Written by Tom Gagnon
Work of Tom Gagnon
449 pages (Hardcover), published by avanT-Garde Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon
Language: English
218 entries
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Tom Gagnon Acknowledgements
Tom Gagnon Preface
David Malek Foreword
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
Tom Gagnon Swindler's Aces Aces lost, then found one by one by spreading the deck on the table one-handed and stopping the spread at each Ace
Inspired byVariations 1
Tom Gagnon Easy Breather brief, way to apply breather crimp, see also p. 41
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift
Tom Gagnon Establishing Break at Breather Crimp one-handed with tabled deck
Tom Gagnon Vernon-Gagnon Poker Demonstration adding a color-changing deck phase during ribbon-spreading the deck face-down as fake cooler deck switch
Inspired byRelated to 4
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Spread Pass tabled spread, forward and backward action, Draw Shift related
Also published here 5
G. W. Hunter G. W. Hunter Shuffle
Overhand Stacking to formula
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Miracle Aces ribbon spread stopped at apparently random locations to find Aces, spectator stabs last Ace
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Cut Estimation ribbon spreading stopped after estimated number of cards
Inspired by 10
Edward Marlo The Miracle Spread brief
Also published here 11
Tom Gagnon Hof-Sendser Aces Jazz Aces presented as hole card switch demonstration, using transparent Hofzinser card over phone flashlight
Inspired by 12
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch
Tom Gagnon An Expensive Sandwich dollar bill and four Aces placed in different parts of the deck and lost, two cards on either side of bill are then Aces
Variations 16
Carmen D'Amico, Tom Gagnon D'Amico Shift with Dollar Bill sliding block, with bill in deck in addition to cards
Inspired by 16
Tom Gagnon The Forgetful Gambler riffle stack demo with second Marlo/Gardner Phase
Also published here 18
Barry Govan One Shuffle Stack
Related to 18
Tom Gagnon About Face selection lost, wrong card found a few times then selection suddenly is face up on top
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Blueprint, Vol. 4 No. 5, 1977
Edward Marlo Marlo's Technique Reverse when getting into riffle shuffle packets kiss
Also published here 20
Harry Lorayne Ultra Move
Tom Gagnon Chinese Card Spin card spins out after flip-over deal flourish, also as apparent transformation
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Chinese Boomerang" (Roger Klause, The Gen, Vol. 19 No. 10)
Tom Gagnon Punched in the Dark Royal Flush located under handkerchief on table
Inspired by 25
Edward Marlo, Tom Gagnon Miracle Spread under Handkerchief spread covered with handkerchief
Inspired by 26
Tom Gagnon Aces by Weight Aces cut to and their position announced and verified, faro
Inspired by 31
Tom Gagnon Bilateral Bottom Deal
Also published here 33
Tom Gagnon Electro Static Aces Aces lost, then found one by one by spreading the deck on the table one-handed and stopping the spread at each Ace
Inspired by 38
Snap Crimp
Tom Gagnon Versatile Spread Control from Erdnase Break bottom cards ride under cards when spread on table, as production to stop at specific card
Inspired by 39
Tom Gagnon Facing a Swindler face-up version of Swindler's Aces
Inspired by 41
Tom Gagnon Flimflam Transpo Kings together face up in deck, when spread on the table they change into Aces
Tom Gagnon Flimflam Switch reversed cards in center are switched for other reversed cards under top card of deck with ribbon spread action
Inspired by 44
Tom Gagnon Floater deck floats above hand, using hidden Thumb Tip
Also published here
  • New Tops, Dec. 1981
Tom Gagnon The Gathering Aces lost, then found one by one by spreading the deck on the table one-handed and stopping the spread at each Ace
Inspired by 48
Tom Gagnon High Flying Aces Aces lost, tabled face-up ribbon spread closed and an Ace appears on deck, repeated three more times
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Spread Pass as double cut substitute, top card transferred to bottom as back-to-front ribbon spread is gathered
Tom Gagnon Packet Collectors three selections lost, groups of four cards each biddle counted off deck and spectators put their hand on the groups that contain their cards, selections travel to between Kings
