Written by Wayne Dobson

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19 pages (Stapled), published by DTrik
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Stephen Tucker Introduction 3
Wayne Dobson An Englishman in New York 4
Wayne Dobson Chews A Card card shuffled into half the deck, spectator throws it in the air, card then appears visible with one corner in performer's mouth or on forehead 6
Wayne Dobson Zipperred zippered 7
Wayne Dobson Invisible Lie Detector five cards with items on them, one remembered by spectator, item divined and shown in hand, second repeat phase with different method 8
Wayne Dobson The RIGHT Spell first an example card is spelled, then the word "right" when spectator names his card (Tom Mullica?)Inspired by
  • "The Spelling Routine" (Wayne Dobson, A Kind of Magic)
Wayne Dobson Locked deck has hole in corner, one card selected, deck put in bag with a padlock and shaken, only selection is found locked onto lockInspired by
  • "CardLock" (Wayne Dobson, Pro-File)
Wayne Dobson Think As I Think Inspired by 11
Wayne Dobson Ring Flash 2 ring materializes on chain in flash of fireInspired by
  • "RingFlash" (Wayne Dobson, Pro-File)
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Wayne Dobson Coin Flux 2 two coins threaded togetherInspired by
  • "Coin Flux" (Wayne Dobson, Pro-File)
Morty Rudnick Thread Coin Gimmick 13
Wayne Dobson The Winning Hand cards dealt onto spectator's hand until he stops, miniature card of stopped-at card appears stuck onto back of spectator's hand, 1-0-1 forcing section 14
Wayne Dobson Stunning! spectator's selection changes back color at the end (suggested by Jerry Sadowitz)Inspired by
  • U. F. Grant's marketed version
Wayne Dobson Imagine thought-of card is only card with face in double-blank deck, using blank-backed cardsInspired by
  • "Mind Ray" (Jerry Sadowitz)
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Wayne Dobson Point Blank selected card matched jumbo card prediction, rest of deck shown blank 17
Ken Brooke Switch under Jumbo Card 18
Wayne Dobson My Special Thanks To... 19