Written by Jeremiah Zuo
Work of Jeremiah Zuo
82 pages (Paperback), published by ChicagoMagicBash Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Jeremiah Zuo
Language: English
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Jeremiah Zuo Opening Remarks
Tom Dobrowolski Foreword
Jeremiah Zuo A General Orientation
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Jeremiah Zuo Those Are the Aces - Phase One: Sandwich For Two selection appears between Aces, two more Aces appear around selection, "reverse sandwich"
Also published here 1
Jeremiah Zuo Production on Top card appears on top of deck, in the hands
Inspired by 4
Jeremiah Zuo Those Are the Aces - Phase Two: A Short Wild Card and Triple Transposition selection on case, Aces change into selection, then Aces are case and deck in hand, selection in case
Inspired by
  • "Here and There" (Ken Garr, MAGIC Magazine)
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Jeremiah Zuo Tenkai Steal Color Change
Edward Marlo Card to Case
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 1: The Half Pass
Jeremiah Zuo A Half-Pass While Riffle Shuffling
Jeremiah Zuo A Half Pass While Overhand Shuffling
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 2: A Mildly Strange Exchange Aces in case visibly transpose with selection outside of case
Jeremiah Zuo Partial Insertion into Case only top card instead of whole packet inserted
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 3: FOAL (Flip-Over Action Load) one-handed load of card under case as it is placed on table with deck in same hand
Also published here
  • The Hallucinogenic Effect (lecture notes, 2007)
Jeremiah Zuo FOAL as Revelation card loaded underneath just as case is removed
Jeremiah Zuo Card Under Box
  • The First Appearance: Full-Speed
  • The Second Appearance: Half-Speed
  • The Third Appearance: 1/4 Speed
  • The Fourth Appearance: 1/8 Speed
  • Alternate Fourth Appearance: The Kick Back
  • Finale Option 1: Card in the Box
  • Finale Option 2: Deck in the Box
  • Finale Option 3: Deck Under Box
Related toVariations 27
Jeremiah Zuo Rub-A-Dub Comments
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 4: (Non) Precision in Card Control with control as example
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 5: Physicality on movement, example deck in case
Related to 42
Jeremiah Zuo Queens Across four Queens travel one by one into case, last card changes into card case which is no longer on table
Jeremiah Zuo Display Cop Choreography copping a card while showing three cards
LTP Steal as packet is picked up from table
Gary Kurtz LTP to Full Palm Transfer
Jeremiah Zuo The Fan Blocking Steal (FBS) case stolen into Tenkai Palm off the table under cover of packet fanned out
Jeremiah Zuo Those Are the Aces: Ending Revisited card changes into card case that was lying on the table
Related to 60
Jeremiah Zuo Queen Scream Queens on table, unknown selection in case, Queens lost in deck one by one, they travel under case or appear near it, for last Queen the case appears on deck, story presentation
  • The First Abduction (FOAL Revelation)
  • The Second Abduction
  • The Third Abduction (Don't Try to be a Hero)
  • The Final Attack The Magic Ranch Steal ("Biddle Box Steal")
  • Denouement
Inspired by 64
Jeremiah Zuo Card Under Box - Ending 4 case suddenly appears in deck over selection, Biddle Box Steal
Inspired by 73
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 6: More on Sandwiches and Boxes two selections lost, two Jokers removed from case, first selection appears between them, then case appears between Jokers with second selection inside, Biddle Box Steal
Also published here
  • "One To-Go Box, Please!" (Game of Tom, Tom Dobrowolski, 2015)
Jeremiah Zuo Final Words
Jeremiah Zuo Last Things Zuo in print
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