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Jeff Busby (reviewer) About the Handling of Double Cards by Arturo de Ascanio 1 9
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz 1 10
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Audience Involvement...A Lecture by Eugene Burger 1 14
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Fred Kaps Dancing and Floating Cork by Fred Kaps (written by Ken Brooke) 1 15
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Sleights & Swindles by Jack McMillen 1 16
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Best of Friends by Harry Lorayne 1 18
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Deckalogue by Thomas Alan Waters 1 21
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Grymwyr by Thomas Alan Waters 1 22
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Octasm by Thomas Alan Waters 1 24
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Something for Everyone by Daryl Martinez 1 25
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Double-Dazzling Triumph by Daryl Martinez (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 1 26
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Dice: Squares, Tops, and Shapes by Burton Williams 1 26
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Taking the Edge by R. Martin Allen 1 28
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Dealing Casino Blackjack by Thomas F. Hughes 1 30
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Rich Marotta Magic Castle Lecture by Rich Marotta 1 31
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tips on Table Hopping by Kirk Charles 1 32
Jeff Busby (reviewer) "What can you do with this?" or Improv Magic by Kirk Charles 1 33
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Professional Entertainer's Contracts: Manuscript and Forms by Ted Belante 1 34
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Complete Walton - Volume 1 by Roy Walton 1 35
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Gift from the Gods: The Story of Chung Ling Soo by Chung Ling Soo (written by Val Andrews) 1 36
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Brema Brasses by Carl Brema (written by Richard Buffum) 1 37
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Great Chess Automaton by Charles Michael Carroll 1 38
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Card Finesse by Jon Racherbaumer 1 38
Jeff Busby History of the Faro Shuffle
1 41
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Dimensional Relativity by Ben Harris 1 44
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic from witch Memories are Made by Ben Harris 1 45
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Changing of the Cards by Steve Beam 1 46
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Overhand Shuffle Action Palm by Bob Stencel (written by George Joseph) 1 47
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Hand Mucking by George Joseph 1 47
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Octet by Karl Fulves 1 48
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fourcast by Karl Fulves 1 49
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cards on Demand by Al Smith 1 49
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cards at Bay by Al Smith 1 50
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Professional Routines of Ron Fredrick by Ron Fredrick 1 51
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Visual Artistry of Jeff White by Jeff White 1 51
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Malini Egg Bag by Lynn Busby (written by Charlie Miller) 1 53
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Sterling Egg Bag by Lynn Busby (written by Jeff Busby) 1 54
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Paragon Nail Writer by Donald Wilson 1 56
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Pinnacle Pad by John Cornelius 1 57
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Ultra Board by Richard Osterlind 1 58
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Sefalajia Number Two by Stewart James 2 69
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Tipnician by Bob Chesbro 2 71
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Lifetime of Joy by Ken Brooke 2 73
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Al Koran's Three Silver Rings/Ken Brooke on the Invisible Pack/ Fred Robinson's Ultimate Force by Ken Brooke (written by Various) 2 75
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Intimate Magic by Michael Skinner (written by Jeff Busby) 2 76
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Lecture Notes of Roger Klause by Roger Klause (written by Jay Evans) 2 79
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Geatan Bloom Series - Number One by Gaëtan Bloom 2 80
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 1982 Lecture Notes by Gaëtan Bloom 2 81
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Shadow and other Card Mysteries by Harry Anderson 2 82
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic with Giant Cards. An Overview by Reinhard Müller 2 84
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Gilbreath's Principles by Reinhard Müller 2 85
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 16th Card Book by Tom Craven 2 85
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ovation by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 2 86
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Jacks or Better by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 2 87
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fork Full of F.F.F.F. Appetizers by William P. Miesel 2 88
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Thunday by Philip T. Goldstein 2 89
