Written by Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Edward Marlo
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Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Introduction by S. W. Erdnase
on Erdnase and Diaconis's comments in Revelations
Jon Racherbaumer Shuffling general comments
Edward Marlo Lessinout System no jogs, with notes
  • Lessinout Cull
  • Lessinout Stack
Also published here 15
Edward Marlo Streamlined Lessinout Stack
Also published here 19
Edward Marlo Marnese Overhand Stack combining Erdnase and Milk Build, four methods
Also published here 21
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull Shorts Aces cut short, airing deck to let cards fall out
Also published here 25
Edward Marlo The 3½ Second Stack
Also published here 27
Edward Marlo The 4½ Second Stack Milk Build
Also published here 28
Jon Racherbaumer Riffle Shuffling
Edward Marlo Strip-Out Shuffle
Related to 30
Edward Marlo Roman Shuffle
Also published here 32
Edward Marlo Kid Royal Concept delayed strip out
  • Block Strip Out with Triple Cut
  • To Keep the Bottom Stock
Also published here 36
Edward Marlo Variation of the Zarrow Shuffle
  • First Variation
  • Second Variation
  • Third Variation
  • Fourth Variation (see "Gambler's False Shuffle" reference)
  • Marlo's False Shuffle
  • A Cutting Action
  • Easy Technique For The Zarrow Shuffle
Inspired byAlso published here 37
Edward Marlo Faro Riffle Shuffle
Also published here 42
Jon Racherbaumer On the Steven's Control comments
Related to 47
Edward Marlo Stevens Control Riffle Culling handling
Also published here 48
Edward Marlo Marnase False Cut
Also published here 49
Jon Racherbaumer Slippage on slip cuts
Edward Marlo One-Hand Throw Cut one handed slip cut from left hand to table
Also published here 52
Edward Marlo One-Hand Bottom Slip Cut from left hand to table
  • Extremely Delicate Ace-Cutting
Also published here 54
Edward Marlo Marlo Slip Cut
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 11 No. 12, Apr. 1956
Edward Marlo The True Cut
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 11 No. 12, Apr. 1956
Edward Marlo The Complete False Cut straight false swing cut
Related toAlso published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 11 No. 12, Apr. 1956
Edward Marlo, Bob Nelson Marlo's Slip Cut Force
  • As An Exchange
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 13 No. 2, June 1957
Edward Marlo Variations of K. M. Move Force slip force
Also published here 66
Art Altman Art Altman's Handling slip force
Also published here 69
Edward Marlo One-Cut, Double-Control center slip cut
Also published here 70
Edward Marlo More Slip Cuts
  • First Method
  • A Variation
  • Strictly on the Table
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Shuffler's Slip Cut
Also published here 73
Edward Marlo Marlo Technique for the Top and Bottom Slip Cut
  • The Top Slip Cut
  • The Bottom Slip Cut (three methods)
  • Marlo's Double Slip Cut
Also published here 83
Edward Marlo No-Touch Second Deal
Related to 87
Edward Marlo S. F. Grip full grip, "Sharps and Flats"
Also published here 91
Edward Marlo S. F. Second Deals two methods
Also published here 92
Edward Marlo S. F. Natural Second Deal
Also published here 93
Edward Marlo S. F. Bottom Deal
Also published here 94
Edward Marlo Missing Finger Deal finger(s) are curled under deck
Also published here 96
Edward Marlo New Bottom Stud
Also published here 97
Edward Marlo Havana Deals stud bottom deal, six methods
Also published here 98
Edward Marlo Greased Bottom Deal secret incomplete faro condition
Also published here 107
Edward Marlo First Application bottom deal
Also published here 108
Edward Marlo Second Application bottom deal with four Aces
Also published here 109
Edward Marlo Third Application you get Aces, spectator Kings, bottom deal
Also published here 109
Edward Marlo Multiple Minus Bottom Deal
Also published here 110
Jon Racherbaumer One Hand Bottom Deals comments
Edward Marlo Throw Bottom Deal
  • Outward Deal
  • Inward Deal
Also published here 113
Edward Marlo Flat Hand Bottom Deals deck sits flat on fingers, three methods, credit information
Related to 117
Edward Marlo, S. W. Erdnase Bottom Palm Replacement refinement of Erdnase method
