Written by Ken Simmons
Work of Ken Simmons
75 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Russ Broomhall
Language: English
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Ken Simmons Preface
Ken Simmons Hands Off Reverse...er, Vanish card lost by spectator in deck behind his back, it vanishes, two handlings
Inspired byVariations 1
Ken Simmons Simply Cutting to the Aces Aces cut to, optional follow-up in which they are cut into deck again and come back to top
Ken Simmons Another Cutting to the Aces
Variations 5
Ken Simmons P.O.D. Handling flap gaff
Inspired by 7
Edward Marlo, Ken Simmons Deliberate Side Steal to Center transferring card from second to center
Dave Walker Vision Test four cards, first all Ace of Hearts, then Queens of Clubs, then all blank
Diminishing Lift Sequence with extra card
Ed Andres Sleightly Diced Ace, Two and Three of Clubs on table with dice on top with the same number upwards, cards follow when dice are changes, Six of Clubs appears as finale
Inspired byVariations 14
David Neighbors Slow-Motion Oil and Water 3&3, three phases
David Neighbors The Denver Opener red/blue double backer
Edward Marlo Face Up Startler
David Neighbors McHenry's Sleeper Aces two double facers
Inspired by 24
Ken Simmons Notes on Marlo's Unit Up-Jog Addition adding specific cards, that are culled first
Inspired by 30
Ken Simmons Notes on Marlo's Card Substitution
Inspired by 32
Ken Simmons Notes on Marlo's Card Transfer several applications
  • First Idea (simulated placement)
  • Second Deal (outjogged handling)
  • Third Idea (another outjogged handling)
  • Fourth Idea (with packet and outjog)
Inspired by 33
Ken Simmons Additions to a Change unload into center
Inspired byRelated to 38
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes - First Method
Also published here 38
Ken Simmons Audacious Transposition card isolated from deck transposes with card in deck
Related toVariations 43
Ken Simmons On a More Subtle Note
Inspired by 43
Ken Simmons Related Bold Card Control opposite, apparently bottom card of right-hand packet removed but really top card
Inspired byVariations 44
Ken Simmons Pragmatic Control
Inspired by 45
Ken Simmons Related Bold Card Control with Reverse
Related to 46
Edward Victor A New Glide
Ken Simmons Reverse Variant reverse from center top
Inspired byRelated to 48
Ken Simmons Future Center Steal two handlings
Inspired by 50
Ken Simmons Another Curve single switched for double which is placed on table with Visual Retention Change
Inspired by 52
Ken Simmons Deal and Take
Related to 53
Ken Simmons The Pick-Up Force spectator cuts (hopefully) into break
Also published here 54
Ken Simmons Introduction to the Banded Effects
Ken Simmons A-Band-Ment rubber band around deck, vanishes, encircles card in center
Also published here 56
Ken Simmons A-Band-Ment II allowing to show face card of deck, double is found and face-card loaded off
Inspired by 59
Ken Simmons A-Band-Ment III wrong card encircled, changes into right card, double is found and face-card loaded off, two methods
Inspired by 61
Ken Simmons A Banded Vanish rubber band around deck simply vanishes, two methods
Ken Simmons Banded Card on Ceiling card on ceiling has previously vanishes rubber band around it
Jim Patton A Case of A-Band-Ment rubber band around cased deck, it vanishes, deck removed and rubber band found around selection in deck, two methods
Inspired byVariations 69
Ken Simmons Additional Notes and Ideas for the Banded Effects
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