Written by R. Paul Wilson

Work of R. Paul Wilson

32 pages (Spiralbound), published by A ConCam Production
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Earl Nelson Foreword i
R. Paul Wilson Uprising card rises from cards fanned between hands 1
William Goodwin Tilt Glimpse Variatiion Inspired byAlso published here
  • William Goodwin's "Hofzinser Under Control" in Genii, March 1996. P. 390.
R. Paul Wilson Threadbare presentation for floating bill, with spool of regular thread 3
R. Paul Wilson 1002.5 Aces Inspired by 5
R. Paul Wilson Equivoque Handling four one of four cards 5
Larry Jennings Optical Add On brief 6
R. Paul Wilson Through 3 three coins penetrate a table top, one by one then all at once 7
R. Paul Wilson Muscle Pass Load 7
R. Paul Wilson Multiple Coin Vanish with shake illusion, sound 8
R. Paul Wilson Thief of Hearts center pip of selection vanishes and appears between two Aces held by spectator 10
R. Paul Wilson Gone Wishin' three coins appear and vanish one by one, then they reappear in purse 13
R. Paul Wilson Fl-Ash piece of paper is placed on back of card and burnt, ashes form index of selection, then Joker changes into selectionInspired by
  • Michael Sibbernsen's "Knowledge From Fire" in "Enigmas", 1997.
R. Paul Wilson Hovercraft deck is balanced on card case 17
R. Paul Wilson The Back Four (Pithleavis Aces Mk II) four Aces are lost in the deck and found in seconds behind the back 18
Edward Marlo The Deep Face-Up Switch 18
R. Paul Wilson A New Wave three coins appear and travel from hand to hand 20
David Roth, Geoffrey Latta Curl Palm Variation 20
R. Paul Wilson Mickey Mouse Coin Move Transfer coins while hiding another coin 21
R. Paul Wilson Titian Vanish edge grip 22
R. Paul Wilson Titian Palm 22
R. Paul Wilson Punch Too sucker effect, transformation of multiple cards to match stated outcomeInspired by
  • Larry Jennings' "Sucker Punch" in "Thoughts on Cards" video
R. Paul Wilson Box-Witch card on card case is switched, with several applications 26
R. Paul Wilson Blin-Pen piece of signed bill vanishes and appears inside pen 28
R. Paul Wilson And Finally... center deal mock, multiple phases 32