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Exile by Philip T. Goldstein 2 90
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Modern Art Of Coin Manipulation by MacMillan (written by Walt Lees) 2 90
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 1884 Will & Finck Gambling Catalog Reproduction by GBC Press 2 92
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 1896 Will & Finck Gambler's Cheating Catalog Reprint with Explanatory Text and Illustrations by Bernard Levine 2 92
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Book Test by Thomas Alan Waters 2 93
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Newspaper Test by Thomas Alan Waters 2 94
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Symbol Test by Thomas Alan Waters 2 95
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Jack Hughes World of Magic by Jack Hughes (written by Derek Lever) 2 96
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Eight Brass Monkeys by Leslie Anderson 2 97
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Daemon's Diary by Masklyn ye Mage 2 98
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Legendary Scroll of Masklyn ye Mage by Masklyn ye Mage 2 99
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Incredible Close-Up Magic by Meir Yedid (written by Gary Ouellet) 2 100
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Close-Up Hallucinations by Meir Yedid (written by George Schindler) 2 102
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Complete Works of Derek Dingle by Derek Dingle (written by Richard Kaufman) 2 103
Jeff Busby (reviewer) What's Your E.S.P. Quotient? by Ted Belante 2 104
Jeff Busby (reviewer) For Your Entertainment Pleasure by Daryl Martinez (written by Stephen Minch) 2 105
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Visit with Larry Jennings by Larry Jennings (written by Jim Patton) 2 106
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Half in the Bottle Plus by Johnny Thompson 2 108
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Linking Razor Blades by Petrick 2 109
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Improved Norm Nielsen Vanishing Dove Cage by Norm Nielsen 2 110
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Duplex Paragon Nail Writer by David Wilson 2 112
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Wallet Wallop Plus by Hen Fetsch 2 113
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Pair-A-Gone Ropes: The "Lost" Rope Miracle by Hen Fetsch 2 114
Harry Riser, Jeff Busby, Shigeo Takagi Presentation of Shigeo Takagi's Miracle Monte
2 114
Peter Kane Queens of Jazz odd backed
2 116
Peter Kane One-Two-One Load for the Cups and Balls loading sequence
2 118
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Alternative Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) 3 132
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Some Manuscriptricks by Flip Hallema 3 134
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Impromptu Reverse Matrix by Aurelio Paviato 3 137
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Tahoe File by Bruce Florek (written by Terry LaGerould) 3 137
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic with Giant Cards by Fred Castle 3 138
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tell-Tale Timepiece by Arthur Emerson 3 140
Jeff Busby (reviewer) All the World's a Stage by Curtis Kam 3 142
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Treasury of Trick Shots in Pool and Billiards by Robert Byrne 3 144
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Miracles of my Friends by Burton S. Sperber 3 144
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Cut Card by Jerry Mentzer 3 148
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Forcing a Card by Jerry Mentzer 3 148
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Packet Tricks by Jerry Mentzer 3 149
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Simple Yet Effective Tricks with Cards by Jerry Mentzer 3 149
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 by Richard Kaufman 3 149
Jeff Busby (reviewer) How to Make Big Money Selling Magic by Walt Lees 3 151
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique by Michael Rubinstein 3 151
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Steve Beam On Coins - Volume II by Steve Beam 3 153
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tricky Stuff by Roger Sherman 3 155
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do by Phillip Young 3 156
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Silentwe by Philip T. Goldstein 3 158
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Factory Marked E.S.P. Decks by Theo. Timmerman 3 160
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Holiday Adventure by Fred Castle 3 161
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Möby-Zyp by Ed Eckl 3 162
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Saw-Buck by Rick Johnsson 3 163
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Vanishing Schlitz Quart Beer Bottle by Gene Nielsen 3 163
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 21st Century Card Magic by Edward Marlo (written by Dr. James Nuzzo) 3 164
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Marlo's Unforgetable Wild Card by Edward Marlo (written by Dr. James Nuzzo) 3 166
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Mental Secret by Edward Marlo 3 167
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Missing Hour by Edward Marlo 3 167
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Good Number by Edward Marlo 3 168
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Personalized Wild Card by Edward Marlo 3 168
Edward Marlo The Knoxville Aces four piles, ace on each, packets assembled, aces travel to top