Inspired by 53
Harry Lorayne HaLo Bottom Slip Cut
Tap Unload onto tabled packet
Tom Gagnon Scarne's Triple Coincidence Revisited two decks, three cards exchanged
Inspired by 59
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Multiple Shift
  • Angle Load Variation
Also published here 60
Tom Gagnon Underhanded Collectors selections lost and deck spread on table, scooped up with four Kings and selection appear between Kings, four double facers, faro
Inspired by 65
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Multiple Shift sliding block
Edward Marlo Bottom Block Side-Jog side-jogging the bottom few cards to the right, see also p. 107
Related to 66
Tom Gagnon Weighing In Aces lost, then found one by one by spreading the deck on the table and stopping the spread, number of cards in un-spread portion named and last card is Ace each time, Aces in named order
Inspired byVariations 68
Tom Gagnon A Peeking Intruder odd-backed card put in deck, spectator fingertip-peeks at a card, it is the odd-backed card, chicago opener, double lift after ribbon spread placement
Inspired by 73
Tom Gagnon SCAAN "Spectator Card at Any Number", with the Versatile Spread Control
Inspired by 77
Tom Gagnon Impeccable Change wrong card reversed and deck spread face up, when spectator removes reversed card it is not the selection, using Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by
  • "Ribbon-Spread Switch-Out" (Stephen Hobbs, Technical Toolbox DVDs)
Automatic Reverse while displaying top cards
Also published here 79
Tom Gagnon The Wash wash shuffle to lose selection in deck, using Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by
  • Gary McCoy's handling of Slydini's "Helicopter Card Trick"
Tom Gagnon Umpteenth Open Prediction using Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by 82
Tom Gagnon Mystery Card unknown card with paper clip set aside, card signed and lost, deck placed on clipped card, deck spread and gathered, card shown to be selection
Variations 86
Jerry Andrus Clivot Control diagonal insertion method with pressure points
Tom Gagnon Clip Load Gagnon Spread Control into paper clipped card
Related to 88
Tom Gagnon Mystery Card Revisited different handling
Inspired by 89
Tom Gagnon Clipped Sandwich card appears sandwiched between two paper clipped cards, spread loading technique
Tom Gagnon Shorty's Holdout two bills with paper clip on them set aside, selection appears in them, loading with ribbon spread
Tom Gagnon Clipped Triple Prediction three cards with paper clip on them, turn out to be later selections
Tom Gagnon Twice Clipped Improved two cards predicted with cards from other deck, paper-clipped pairs
Inspired by 97
Tom Gagnon Burglar's Big Break Out Jacks put into deck reversed one by one and then travel to Joker with paper clip on it, using Gagnon Spread Control, handkerchief as cover in last phase
Inspired by 100
Tom Gagnon Insertion Plunger Jog card pushed into tabled deck, plunger
Related to 101
Tom Gagnon Clipped Thought unknown card with paper clip set aside, it turns out to be named Ace, then changes to another named Ace, then all Aces are in clip, ribbon spread techniques used
Inspired by 104
Tom Gagnon Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog with multiple cards, tabled
Related to 104
Tom Gagnon Clip Joint black Kings with paper clip on them put aside, signed selection appears between them, ribbon spread techniques
Tom Gagnon Clipped Transposition paper clipped card on table transposes with reversed card in deck, ribbon spread handling, optional double backer
Related to 112
Tom Gagnon Four the Hard Way paper clipped and signed Joker put aside, transposes with four Kings in center of deck
Tom Gagnon Easy Rider Clip Load with Marlo's Miracle Spread
Inspired byRelated to 121
Tom Gagnon Clipped Exchange card from pocket transposes with paper clipped in hand, duplicate
Larry Jennings Center Double Lift cards swivelled out, other names credited
Tom Gagnon Loewy Palm from Paper Clipped Double
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Pass tabled light-reft spread pass, forward-backward spreading
Related to 126
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Insertion Pass tabled light-reft spread pass as card is inserted in spread
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Incomplete Faro Pass tabled light-reft spread pass with deck in incomplete faro condition
