Written by Tom Gagnon
Work of Tom Gagnon
113 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Robert Hirsch
Language: English
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Obie O'Brien Introduction
Tom Gagnon Forward
Tom Gagnon Thumb-Tipping Quickies credit information on using a folding coin with a thumb tip
Tony Slydini Slydini's Thumb-Tipping Technique pointing thumb towards audience
Related to 2
Tom Gagnon Coin to Pocket Ruse coin travels from coin to pocket and back
Inspired by 3
Tom Gagnon Thumb Tip Coin Vanish
Related to 4
Tom Gagnon Flip Up Production invisible coin flipped into air, it appears
Inspired byAlso published here 6
Tom Gagnon Bomb Bay coin produced in empty hands
Also published here 10
Tom Gagnon Double Duty Departure two coins vanish one by one, two folding coins and thumb tip
Tom Gagnon Twofold Vanish two coins vanish one by one, two folding coins and thumb tip
Tom Gagnon Coin-cidence coin appears and vanishes in bare hands
Tom Gagnon Flash Coin Production coin appears one-handed
Tom Gagnon Skullduggery chapter intro
Tom Gagnon Miser's Daydream featuring a continuous coin production sequence with folding coin and thumb tip
Inspired by 26
Tom Gagnon Alchemorphosis five dimes in prescription bottle change into a larger gold coin
Tom Gagnon Contemporary Purse Swindle copper and silver coins in two purses, spectator can never guess the right one, sort of transposition
Inspired by 36
Tom Gagnon Optional Display Technique
Tom Gagnon Twilight's Last Gleaming coins are produced with a small mirror
Inspired by 43
Tom Gagnon Newfangled Matrix
Tom Gagnon Puffed flash silk production, thread and thumb tip
Tom Gagnon The Phantom Coin much on table top
Inspired by 54
Tom Gagnon Gypsy Coin coin through handkerchief
Tom Gagnon Bending Coin
Tom Gagnon Hodgepodge chapter intro
Tom Gagnon The Tiddlywinks Change coin visibly changes from copper to silver under shot glass, or miniature card appears on coin
Also published here 69
Tom Gagnon Shanghai Express chinese coin and half dollar transpose through handkerchief on table in various phases, including phase with shot glass
Inspired by 71
Tom Gagnon Silver and Two Copper Interlude with shot glass
Inspired by 81
Tom Gagnon Split Level silver dollar on back of left hand, it changes into two half dollars
Steve Dobson Sleeving Technique
Tom Gagnon Transposition under Glass "Although I can't actually say that I'm crazy about this effect, it is different.", coin under and on top of inverted shot glass visibly transpose
Tom Gagnon Popeyed coin placed in eye like a monocle, it drops into hands and is vanished, found back in eye
Inspired by 88
Tom Gagnon Two-Sided Shell with thin milled down coin at inside of shell, can be shown from both sides, "mint condition"
Related to 88
Tom Gagnon Soda Jerk coin in bottle with transposition phase, folding copper/silver
Inspired by 89
Tom Gagnon Flick Your "Trick" Load flicking a coin under a mirror for use in Twilight Routine
Tom Gagnon Departures chapter intro
Tom Gagnon New Theory Pickup Move
Inspired by 95
Tom Gagnon Snap Over Display
Tom Gagnon The Pickup and Displacement Move one-handed pick-up and transfer into Tenkai Pinch
VariationsAlso published here 103
Tom Gagnon Open Procedure Load loading Tenkai/Goshman pinched coin under card
Related to 109
Tom Gagnon Flee Flicker sleeving a coin during pickup move
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