Written by Luis H. Trueba

Work of Luis H. Trueba

210 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Luis H. Trueba.
Language: Spanish

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Juan Tamariz Prólogo 11
Luis H. Trueba Introducción 15
Luis H. Trueba La Carte de Encima (Cuento) short story about a man who always knew which card is on top 17
Luis H. Trueba Breve Historia de una Época Dorada historical notes on the history of Spanish magic in the second half of the 20th century 25
Luis H. Trueba Carta Apuñalada cards wrapped in sheet of newspaper, signed selection is really stabbed 47
Luis H. Trueba Control y Aparición de Ases Aces are lost in the deck and appear while deck is cut, tabled, one by one 57
Luis H. Trueba El Corte Escalera tabled cut to form a jog, two control four Aces in two positions of the deck 57
Luis H. Trueba Aparecen los Ases while deck is cut on the table card jumps out of the deck face-up 62
Luis H. Trueba Carta al Bolsillo method to transfer card to inside of the jacket, similar to Gary Kurtz's The Empty HandRelated toAlso published here
  • Luis Trueba's "Carta al Bolsillo" in ""La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" N° 106, 1983. P. 197.
Luis H. Trueba Carta al Revés cards are put in card case, all cards turn face up but selection in the center of the deckInspired by
  • Dan Harlan's "A Case of Color Blindness"
Unknown Leaving a Card in Card Case 71
Luis H. Trueba Hagas lo que Hagas mathematical principle, card found by dealing cards to a rhythmic patter 77
Luis H. Trueba Agua y Aceite three phases 4x4, last phase 6x6 handled by spectator 81
Luis H. Trueba Bocadillo Invisible VariationsAlso published here
  • "La Circular de la EMM" No. 188. 1994. P. 246.
Unknown Red / Black Shuffle with small packet, riffle shuffle on table 90
Luis H. Trueba El Cartero Siempre Llama Dos Veces cards are put in card case, all cards turn face up but selection in the center of the deck, when repeated with second selection cards change colorsInspired by
  • Dan Harlan's "A Case of Color Blindness"
Dieter Ebel Card Reverse in the context of turning the deck overAlso published here 97
Luis H. Trueba El Tahúr Precavido gambling routine, cutting to the Kings, dealing Kings in one hand and Aces in other, all the red cards appear togehter as well as the black cards in order 107
Luis H. Trueba, Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Production Inspired by 116
Luis H. Trueba Carta-Moneda utility move, to hold four torn pieces together as a unitAlso published here 121
Luis H. Trueba Control, Vistazo y Aparición card control and glimpsed while riffle shuffled on the table 122
Luis H. Trueba Un Doble Dinámico after cut in the hands 126
Luis H. Trueba El Redoble turning a double back over on the deck, using natural break 130
Luis H. Trueba Mezcla Falsa Auténtica in the hands false riffle shuffle, strip-out cut 132
Luis H. Trueba El Desempalme unload of palmed cards, while turning over packetAlso published here 134
Luis H. Trueba Cartas y Navajas card apparently located by pocket knife, short routine with two knives, then knife changes to selection 136
Luis H. Trueba El Ciego card stab on table, story presentation 143
Luis H. Trueba El Charlatán with three Jumbo cards, Supreme Magic props, story presentation 157
Luis H. Trueba El Moro Los Cubiletes del Moro, cups and balls routine, with three cups 175
Luis H. Trueba Desaparición de una Bola false transfer with ball, while holding wand 191
Luis H. Trueba La Historia del Anciano Mago packet trick, cards with vampires and coffins, chosen vampire found transformedInspired by
  • Arthur Setterington's "Find the Vampire" in "New Pentagram", February, 1980.