Complete File (12 issues plus Epoptica Yearbook)
Written by Jeff Busby
Work of Various
574 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Don Albrecht
Language: English
506 entries
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Jeff Busby (reviewer) Miracle of the Eighties by A. Berkeley Davis 12 Sep. 1989 565
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Third Sight by A. Berkeley Davis 12 Sep. 1989 566
Paul Curry One, Two, Three one card has a slit, with clean up and credit information on the principle
12 Sep. 1989 567
David Harkey Match-Mate matchbox is removed from its sleeve, the two parts visually reunite
12 Sep. 1989 569
Mike Rogers Fifty Undeniable Truths about Magic
12 Sep. 1989 570
Joseph K. Schmidt The High Cost of Living folding a single bill so it looks like two
12 Sep. 1989 571
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