Written by Benjamin Earl
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93 pages (Hardcover), published by Studio 52
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl Studio52 Aesthetic Philosophy & Manifesto Ten Considerations for Progress, Delight and Mastery
Benjamin Earl Preface
Benjamin Earl Spinner two cards folded in quarters, one held by spectator, they transpose, no deck involved
Benjamin Earl Folded Card Switch switching two folded cards, à la Annemann Billet Switch
Benjamin Earl Just a Second spectator stops the performer's deal at an apparently mental selection
Benjamin Earl Second Deal Choreography on changing the take on consecutive second deals
Benjamin Earl Out of Oil spectator shuffles and later deals deck into two piles, separating reds and blacks, faro (connection to Oil & Water not clear)
Related to 23
Benjamin Earl The Overhand DPS at end of overhand shuffle
Inspired by 33
Benjamin Earl The Combination Shuffle incorporating back-and-forth and optical actions, see also p. 92
Related to 41
Benjamin Earl A New Angle how to hold the deck of cards, examples from Erdnase
Benjamin Earl The Art of Practice on practicing and practice methods
  • Basic Arm-Pinning
Benjamin Earl Influence & Deception chapter intro
Simon Henderson A Ruse By Any Other Name? relationship between magic and deception
  • Introduction
  • The Ubiquity of Deception
  • Defining Deception
  • Is It Feasible to Deceive One's Self?
  • The Relationship Between Influence and Deception
  • Secrets, Revelations and Surprises
  • Once Deception Has Been Discovered, Can It Be Repeated?
  • Who Does the "Heavy Lifting" in Deception?
  • Summary
  • References
Also published here
  • modified from "Deception by Design" (Simon Henderson)
Benjamin Earl Afterword
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