Related to 3 168
Bob Farmer Jadoo telephone book test with specially composed telephone directory
3 170
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tommy Wonder Entertains by Tommy Wonder (written by Gene Matsuura) 4 188
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Psychology of Palming by Arturo de Ascanio 4 190
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Effects and Presentations by José Carroll 4 193
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries by Eugene Burger 4 195
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Talk about Patter: Write Yourself by Sid Lorraine 4 197
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Geatan Bloom Series - Number Two: Gaetan on Cards by Gaëtan Bloom (written by Paul Stone) 4 202
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Geatan Bloom Series - Number Three: Potty Bicycle Pumps by Gaëtan Bloom (written by Paul Stone) 4 202
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Finn Jon Zombie Routine/Roy Johnson's Cent/The Malcolm Davison Book Test by Ken Brooke 4 203
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Visible Coins to Glass by John Kennedy 4 204
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Re-Entry by Tom Gagnon 4 205
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Book of Shadows by Randy L. Clower 4 206
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Pun-ny Routines of Magic by Don Morris 4 207
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Ring Routine by Richard Ross 4 208
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Super Stack - The One Second Poker Stack by Steve Beam 4 210
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Marlo without Tears by Edward Marlo (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 4 211
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Card Sharpers. Their Tricks Exposed by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin 4 214
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Sessions by Simon Aronson (written by David Solomon) 4 214
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Close-Up Kinda Guy by Paul Harris 4 216
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Topit Book by Michael Ammar 4 217
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Killer Klose-Up by Ben Harris 4 220
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Table-Side Manners by Ben Harris 4 221
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Improved Track Record by Larry Becker 4 223
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Auto-Test by Theo. Timmerman 4 223
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Telepato by Theo. Timmerman (written by Jeff Busby) 4 224
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Epic Flight by Ben Harris 4 226
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Falstaff Book Test by Rich Bloch 4 226
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Recalcitrant by Tommy Wonder 4 227
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Clairvoyant Concept by Richard Mark 4 228
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Witch Demon!??? by Richard Mark 4 228
Larry Jennings Duffer's Two Cards to Pocket two thought-of cards from small packet to pocket, no palming, double backer
4 229
Martin Gardner Rotating Die optical illusion with hollow die
4 230
Manjunath M. Hegde Chair, Rope, and Finger Ring Puzzle a puzzle with a rope and a finger ring on it that has to be moved from knot to knot
4 231
R. C. H. Cheng A New Sucker Bet non-transitive dice
4 232
John Carney Simple Coins Across four coins, no extra
4 232
Unknown Purse Palm
4 232
Unknown Pop-Up Move
4 233
John Carney Back Clip Handling
4 234
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Two Perfected Professional Routines by Richard Osterlind 5 244
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Breakthrough Card System by Richard Osterlind 5 245
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A History of the Brainwave Principle by Karl Fulves 5 245
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cardiac Pacemakers by Stephen Tucker 5 246
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Immaculate Connection by Paul Harris 5 247
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Owen Moore's Almanack: Comedy Card Magic by Bob Moore 5 247
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Complete Course in Pick Pocketing by Pierre Jacques 5 248
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Grimoire of the Mages by Masklyn ye Mage 5 249
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cardopolis by David Britland (written by Marc Russell) 5 251
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 2 by Richard Kaufman 5 251
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mendoza Portfolio One by John F. Mendoza 5 252
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Card Sharp on Duty - Please Wait to be Cheated by Allan Hayden 5 254
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fancy Ring Routine by Allan Hayden 5 255
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cheating by J. Bowyer Bell (written by Bart Whaley) 5 255
Jeff Busby (reviewer) John Kennedy Lecture III by John Kennedy 5 256
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Collected Works of J. Stewart Smith by J. Stewart Smith 5 257
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Aces: Practical Card Routines by Walt Maddison 5 258
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Intimate Power by Eugene Burger 5 258
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Secret of Restaurant Magic by Eugene Burger 5 259
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Modern Close-Up Problems by Joseph K. Schmidt 5 260