  • Basic Rotary Movement
  • The Replacement
  • The Delayed Replacement
Also published here 126
Edward Marlo Invisible Capping tabled deck
Also published here 129
Edward Marlo Palming from a Shuffle before Dovetail shuffle
Related to 132
Edward Marlo Double Action Palms both hands, Dovetail shuffle
Also published here 133
Edward Marlo Pick-Up Replacement picking up tabled deck
Also published here 134
Edward Marlo The Spider Return tabled deck
Also published here 134
Edward Marlo Variations of a Palm tabled, during riffle shuffle
  • Basic Starting Position
  • To Palm Off the Top Cards
  • Maneuvering to Other Palm Positions
Also published here 136
Edward Marlo Throw-Offs and Replacements table edge hold-out, imp pass
Also published here 144
Edward Marlo Tabled Bottom Replacement
Also published here 147
Erdnase Change handling for the first transformation
Jon Racherbaumer Double Erdnase Change
Also published here 155
Edward Marlo Convincing Jogged Change outjogged Erdnase
Also published here 157
Edward Marlo For the Informed card on deck is shown singly before and after transformation, three methods (tabled and ala Erdnase/Houdini Change)
Also published here 159
Edward Marlo Bottop Change
Also published here 161
Edward Marlo Imperfection Force under-the-spread force
Also published here 165
Jon Racherbaumer Three Card Visible Monte comments
Edward Marlo Trapped Mexican spectator has one finger on edge of card and pins it to table during switch
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1983
Edward Marlo First Application Trapped Mexican switch
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1983
Edward Marlo Second Application Trapped Mexican switch
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1983
Edward Marlo Third Application Trapped Mexican Switch
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1983
Edward Marlo Marlo's Monte cards bent upwards at sides instead of downwards
Also published here
  • The Sorcerer's Eyes, Vol. 3 No. 33-36, 1981
Edward Marlo Charlier Shift covering the pass, as Color Change
Also published here 178
Jon Racherbaumer The Slide comment
Related to 183
Edward Marlo Side-Jog Glide from end grip
  • Variant A
  • Variant B: As a Multiple Exchange
  • Variant C
  • Variant D
Also published here 184
Edward Marlo Repeat Card to Pocket card travels to pocket three times
Related to 186
Jon Racherbaumer Finessed Misdirection Palm
Inspired byAlso published here 188
Edward Marlo New Aces to Pockets
Also published here 190
Jon Racherbaumer Making the Coterie Even More Exclusive comments
Related to 192
Edward Marlo Bluff Ace Assembly
Also published here 193
Frederick Braue Braue Addition
Edward Marlo K.B.V. Aces
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MUM, Dec. 1959
Edward Marlo Veeser Concept Handling
Jon Racherbaumer The Divining Rod comment
Related to 206
Edward Marlo Simplex Card Stabbing
Also published here 207
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Miracle Card Stab cut at crimp
Also published here 210
Jon Racherbaumer Note on Pre-Arranged Deck
Edward Marlo Quick Way to Set-Up Stebbins shuffling new deck into Si Stebbins, faros
Related to 214
Jon Racherbaumer The Acrobatic Jacks comment
Related to 215
Edward Marlo One Fantastic Move reverse card in center during turnover pass, Gombert Pass
Also published here 216
Jon Racherbaumer A Mind-Reading Trick credit information
Related to 220
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment one out of three
Also published here 222
Jon Racherbaumer The Travelling Cards comment
Related to 223
Edward Marlo Student's Exchange
Also published here 223
Edward Marlo (reviewer) Marlo's Comments on Vernon's Revelations by Dai Vernon
with introduction by Jon Racherbaumer
Jon Racherbaumer Erdnase Trivia Quiz thirty-eight quiz questions on "The Expert at the Card Table"
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Beyond Erdnase - Fragments of the Rest of the Story by Dai Vernon
on the book Revelations and fictitious reviews
Jon Racherbaumer Beyond Erdnase fictitious review about non-existing book, pseudonym "Thom Gunn"
Also published here 244
Jon Racherbaumer Coda
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