Written by Wayne Dobson
Work of Wayne Dobson
19 pages (Stapled), published by DTrik
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Jerry Sadowitz Introduction
Wayne Dobson The Crying Game deck changes to onion under handkerchief, card in onion, duplicate
Under-the-Handkerchief Force
Wayne Dobson Tossed Deck three force cards
Wayne Dobson Oddball three balls in bag, spectators take one, performer divines who has the odd-colored one
Wayne Dobson Tax three blank cards, spectator puts sticker on two which match their backs, third card has "Tax" written on its back
Wayne Dobson Banana-Drama bill in banana
Wayne Dobson Rainbow location in which deck becomes a rainbow deck
VariationsAlso published here 10
Wayne Dobson Face-Up Criss Cross Cut Force
Wayne Dobson Fluke number named, card shown reversed in one deck, it matches card at that number in second deck
VariationsAlso published here 11
Wayne Dobson Webmaster routine for "spider on back of spectator's hand"
Inspired by
  • "The Web" (Jim Pace)
Wayne Dobson Word Association spectator writes four-letter word on back of any card, found from face and word divined
Inspired by 13
Spread Stop Force timing
Wayne Dobson Jack in the Box wrong card found and put in case, words "Look in the Card Box" on another card, card in case is now selection
Related to 14
Wayne Dobson Hanky Poo rhyming patter, jumbo cards
Inspired by 15
Wayne Dobson Magic Spell deck that is cut in half use to chose two halves, they do not match but prediction is half-and-half card of those cards
Wayne Dobson The Kid's a Magician comedy paper restoration with child, child follows along with non-tear paper
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