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Card Puzzle by Jon Racherbaumer 5 260
Jeff Busby (reviewer) MajorMinor by Philip T. Goldstein 5 261
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Michael Powers 5 261
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The War Magician by David Fisher 5 262
Jeff Busby (reviewer) I Can See Your Lips Moving by Valentine Vox 5 263
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Ganson Book by Lewis Ganson 5 264
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Change of Mind by Richard Osterlind 5 265
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Marlo's Plus Package by Edward Marlo 5 265
Jeff Busby (reviewer) T.N.T. Cigarette Vanish by John Cornelius 5 266
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Animated Self-Lighting Cigarette by John Kennedy 5 267
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Impossible Matrix by John Kennedy 5 267
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Magic Flashlight by John Kennedy 5 267
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Coin and Die Divination by John Kennedy 5 268
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mid-Air Card Stab by John Kennedy 5 268
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Motorized Reel by John Kennedy 5 268
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Abdul's Fez by Gene Nielsen 5 268
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Wooden Egg by Gene Nielsen 5 269
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Vanishing Quart Seven-Up Bottle by Gene Nielsen 5 269
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Improved Lighter to Matchbox by Tommy Wonder 5 269
Bart Whaley Towards a General Theory of Deception
5 270
Stewart James, Howard Lyons An Obvious Card thought of card to wallet, twice, Bombshell wallet
Variations 5 277
Stewart James The Gnikool Device a duplicate of a thought of card is added to a deck
5 277
Allan Slaight "1984" Card Trick story trick with spelling and selection
Yearbook 280
Unknown Ten-Twenty Force
Yearbook 280
Stewart James Doublethink spelling trick with story line, works with Si Stebbins
Yearbook 282
Michael Close, Stewart James Derby Downs "Waltz Time Stewart James - Three Variations by Michael Close", two selections found by 10D, using automatic placement variation, faro shuffle, based on "Place and Show" from New Tops
Yearbook 283
Michael Close, Stewart James Prose Duplex based on "Inverse Duplex" from New Tops, strange prediction effect involving numbers, automatic placement for two selections
Yearbook 285
Michael Close, Stewart James Coda Chrome based on "Chronothot" from New Tops, prediction from odd-backed deck is put on table and matched named card, gaffed decks and double backer
Yearbook 286
Mitsunobu Matsuyama, Martin Gardner Chronometer Cards cards of one suit are laid out and elimination process is used to arrive at two cards, those coincide with current time
Related to Yearbook 288
Larry Jennings, Jeff Busby The Return of the Future Gambler variation of Jennings' "Future Gambler" , overhand stacking demo, riffle stacking demo, triumph finish
Related to Yearbook 289
Ken Beale Adverse Condition Aces aces are really laid out without switch in beginning
Yearbook 291
Ken Beale K.B. False Cut Number One double cut substitute to table
Yearbook 291
Ken Beale K.B. False Cut Number Two double cut substitute to table
Yearbook 291
Dr. Jacob Daley, Ken Beale Daley Switch Variation away from the pack with secret unloading onto tabled deck
Yearbook 291
Dai Vernon, Unknown Vagrant's Challenge Location punching a card through clothing with pin in wallet
Related to Yearbook 292
Paul Curry, Howard A. Adams Matchmaker five ESP cards, torn in half, matching routine, see also following item, for credit information see reference
Related to Yearbook 294
Paul Curry Matchmaker - Telephone Version version of previous item over the telephone, five ESP cards are torn in half, matching routine
Yearbook 295
Hans E. Trixer Everyplace all blank finish
Yearbook 297
Hans E. Trixer H.E.T. - Highly Erratic Twisting ace to 4 turn over and fronts and backs change
Yearbook 299
Tom Gagnon The Fan Square-Up Pass top card cover pass from one-handed fan
Inspired by
  • Eddie Fechter's Fan Glimpse (Magic of Eddie Fechter, p. 185)
Also published here
Yearbook 301
Edward Marlo Poor Man's Prediction one of five, duplicates
Also published here Yearbook 302
Edward Marlo Interlaced Vanish and Collection three selections travel from between one quartet to another
Yearbook 304
Neal Elias Spectator Cuts the Aces as a Prelude
Inspired by Yearbook 307
Neal Elias Hold Out Aces
Yearbook 307
Neal Elias Swing Cut to Break
Yearbook 308
Neal Elias Swing Cut Multiple Shift
Yearbook 308
Milton Kort Following Elias
Inspired by Yearbook 308
Gus Southall The One Armed Bridge Player a quarter of the deck is put on every ace
Inspired by Yearbook 309
James Swain Encapsulated Accumulation interlaced transposition, three selections from between one quartet to another
Yearbook 310
Dai Vernon Interlocked Unload
Yearbook 310
Ray Grismer Quickee Cards to Pocket seven cards
Yearbook 311
Tommy Wonder Himber Ring Set-Up
Yearbook 311
David Ben Ringing in the Gaff matrix effect with dice or sugar cubes
Yearbook 314
Bob Farmer Wild Card Monte wild card routine with monte presentation
Yearbook 316
William P. Miesel Stand-Up Wild Card two methods
Yearbook 317
Unknown Acrobatic Card how to make it
Yearbook 318
Unknown Fake Index Card
Yearbook 319
Johnny Thompson Polish-ing Koran's Medallion
Inspired by Yearbook 320
Don Albrecht Chroma-Sign matching routine, six cards marked with various crimps
Yearbook 324
Jon Charles, Mitsunobu Matsuyama Inflation Bite topological puzzle with bill
Inspired by Yearbook 327
Jon Charles, Gordon Bruce I.O.U.2.