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Top Control tabled light-reft spread pass as control to top
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Bottom Control tabled light-reft spread pass as control to bottom
Tom Gagnon Zigging & Zagging the Cut tabled light-reft spread pass to undo a cut
Inspired by 140
Tom Gagnon ZigZag False Cut tabled light-reft spread pass as false cut, pass before the cut
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Undercut tabled light-reft spread pass as transfer cut, three methods
Tom Gagnon ZigZag Aces
Inspired by 147
Tom Gagnon Slideslip Spread Control kind of side steal to bottom during tabled ribbon spread
Also published here 150
Tom Gagnon TCC Sideslip Spread Pass "Top Card Cover", tabled spread pass
Tom Gagnon Sideslip Sandwich using Slideslip Spread Control
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Convincing Control selection (double) inserted in tabled spread and left sticking out, controlled to top as spread is gathered
Inspired byVariations 154
Steve Freeman Center Double Lift
Tom Gagnon Bluff Tilt pseudo tilt ambitious card phase
Tom Gagnon Positional Spread Control controlling card to certain position from bottom, ribbon spread
Inspired by 158
Tom Gagnon One-Handed Versatile Get-Ready deck in right-hand end grip, bottom card side-jogged with one hand
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Stocks Erdnase jogging specific card while riffling through the deck, controlled with Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by 161
Tom Gagnon T.G. Ribbon Spread Reverse before riffle shuffle, halves kiss, starting from ribbon spread
Inspired by 164
Tom Gagnon Revolving Reverse while gathering ribbon spread
Tom Gagnon Versatile Spread Holdout group hidden underneath ribbon spread, application with three selections that vanish
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Addition adding cards to back of packet, using ribbon spread
Inspired by 171
Tom Gagnon Slipping McDonald In opening sequence to switch in double facers
Tom Gagnon Undercover Double Doodle loading a card that was previously inserted into tabled spread onto a card that is used to scoop up a tabled spread to make it a double
Inspired by 175
Tom Gagnon Riffle Action Control cards riffled with left thumb until spectator stops, top half lifted and card shown, then Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by 177
Tom Gagnon Misdirection Cull card inserted in tabled deck, deck spread on table, then between hands, card culled
Tom Gagnon Overlap Procedure card(s) inserted in tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free
Related toVariationsAlso published here 182
Tom Gagnon Overlap Procedure Cull card inserted in tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free
Tom Gagnon Overlap Procedure Peek card inserted in tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free
Related to 186
Tom Gagnon Getting the Scoop card inserted in tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free, ends up side-jogged eventually
Also published here 188
Tom Gagnon Overlap Bottom Control card inserted in tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free
Tom Gagnon Overlap Multiple Shift card(s) inserted in perpendicular tabled spread, slid a bit too far but not free, two methods (to top and to bottom)
Tom Gagnon Subterranean Collectors Aces and selections inserted in ribbon spread, using Overlap Multiple Shift
Inspired by 194
Tom Gagnon Never Too Late selection inserted in tabled spread and deck squared, top card is not selection, then it is
Inspired by 197
Tom Gagnon Double-Decker Overlap Procedure Sandwich application, all three cards distributed in tabled spread
Also published here 199
Tom Gagnon Bill Collector dollar bill and four Aces placed in different parts of ribbon spread deck and lost, two cards on either side of bill are then Aces, gaffed bill
Inspired by 201
Tom Gagnon Isolated Sandwich three parts of the deck spread, Mates and selection put one in each spread, all gathered, selection now sandwiched
Tom Gagnon Airdnase Pitch spectator says stop during ribbon spread, spread broken at that point, force card dropped onto end of spread
Tom Gagnon Switcharoo Force right fingers seem to slide top card of left-hand packet to table
Inspired by 209
Tom Gagnon Lateral Dribble Force using Lateral Bottom Deal
Inspired by 211
Tom Gagnon Retention Hockley Force trying to improve illusion of taking top card
