Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction 1
Karl Fulves He Has Followers No. 1, spectator riffle shuffles once and then deals into two piles part of the deck, follow the leader type presentation for color separation, colors marked on backs 2
Karl Fulves Ruse et Noir No. 2, as many red in one pile as there are black in the other pileVariations 6
Karl Fulves Follow Me No. 3, spectator follows dealing pattern of performer, backs marked for colorRelated to 7
Karl Fulves Ruse B impromptu methodInspired by 9
Karl Fulves Ruse C another methodInspired by 9
Karl Fulves Ruse D another method and commentInspired by 10
Karl Fulves Touch For Color No. 4, two packets made, four red cards removed from packet A and any for cards moved from packet B to packet A, number of reds in A equals blacks in BRelated toVariations 11
Karl Fulves Unequally Equal No. 5, follow-up to "Touch For Color" with similar effectInspired by 12
Karl Fulves Balance of Trade No. 6, piles made and some cards exchanged, black cards in pile A equal number of black cards in pile B 13
Karl Fulves The Dark Force No. 7, two piles made with a secret number, performer moves some cards from pile to pile, number of reds in one pile equals black in other pileVariations 14
Karl Fulves Unlisted Numbers No. 8, spectator removes any number of cards of each suit, piles made, number of Spades in one pile equals number of Diamonds plus Hearts plus Clubs in other pile 15
Karl Fulves No Moe No. 9, first black card in pile remembered, added to deck, later found 16
Karl Fulves Charlie Cheats No. 10, number of reds and blacks in packet determine who wins, two phasesRelated to 17
Karl Fulves Color on Contact No. 11, after some dealing and calculation, the number of red cards in two packets match 19
Karl Fulves Color By Number No. 12, spectator deals deck into four piles according to a dealing pattern that he made up of numbers written in red or black, all color separated 20