Inspired by Yearbook 328
Stewart James A Class By Itself off-beat prediction by lexicon deck, which was also used to determin page number
Related toAlso published here Yearbook 330
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A World of Clocks by Roy Johnson 6 344
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Wonder Material & Lecture Notes by Tommy Wonder 6 345
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Magic of Al Koran by Al Koran (written by Martin Breese) 6 347
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Contemporary Card Magic by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) 6 348
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Hustle, Hustle: Making Magic Pay by Joel Bauer 6 350
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Roy Johnson's Flawless/Ken Brooke on the Hamman Count by Ken Brooke 6 351
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ring and Stick Routine/The Backwards Card Trick by Ken Brooke (written by Various) 6 352
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Beam Shot/The Koornwinder Kar/Edelweiss by Ken Brooke (written by Various) 6 353
John Holland (reviewer) The Berg Book by Joe Berg 6 354
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Borrowed Bill Routine: The Hundred Dollar Manuscript by John Cornelius 6 355
John Holland (reviewer) The Magic Hedonsits Brainstorm in the Bahamas by Adam Fleischer 6 356
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Moore the Merrier by Bob Moore 6 357
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tearing a Lady in Two by David Britland 6 358
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls by Eddie Joseph 6 358
John Holland (reviewer) Scalbert's Selected Secrets by Leslie Scalbert 6 359
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Robert Harbin Book by Robert Harbin (written by Martin Breese) 6 360
Bart Whaley (reviewer) The Psychology of Deception: Why Magic Works by Jason Randal 6 362
Bart Whaley (reviewer) The Magician: Career, Culture, and Social Psychology in a Variety Art by Robert A. Stebbins 6 363
Jeff Busby (reviewer) On the Corner Short by Jerry Mentzer 6 364
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Effective Cups and Balls by Jerry Mentzer 6 365
David Avadon (reviewer) The Master Illusionists by Mark Walker 6 366
David Avadon (reviewer) Houdini's History of Magic in Boston 1792-1915 by H. J. Moulton 6 367
David Avadon (reviewer) Salutations to Robert-Houdin by Sam H. Sharpe 6 367
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Torn and Restored Card Book by Stephen Tucker 6 369
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cardiac Stimulation by Stephen Tucker 6 369
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cardiac Arrest by Stephen Tucker 6 370
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Fragment of the Imagination: A Fantastic Coins Through Table Routine by Stephen Tucker 6 371
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz 6 372
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Close-up Seductions by Paul Harris 6 374
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic Toothpaste: A Comedy Presentation by Ted Carrothers 6 375
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Card News by Christian Scherer 6 375
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Nostalgia Torn and Restored Card by Father Cyprian 6 377
Jeff Busby (reviewer) "10" by Father Cyprian 6 377
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Encore 3 by Michael Ammar 6 378
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cervon Monte by Bruce Cervon 6 379
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic Business Card Case by John Cornelius 6 382
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Grismer Lock by Ray Grismer 6 383
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mental Sensation 1984 by Richard Mark 6 384
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Poker Size Bicycle Gaffed Cards by Unknown 6 385
Jeff Busby (reviewer) New Weller Coke Bottle by Wes Strong 6 385
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Psycho II by Larry Becker 6 385
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Diminishing Cards by Tommy Wonder 6 386
Roy Johnson Roy Johnson on the Breakthrough Card System
Inspired by 6 387
Roy Johnson Breakthrough Clock selection pocketed and divined
6 388
Roy Johnson A Close-Up Routine cards are divined and predicted with Brainwave Pack, using the Breakthrough Card System
6 388
Richard Osterlind The Invoice a number is predicted with funny presentation
6 389
Cushing Strout On Book Tests and Tarot Decks using tarot cards to force spot in book
6 390
Mel Stover Non-Transitivity with a Magic Slant
6 391
Bob Farmer Clip Miracle Monte variation of Takagi's "Miracle Monte" with paper clip
6 393
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Stargate by Terri Rogers (written by David Britland)Variations 7 397
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Midnight Special by Ben Harris 7 397
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Out of his Mind! by Ben Harris 7 398
Jeff Busby (reviewer) New Directions I by Ben Harris 7 400
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Solomon's Mind Notes by David Solomon 7 401
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Gambling Trio I-III by Joseph K. Schmidt 7 402
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Riffle Shuffle Run-Up Trix I-III by Joseph K. Schmidt 7 403
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Changing the Face of Magic by Jeff McBride (written by Adam Fleischer) 7 404
David Avadon (reviewer) The Craft of Magic & Other Writings by Eugene Burger 7 404
David Avadon (reviewer) The Business of Restaurant Magic by Al Ulman 7 407
David Avadon (reviewer) Selling Your Act by Brian R. Flora 7 408
Edmund L. Kowalski (reviewer) The Art of Mentalism by Robert Cassidy 7 409
John Holland (reviewer) Familiar Themes: More Alternative Handlings by Horace E. Bennett 7 410
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Comedy Clubs for All Magicians by John Ferrentino 7 412
Gene Nielsen (reviewer) The Card-Mad-gic of Stephen Tucker by Stephen Tucker 7 413
