Written by Wayne Dobson
Work of Wayne Dobson
28 pages (Stapled), published by DTrik
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Michael J. Fitch Foreword
Wayne Dobson Introduction
Wayne Dobson Compatibility spectator and performer both chose a card via counting to a number and sign it on back and face respectively, it's the same card
Inspired by 4
Wayne Dobson Best Friends prediction about which two coins end up being selected
Wayne Dobson AFCAAN "Another Fucking Card at Any Number", with crib sheet for stooge
Wayne Dobson Sharpie 2 four mini sharpies, spectator uses one, performer divines which one
Inspired by
  • "Sharpie" (Wayne Dobson, WD40)
Wayne Dobson, Jerry Sadowitz Mind Ray ends with double-blank deck
Inspired by
  • "Mind Ray" (Jerry Sadowitz)
Related to
Wayne Dobson On the Button six buttons on cloth, one chosen, it is the only one sewn onto cloth, Hot Rod Force
Wayne Dobson Rainbow location in which deck becomes a rainbow deck
Inspired by 18
Wayne Dobson Face-Up Criss Cross Cut Force
Jim Steinmeyer, Wayne Dobson The Nine Card Problem small packet spelling discovery, no-touch
Inspired by 21
Wayne Dobson Cash Back using George Sands Prime Number Force
Wayne Dobson The Unnamed Card unknown card chosen and pocketed, audience thinks of a card each, asked to sit down by calling out various card properties, last person standing thinks of card that is in pocket
Wayne Dobson Perfect Order some tabled cards are divined
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