Written by Charles Lang Neil

Work of Various

120 pages (Hardcover), published by C. Arthur Pearson Limited
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Charles Lang Neil The Principles of Natural Magic 7
Charles Lang Neil Manner and Gesture 11
Charles Lang Neil The Conjurer's Clothes - For Men
- For Ladies
Charles Lang Neil The Wand 15
Charles Lang Neil The Table 16
Charles Bertram The Two-Handed Pass "Charles Bertram's Method" 18
Charles Bertram The One-Hand Pass "Charles Bertram's Method", Charlier Pass 22
Charles Bertram The Palm - A New and Perfectly Deceptive Method "immeasurably superior to any other", handing deck to be shuffled with right hand 23
C. O. Williams An Easy Pass bottom section palmed with selection on top, later replaced on top 28
Unknown To Palm Cards From Bottom of Pack 29
Paul Valadon The Back and Front of Hand Continuous Palm with Cards illustrated with photographs of Paul Valadon 30
Henri De Manche To Make a False Shuffle lift shuffle handling
- First Method of False Shuffle (top stock)
- Second Method of False Shuffle (top and bottom stock)
- Third Method of False Shuffle (full deck)
Also published here 35
Unknown To Force a Card one-handed force briefly mentioned 38
C. O. Williams The Turned Card selection turns over in deck, deck reversed under cover card 40
Mademoiselle Patrice Catching Two Chosen Cards from a Pack Thrown Into the Air top and bottom cards held back by friction 41
C. O. Williams The Unique Card selection lost, three piles made, selection is bottom card of center pile 43
L. Graham Lewis Novel Discovery of a Chosen Card deck placed on table, table tilted forwards, only selection remains on table, wax on thread 44
C. O. Williams The Artful Card wrong card found behind back, then selection produced from pocket 46
C. O. Williams A Simple Card Discovery card placed in glass, covered with glass, then selection is face card of deck 47
Unknown To Shake a Chosen Card Through a Handkerchief 48
John Hamley A Smart Production and Vanish of Cards hands empty, cards produced and vanished again, attached to outside of sleeve and stolen when sleeve is pulled up 52
Paul Valadon Some Manipulations with Cards 55
John Hamley The Bottle and Card Trick card shot with pistol on clear bottle, appears at top 58
Mademoiselle Patrice To Pass Several Cards From one Person's Pocket to That of Another 60
Charles Bertram The Diminishing Cards 66
Mademoiselle Patrice Discovering a Cards Shuffled Into Pack Blindfolded 72
Henri De Manche The Three-Card Trick without throw 77
Unknown The Rising Card Trick several selections 81
Howard Thurston The "Thurston" Rising Cards five cards rise out of deck and float into hand one by one
- First Method
- Second Method for Stage
Unknown The Reversed Card spectator turns card end for end and performer knows which one 94
Unknown The Queens who left their Courts to dig for Diamonds classic hotel trick with Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks dealt out 94
Unknown To allow a Person to think of a Card, and to make that Card appear at any number in the Pack which the rest of the Company may decide upon card and its position from the face remembered, any number named, performer goes behind back, then count started from remembered position 95
Unknown To tell the Card thought of by arranging the Cards in a Circle Ace through Ten in a circle, on through of and after some counting divined 96
Unknown To Place the Four Kings in different parts of the Pack, and to bring them all together by a simple Cut Jacks secretly behind a King 97
Unknown To bring Four Cards together after they have been placed in different parts of the Pack unclear whether the cards are secretly or openly stripped out 98
Unknown The Cards sprung from Hand to Hand 99
Unknown A Row of Cards being placed face downwards upon the Table, to indicate by turning up one of them how many cards have been transferred from one end to the other during your absence 100
Unknown To change Three Cards placed in the Pocket of a Spectator into three others previously chosen 101
Unknown The "Three-Card" Trick monte throw 102
Unknown To make Three Cards pass invisibly from one Packet to another three extra cards palmed at the beginning 103
Unknown The Demon Card Trick card rises to top in paper-wrapped deck 104
Unknown The Pocket-Picking Trick card located in spectator's pocket 105
Unknown The Changing Card two cards chosen, a card changes to both cards 106
Unknown Other Changing Cards 107
Unknown The Transforming Sevens four cards change several times, gaffed cards taken out of deck at the start 108
Unknown The Four Queens changed to Kings four double facers 111
Unknown Making Double Facers splitting, brief 111
Unknown To change a drawn Card into the Portraits of several of the company in succession picture cards change into portraits of spectators 112
Unknown A Selected Card Caught on the Point of a Sword elastic cord 113
Unknown A Chosen Card Found in a Cigar 114
Unknown The Cabalistic Star six cards appear on points of star apparatus 115
Unknown Tricks performed with the Aid of Card Boxes 116
Bland Bland's Brass Card Box 116
Unknown To Make Selected Cards Jump Out of the Pack cards jump out of a special card box apparatus 118
Unknown To Produce Two Cards in Succession from an Empty Drawer wooden box apparatus 120