Gene Nielsen (reviewer) The 33 Cardinal Sins of Stephen Tucker by Stephen Tucker 7 414
Gene Nielsen (reviewer) Lucifer Strikes Back by Stephen Tucker 7 415
John Holland (reviewer) Fork Full of Appetizers - Book Two by William P. Miesel 7 416
Gene Nielsen (reviewer) Red Hot Cold Reading by Thomas K. Saville (written by Herb Dewey) 7 417
Gene Nielsen (reviewer) The Psychic Entertainer's Handbook of Professional Presentations by Dan Blackwood 7 418
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Diverting Kreations by Dick Koornwinder 7 419
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Fred Kaps Chinese Coin Routine by Fred Kaps (written by Ken Brooke) 7 420
John Holland (reviewer) Theatrical Close-Up by Peter Samelson 7 421
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ultimate Transparent Change Bag by Valerie Nielsen (written by Norm Nielsen) 7 422
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The M.I. Principle by John Cornelius 7 423
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Super Ringon by Richard Mark 7 424
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Half-Way Thru by Bob Knigge 7 424
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Coin Clink by John Kennedy 7 425
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Flamethrower Match by John Kennedy 7 426
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Perfect Close-Up Table by John Kennedy 7 426
David Ben Shorter and Sweeter Sugar vanishes, reappears in coffee
Also published here 7 427
Conrad C. Bush Pinochle Plus
Inspired by 7 429
Brother John Hamman, Karl Fulves Gemini Count / Center Pull-Out
Related to 7 429
Richard Hatch, Richard Osterlind Observations on the Status of Magic
7 429
Joseph K. Schmidt The "Un-False" Shuffle I - The Hand Off
II - The "Ladder-Job" (based on Jeff Busby)
7 430
Allan Slaight Last Word Lexicon lexicon deck spelling trick
7 432
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Loaded Dice by John Soares 8 436
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Stupid Bar Tricks by Bret McCormick (written by Adam Steinfeld) 8 436
Jeff Busby (reviewer) It's So Simple by Fred Kaps 8 437
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Ten Best Proposition Bets of America's Bigtime Gamblers by John Scarne 8 438
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Working Performer's Marked Deck by Ted Lesley 8 439
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Escorial 86: Estimation by Reinhard Müller 8 440
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Few More Secrets by John C. Wagner 8 441
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 7 Secrets by John C. Wagner 8 441
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Inside by John Murray 8 442
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Commercial Cold Reading by Richard Webster 8 443
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic for the New World by Jay Scott Berry 8 443
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Texan Trixter by John Moehring 8 444
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Opinions: A Lecture on the Art of Magic by Mike Rogers 8 445
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Clue and Other Mysteries by Jack Yates 8 445
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Illusion Builder to Fu-Manchu by David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg (written by Robert E. Olson) 8 446
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Close-Up Magic of Sam Berland by Samuel Berland 8 447
John Holland (reviewer) The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz - Volume 2 by Basil Horwitz (written by Martin Breese) 8 448
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Close-Up to the Point by Peter Duffie 8 450
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Solo by Peter Duffie 8 450
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Duet by Peter Duffie 8 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Trio by Peter Duffie 8 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Quartet by Peter Duffie 8 451
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Thirty Five Years Later by Edward Marlo 8 452
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Unlimited by Edward Marlo (written by Jon Racherbaumer) 8 452
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Custom-Made Cabinet for Stewart James's Sefalaljia Number Two by Jeff Busby (written by Stewart James) 8 453
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Needle Through Arm by Harry Anderson 8 453
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Three Card Monarch by Harry Anderson 8 454
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Mike Rogers Multiplying Bunnies by Mike Rogers 8 455
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Boromian Link by Terri Rogers 8 456
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Word of Mind by Terri Rogers 8 456
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cyberdeck by Paul Swinford 8 457
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Visible Monte by Gaëtan Bloom 8 457
Jeff Busby (reviewer) (P)in In and Out by Rob Bromley 8 458
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Mystery of the Gold Pins by Slydini 8 459
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Oh! Wee Gee by Warren Stephens 8 459
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Epitome Board by Richard Osterlind 8 459
Jeff Busby (reviewer) IM Pad Routine by Richard Osterlind 8 460
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Two-Faced by Richard Osterlind 8 460
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Any Card at Any Number/Mastermind by Chris Kenworthy (written by Haruhito Hirata) 8 460
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Card on Ceiling by Michael Ammar 8 461
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Parallax by David Britland 8 462
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Hot Wallet by Steve Stevenson 8 462
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Electronic Fire Wallet by Paul Diamond 8 463
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Psychic Spirit Lock by Bob Solari 8 463
