Written by Roger Smith
Work of Roger Smith
40 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Roger Smith
Language: English
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Roger Smith Introduction "Another move that is similiar to the K-S Move is the ESTANCIAN Spread" (not yet published), Ascanio misspelled?
Roger Smith Basics of K-S Move ("Klondike Shuffle"), packet in right-hand End grip, left hand pulls away top and bottom cards, rest as one card placed on top forming three-card fan
Related to 1
Roger Smith K-S Handling - Five Cards & More reverse count of cards from end grip into left hand fan, then K-S with top-bottom-pull at end with last four cards
Also published here 4
Roger Smith K-S Slip Palm small packet spread, bottom card from a double palmed into right hand
Roger Smith K-S Notes on how the order of the packet is affected and the orientation of the hands and cards
Roger Smith K-S False Shuffle as a small packet false shuffle
Roger Smith K-S Vanish handling for method 4 of Marlo reference
Inspired by 9
Roger Smith Effects chapter intro
Roger Smith Your Choice Again
Roger Smith Twisting the Aces K-S extra card
Roger Smith Twisting the Red Aces (Blue) color changing back finale, deck changes color as well, red/blue double backer
Roger Smith A-2-3 K-S Style with a twisting phase, two methods
Roger Smith Count Down Ace to Five, credit information
  • Glide Variation of Count Down
Variations 21
Roger Smith 4 King Stunner Ace through Four reverse one by one, then change to examinable Kings, quartet type gimmick with Ace to Four
Variations 24
Roger Smith Ultimate Sandwich card travels to tabled sandwich cards
Inspired by 26
Bonus Section
Roger Smith Panaramic Reverse deck turned over onto card end-for-end which is stripped from center with left hand
Inspired byAlso published here 29
Roger Smith Fake Color Pick-Up card biddle counted on right-hand packet is apparently picked up under left hand packet, handling with odd-backed card
Inspired by 32
Roger Smith Panaramic Color Card different handling for chicago opener
Roger Smith R-S Top Change card out-jogged on top of deck, dragged inwards with right hand and removed, actually second card taken
Roger Smith Red-Blue Transpo backs transpose, odd-backed
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