michael Powers

Work of Michael Powers

172 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Michael Powers.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Powers Introduction iii
Jon Racherbaumer Foreword v
Michael Powers Evolution four Kings change to all backs to four Two of Clubs to the four Aces with patter about the history of cardsInspired by 1
Michael Powers Quick Four Way Count variation of Quick 3-Way to show a packet of apparentely four (really five) cards as all the sameInspired by 2
Michael Powers The Nightmare Card odd-backed version of the Dream Card Plot where the card apparently stays on the table in full sight, red/blue double backerInspired by 5
Unknown "Necktie" Second Deal for single card 6
Unknown Rub Away Vanish 7
Michael Powers Bonus Plot variation of Brother John Hamman's Signed Card where the card is odd backedInspired by 8
Michael Powers Flushing Out the Queens royal flush production, pivot revelationInspired by 9
Bruce Cervon Pivot Revelation 10
Michael Powers The AT&T Trick "ambitious-twist-transpo"
Ace to Four set aside, ambitious sequence with selection which is left outjogged, twisting routine, last card transposes with outjogged selection
Unknown ATFUS 15
Michael Powers Squeezing the Jacks twisting routine with four Jacks, they change into Aces, Jacks are found in different placesInspired by 16
Unknown Bottom Double Lift with small packet 17
Edward Marlo Marlo's Broken Elmsley just an Elmsley Count with a pause to disguise repeated suits 19
Michael Powers Whether Forecast spectator deals into two piles and stops anywhere, sum of top cards predicted, each pile dealt into two piles, top cards are Aces, Aces change into Royal Flush, re-deal principle 21