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Pandora's Lock by Bob Solari 8 464
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Incredible! by Bob Solari 8 464
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Omni Deck by Danny Korem (written by Jerry Andrus) 8 465
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Capture Credit by Lee Earle 8 465
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Peerless Bill Tube by Viking-Haenchen 8 466
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Factory Misprints by John C. Wagner 8 467
Flip Hallema Tube or not Tube...That's the Question; - Die - is the Answer tube and die appear, chosen side of die is divined (dealer's item), props vanish
8 467
Bob Farmer Deep Throte small packet divination routine with stack and reverse faros, three selections
8 470
Joseph K. Schmidt Greek Break Applications getting into Greek Break, palming cards off into Tenkai Palm from Greek Break
8 471
Joseph K. Schmidt Four Cut Carson aces lost in deck, reproduced behind knee, greek break application
8 472
Joseph K. Schmidt A Color Change greek break application
8 473
Joseph K. Schmidt Poker Hand Switch greek break application
8 474
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Surrounded Slow-Motion Center Tear by Richard Osterlind 8 478
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Three Miracle Routines by Richard Osterlind 9 480
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Double Incidence by Al Mann 9 481
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Bernstein on Number Predictions by Bruce Bernstein (written by Bobby Bernard) 9 481
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Spongey by Ray Grismer 9 482
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Foxiest by Ray Grismer 9 482
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Limey by Ray Grismer 9 483
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Glaces by Ray Grismer 9 483
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Impromptu Mentalism by Ray Grismer 9 483
Jeff Busby (reviewer) What's Your Sign by Ray Grismer 9 483
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Around the World with a Baking Tin by Terry Seabrooke 9 483
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magic Marketing Update by Docc Hilford (written by Brian R. Flora) 9 484
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Selling and Playing the Outdoor Show by Docc Hilford (written by Brian R. Flora) 9 484
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Selling Your Act by Brian R. Flora 9 484
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Secrets: The Original Magic of Terri Rogers by Terri Rogers 9 484
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Wipe Out: Seven Remarkable Tricks using Wipe Off Pens by Terri Rogers 9 485
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Psimatrika by Leo Boudreau 9 485
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Quin Taces by Leo Boudreau 9 486
John Holland (reviewer) Magic by Gosh by Albert Goshman (written by Patrick Page) 9 486
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Shorty by Ray Grismer 9 488
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Dream Deck by John Cornelius 9 488
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Star Wandering Lipsticks by Stan Payne 9 489
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Double Bill Tube by Walter B. Gibson 9 490
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Transparent Okito Box by Gerard Slaxon 9 490
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Coffee Time by John Kennedy 9 491
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Stage Size Magic Manor by Sid Lorraine 9 491
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Dollar Con by Terri Rogers 9 491
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Diplo-Mental Pouch by Al Mann 9 492
David Ben Extension of Credit credit card is visibly strechted
9 493
Richard "Lu" Lista Shot Glass Salt Transpo salt vanishes from fist and reappears in shot glass that was wrapped in paper napkin
9 495
Joseph K. Schmidt Hold Out! card transforms into selection with holding-out presentation, featuring a spread switch
9 497
Jeff Busby (reviewer) All About Carnivals by Gene Sorrows 10 499
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Inspirations by Peter Duffie (written by Jerry Sadowitz) 10 499
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 50 Miracles with the 5-Star Miracle Deck by Al Mann 10 500
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The "H" Factor by Al Mann 10 501
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Nihon Venture by Al Mann 10 501
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Trionym Effect by Al Mann 10 502
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Floating Golden Stick by Mike Danata 10 502
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Martin's Miracles by Martin Lewis (written by Eric C. Lewis) 10 502
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Colors on the March by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 10 503
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Kings Incognito by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 10 503
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Legend of Mac McDonald by Mac MacDonald (written by C. C. Allen) 10 504
Edmund L. Kowalski (reviewer) Psi-Tech by Bruce Bernstein 10 504
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mind Square by Craige McComb Snader 10 505
John Holland (reviewer) The Best of Spell-Binder: Collection 1 by Stephen Tucker 10 506
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Neoclassics by Larry Jennings (written by Stephen Minch) 10 507
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings by Larry Jennings (written by Mike Maxwell) 10 508
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Professional Balls for the Cups and Balls by Mike Rogers 10 510
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Professional Ball Set for the Chop Cup by Mike Rogers 10 510
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Professional Load Balls for the Cups and Balls by Mike Rogers 10 510
