Written by David Britland

Work of Chan Canasta

45 pages (Paperback), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Martin Breese Publisher's Introduction
David Britland Further Discoveries on Canasta's psychological forces, painting, boustrophedon, movies, Cy Endfield, reports by Fred Taylor, Doug Gibbard, Basil Horwitz and Roy Walton
Chan Canasta Effect 6 performer names card that will be selected, spectator takes any three cards behind back and removes the matching one, from Fred Taylor's notes
Chan Canasta Effect 8 spectator choses same card as second spectator has mentally selected, from Fred Taylor's notes
Chan Canasta Effect three piles are made and under impossible conditions selection is found, from Fred Taylor's notes
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Chan Canasta Coincidence Trick without a title, card placed face-down on table, from a second deck three cards are selected face-up and spectator can place prediction on any card, just to find out that he is correct,
reported by Roy Walton
David Britland Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man
Also published here
  • David Britland's "Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man" in "Magic Magazine", April 1999.