Written by Wolfgang Moser

Work of Wolfgang Moser

42 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Wolfgang Moser.
Language: German

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Wolfgang Moser Vorwort 5
Wolfgang Moser Glasproduktion production of a champagne glass from an envelope, body loadRelated toAlso published here 6
Wolfgang Moser Stuntman stickman drawn on paper is set on fire, paper disappears and hole of a stickman appears burnt on selection 8
Wolfgang Moser 31/2 Card Monte multiple phase monte, tearing off cornerInspired by
  • Harry Anderson's "The Last Monte" in "Wise Guy", P. 90.
Related to
Trevor Lewis Monte Move 10
Wolfgang Moser Trick-Druck how to make gaffed cards with a printer 13
Wolfgang Moser Silver Surfer four coins travel from one hand to the otherInspired by 15
Wolfgang Moser Poker Faces four spectators remove Aces from a shuffled deck, performer knows who has which Ace 19
Wolfgang Moser Öl & Wasser 3x3 with hole deck kicker 21
Wolfgang Moser Wunderpunkt thoughts and techniques using a pencil dotted card
- ...jetzt machen Sie mal einen Punkt!
- Forcieren der Leitkarte
- Setzen der Leitkarte
- Kontrollieren der Leitkarte
Wolfgang Moser Taschenspielereien "Hosenbein-Servante", little pocket on the back of the leg, various uses 28
Wolfgang Moser Verschwindende Zigarette using the "trouser-leg-servante" 31
Wolfgang Moser Kuvertaustausch envelope switch, using the "trouser-leg-servante" 31
Wolfgang Moser Münzenaustausch coin switch using the "trouser-leg-servante" 31
Wolfgang Moser Karate-Karte karate card, using the "trouser-leg-servante"Related to 32
Wolfgang Moser Al Baker's Diminishing Cards using the "trouser-leg-servante" to dich the packetsRelated to 32
Wolfgang Moser Trickkarten "hold out" the "trouser-leg-servante" as a hold-out for gaffed cards 33
Wolfgang Moser Spielaustausch deck switch using the "trouser-leg-servante" 33
Wolfgang Moser Verschwindendes Kartenspiel deck vanish using the "trouser-leg-servante" 34
Wolfgang Moser Chaos & Ordnung with clever displays 35
Wolfgang Moser Werbung à la Carte on business cards and magic with special printed business cards, five routines
- Effektkarten
- Visitenkarten Idee #1 (Princess Card trick)
- Visitenkarten Idee #2 (number prediction with fingers, gag)
- Visitenkarten Idee #3 (letters sort to words)
- Visitenkarten Idee #4 (using stickers instead of business cards)
- Visitenkarten Idee #5 (on flyers)