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Replacement Cards for Gaetan Bloom's Visible Monte by Gaëtan Bloom 10 510
Jeff Busby (reviewer) ESP Dice Mysteries by Philip T. Goldstein (written by Various) 10 510
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Bagatelle by Jack Dean 10 511
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Paperback Prophecy by Jack Dean 10 511
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Shish-Ke-Bill by Charles Buckner (written by Maurice Fogel) 10 511
Jeff Busby (reviewer) No Gaff Room Service Plus by Larry Becker 10 512
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mento Card Box by Joe Berg 10 513
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Quarter Mark by John Murray 10 513
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Clearly Gone by Ben Harris 10 513
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Solid Gold Easy Action Card to Pocket by Ben Harris 10 513
Piet Forton Piet Forton's Impeccable Variations: Oops!...They Split! double apparently splits, session gag with Impeccable Double
Related to 10 514
Piet Forton Tossed Free Choice Match matching routine with Impeccable Double
10 514
Piet Forton Tossed Four of a Kind three freely chosen cards turn out to be aces, four cards as one on table via Impeccable Double
10 515
Roy Johnson Zodiaclock Bonus spectator's birth sign is determined with clock principle and zodiac cards
10 516
Joseph K. Schmidt Up The Sleeve
Inspired by 10 517
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A New Look at some Classic Close-Up by Bill Okal 11 524
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Tsunami by Bob Farmer 11 525
Bart Whaley (reviewer) The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians by Thomas Alan Waters 11 525
Edmund L. Kowalski (reviewer) Spirit Theatre by Eugene Burger 11 527
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A Gambler's Dream by Roberto Giobbi 11 529
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 2 Stand-up Routines by Roberto Giobbi 11 529
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ponsin on Conjuring by Jean-Nicholas Ponsin (written by Alton Sharpe) 11 530
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Doth by Philip T. Goldstein 11 531
John Holland (reviewer) Mastered Amazement by Al Koran (written by Jack Lamonte) 11 532
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fifth International Yellow Pages 1987-1989 by Wittus Witt 11 533
Jeff Busby (reviewer) New Acrobatic Matches by John Kennedy 11 533
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Illusory Reflex by Mel Stover 11 534
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Suparings by Roy Johnson 11 534
Jeff Busby (reviewer) And the Winner is...! by Jack Dean 11 535
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Fantastic Elastic Pin by Phil Postma 11 535
Jeff Busby (reviewer) New Design of 3 1/2 of Clubs by Ricki Dunn 11 536
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Elusive Lifesavers by Edgar W. Ralston 11 536
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ultra Mint Coins by Tom Burgoon 11 537
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ultra Slice by Tom Burgoon 11 537
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ultra Glass by Tom Burgoon 11 537
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ultra Ball by Tom Burgoon 11 538
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Ripped Revelation by Tom Burgoon 11 538
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Comedy Crush Tray by Tom Burgoon 11 538
Horace E. Bennett New Techniques with the Downs Palm: Delayed Palm Vanish
11 538
Horace E. Bennett Repeat Purse Transposition copper and silver coins transpose, one in purse
11 539
Horace E. Bennett Bennett Change-Over Move Variation as visible coin is picked up from palm
11 539
Burton Williams Cheating at Single Deck 21 using Slugs two methods for (real) cheating:
  • Taking Off the House
  • Taking Off the Players
11 540
Joseph K. Schmidt Miss-Direction
11 541
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 52 Lovers by José Carroll 12 547
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Slow-Motion Magic by René Lavand 12 548
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz 12 549
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz 12 549
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Inner Circle Audio Series 1: Making Magic Memorable by Michael Ammar 12 550
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magical Arts Journal by Paul Harris (written by Michael Ammar) 12 550
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magical Arts Journal by Michael Ammar 12 551
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Magical Arts Journal by Michael Ammar 12 551
Bart Whaley (reviewer) Dramatic Magic: The Art of Hidden Magic by John Booth 12 551
Bart Whaley (reviewer) Jack Gwynne: The Man, his Mind, and his Royal Family of Magic by Jack Gwynne (written by David Charvet) 12 552
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Real Mental Magic: Technique and Performance by Ormond McGill 12 553
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Mentalists' Roundtable #2 by Richard Webster 12 554
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Deja Voodoo by Bob Farmer 12 554
Jeff Busby (reviewer) King of Cold Readers by Bascom Jones 12 555
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) The Secrets of Brother John Hamman by Brother John Hamman (written by Richard Kaufman) 12 556
John Holland (reviewer) The Professional Touch by Billy McComb 12 557
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Television for the Mentalist by Scott Davis 12 558
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Cards on the Table by Jerry Sadowitz 12 558
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Punchline by Tim Wenk 12 559
Jeff Busby (reviewer) John Dahms Wand by John Dahms 12 559
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Unconquered Card by Mike Rogers 12 560
Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Mike Rogers Chop Cup by John Dahms (written by Mike Rogers) 12 561