Inspired by 213
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Transfer Force ribbon spread handling
Inspired by 214
Tom Gagnon Spread Switch Out reversed card in deck switched, tabled spread
Inspired by 216
Tom Gagnon Brush Force
Inspired by 218
Tom Gagnon Inverse Handkerchief Force handkerchief over tabled ribbon spread, spectator touches card through handkerchief
Inspired by 220
Tom Gagnon Toss Force top section apparently tossed forward on table
Inspired by 223
Tom Gagnon Swindle Switch reversed card in tabled spread
Inspired byVariations 224
Tom Gagnon Fabulous K.M. Combo ribbon spread handling
Inspired by 226
Tom Gagnon Shuttle Switch packet switched under cover of gathering a ribbon spread
Related to 228
Tom Gagnon Underhanded Spread Switch packet switched under cover of gathering a ribbon spread
Tom Gagnon Chump Change spectator thinks selection is on top and riffle shuffles it into center, yet it ends up on top, sucker element, breather crimp
Bert Allerton Allerton Switch left thumb drags top card back
Theodore Annemann Riffle Force break
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Scoop Change
Related toVariations 235
Tom Gagnon Hand-to-Hand Transfer cards picked up with same hand as deck and transferred to other hand, one or multiple cards
Inspired by 236
Tom Gagnon A Novel Transposition one card in envelope and one in pocket, featuring a switch with an envelope and without deck in hand
Inspired by 238
Tom Gagnon Double Take Drop Switch bottom card of right-hand half can be shown before and after switch
Tom Gagnon T. G. Tabled Multiple Shift cards distributed into tabled deck, deck squared and spread on the table using Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired byVariations 242
Tom Gagnon Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog with multiple cards, tabled
Tom Gagnon Tap and Square Feint one-handed tapping on deck, retains jog
Variations 247
Tom Gagnon OAATI Table Multiple Shift "One At A Time Insertion"
Inspired byRelated to 249
Tom Gagnon Four-Flushed Multiple Shift Aces inserted one by one, then one-handed fan before completing multiple shift in hands or on table
Inspired byRelated to 252
Tom Gagnon Shifty tabled multiple shift with movable jog from side-jog to in-jog, using tabled tap
Inspired by 256
Tom Gagnon Subterranean Multiple Shift adding short ribbon spread and square up after Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog
Tom Gagnon Swivel Cut Multiple Shift using Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog on table
Inspired by 265
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Shuffle Shift overhand shuffle, after Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog
Tom Gagnon Fan Control Multiple Shift one-handed fan before strip-out
Inspired by 268
Tom Gagnon Plunger Straddle Pass straddle pass as strip-out after Multiple Insertion Plunger Jog
Jason England Straddle Pass Credit Information
Tom Gagnon Twofer Ribbon Spread Multiple Shift reducing friction in Ribbon Spread Multiple Shift, not all in different positions, bluff spacing
Inspired by 275
Don May, Tom Gagnon Display Move & Variation bluff spacing
Related to 275
Tom Gagnon Cops Without a Beat cop after Gagnon ribbon spread control
Tom Gagnon Jet Stream combining Slip Stream with Gagnon Spread Control, card under tabled spread moved to second-from-top or near top
Inspired byVariations 282
Tom Gagnon Otis' Elevator elevator routine with Ace through Three using tabled ribbon spread techniques
Tom Gagnon Out of Order elevator routine with Ace through Three using tabled ribbon spread techniques
Tom Gagnon Three-Point Landing selection lost and spread on table, sandwich cards placed on top and deck gathered, selection sandwiched
Variations 298
Tom Gagnon Air Strike using ribbon spread technique, Jet Stream
Inspired by 300
Tom Gagnon Up and Away Jet Stream to top of deck
Inspired by 303
Tom Gagnon Stealth Card Stab cards above and below stabbed-in Joker are selections, tabled ribbon spread handling
Inspired by 305
Tom Gagnon Tap Illusion out-jogged card apparently tapped into deck with another card, really stolen onto the face of that card
Inspired by 308
Tom Gagnon Tap Illusion Feint out-jogged card apparently tapped into deck with another card or packet, really bottom card of out-jogged double stolen under that card/packet
Tom Gagnon Ambitious Illusion using Tap Illusion
