Written by Mark Lewis

Work of Mark Lewis

20 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Pacific.
Language: English

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Paul Pacific Foreword
Mark Lewis Introduction 1
Mark Lewis Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse pitch item, animated small mouse running over the hands by itself
- Properties and Preparation
- The Basic Move
- The Final Phase (using glass and cased card decks, see p. 12)
Mark Lewis, Johnny Neptune Spooky Pencil animated coin and pencil
- The Coin Trick and the Spooky Pencil
- The Pencil Rises in the Fist
- The Pencil Moves Across the Hand
- The Pencil Rises Across the Fingers
- The Pencil Rises from the Bottle
Mark Lewis The Squirmle - The Basic Move
- The Routine
Mark Lewis The Last Word 17
Mark Lewis Afterthoughts more details on thread management for the wonder mouse 18