Written by Jeremiah Zuo
Work of Jeremiah Zuo
47 pages (Paperback), published by ChicagoMagicBash Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Jeremiah Zuo
Language: English
20 entries
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Tom Dobrowolski Foreword
Jeremiah Zuo Introduction
Jeremiah Zuo The Drop Vanish coin held with left forefinger and thumb and apparently taken by right hand
  • The Vanish
  • The Left Hand's Action
  • The Right Hand's Action
  • Other Comments
VariationsAlso published here 6
Jeremiah Zuo The Drop Shuttle Pass/Color Change
Also published here 10
Jeremiah Zuo The Drop Click Pass (Two-Ahead)
Also published here 12
Jeremiah Zuo The Drop False Count to Any Number
Also published here 13
Jeremiah Zuo No Touch Coins Across "(Bonus Effect)"
Jeremiah Zuo The Drop One-Ahead Click Pass
Also published here 15
Jeremiah Zuo Silent Drop doing the Drop Vanish while secretly holding out another coin
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 16
Jeremiah Zuo A "Four" Coin Trick three coins vanish one by one, then coins appear one by one until there are twelve
Variations 17
Geoffrey Latta French Pop one-handed
Jeremiah Zuo A "Four" Coin Trick 2 another handling, no shell
Inspired by 22
Gary Kurtz Gesticulated Changeover
Jeremiah Zuo Reframing Three-Fly
Inspired by
  • "BBQ Coins Across" (Jeremiah Zuo, Tom Dobrowolski's "Tom and His Merry Men")
Jeremiah Zuo Wild Coin (Coins, Purse, No Glass) three coins transform one by one
Inspired by 30
Fake Coins into Purse Insertion
Jeremiah Zuo, Justin Hanes, Eric Jones Coin Realignment Move fan of coin held at fingertip, one changes or is switched while shaking fan
Inspired by 32
Jeremiah Zuo Homing Coin (Wild Coin 2) three coins change one by one, with cup
Jeremiah Zuo Revisiting Trio (Trio-ish) longer combination
Inspired by 37
Jeremiah Zuo Final Words
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