Tom Gagnon Dribble Toss Feint same appearance as Dribble Toss Control, Allerton Switch
Inspired byRelated to 315
Bert Allerton Allerton Switch
Tom Gagnon Reverse Double Undercut tabled reverse double undercut, bottom to top
Related to 317
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Double Cut using Erdnase Break
Tom Gagnon Fan Square-Up Pass top card cover pass from one-handed fan
Also published here 321
Tom Gagnon Fan Control Finesse dribble to the table and retaining jog
Inspired by 323
Tom Gagnon Gambler's Cop Replacement slight in-the-hands back-and-forth spread
Tom Gagnon Mexican Turnover Finesse
Related to 326
Tom Gagnon Heavy Breather breather glued onto another card, thick breather
Tom Gagnon Cross Fire Add-On add-on using a cigarette pack or card case
Tom Gagnon Dealing McDonald In using Throw Bottom Deals to ring in the double facers
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Ace Vanish with double facer
Tom Gagnon A McDonald Vanish with double facer
Inspired by 337
Tom Gagnon Soaping the Faro
Inspired byRelated to 339
Tom Gagnon Stripper Deck Finesse method to gain control of a reversed card
  • Side Strippers
  • End Strippers
Tom Gagnon Negative Reaction negative stripper card combined with Gagnon Spread Control
Tom Gagnon Cased Card Controls inserting a card in a cased deck and setting a small jog
  • Counterclockwise Rotation
  • Clockwise Rotation
  • Variation A
  • Variation B
  • Variation C
  • Variation D
  • Comments (card clip)
Also published here 344
Tom Gagnon Push Through Jog card ends up injogged
Also published here 352
Tom Gagnon Slap Control card inserted in deck, then deck put half-way into case and slapped in (injog plungers out)
Also published here 353
Tom Gagnon Gravity Control two cards inserted in deck, then deck put in case which is only held by its flap
Also published here 355
Tom Gagnon Cased Clivot Control jog work in card case
Also published here 358
Tom Gagnon Top Stock Control deck inserted in case after first jog shuffle
Also published here 361
Tom Gagnon Cased Multiple Shift deck cased between insertion of cards and the strip out cut
Also published here 362
Tom Gagnon Single Card Control with one-handed fan that retains jog
Also published here 364
Tom Gagnon Cased Plunger Location deck cased in between selection and control with jog
Also published here 366
Tom Gagnon Fan Control card pushed into deck one-handed, automatic jog control with squared deck, incorporating temporarily putting deck in case and one-handed fan
  • Variation A
  • Variation B (for two cards)
Also published here 368
Tom Gagnon Stainless Steal jogged card in center, deck cased and removed, card is left behind, without stripper deck
Also published here 371
Tom Gagnon Stainless Steal Reverse deck cased, extracted, re-cased
Also published here 373
Tom Gagnon Subterranean Crimp crimping card while deck is cased
Also published here 374
Tom Gagnon Cased Crimp crimping card while deck is cased, another method
Also published here 376
Tom Gagnon One-Handed Gambler's False Cut tabled, straight cut, bottom cards slid back to bottom
Inspired byVariations 378
Tom Gagnon Cutting Action Gambler's False Cut tabled, straight cut, bottom cards slid back to bottom
Inspired by 380
Tom Gagnon Dribbler Action Gambler's False Cut tabled, straight cut, bottom cards slid back to bottom
Inspired by 382
Tom Gagnon Gambler's False Cut and Reverse during tabled riffle shuffle
Inspired by 384
Tom Gagnon Gambler's Ploy as a control, tabled cut
Inspired by 387
Snap Crimp
Tom Gagnon Razzle Dazzle Aces Ace control sequence using One-Handed Gambler's False Cut
Tom Gagnon Gambler's Delight Aces lost and found, then deck changes back color
Inspired by 390
Tom Gagnon Price-Gagnon False Cut one-handed onto table
Inspired byVariations 393
Harry Riser Edna using four decks
Variations 394
Tom Gagnon Freda card is also odd-backed
Inspired byVariations 397
Tom Gagnon Remembering Edna odd-backed, memorized deck version
Inspired by 401
Tom Gagnon Devilish Switch ribbon spread deck gathered with another card which is switched in the process
Related toVariations 404
Tom Gagnon Bedeviled Switch ribbon spread deck gathered with two cards, one of them is switched in the process
Inspired by 407
Tom Gagnon Devilish Thought using Devilish Switch, duplicate
Inspired by 409
Tom Gagnon Devilish Transposition thought-of cards from performer and spectator from two decks transpose, using Devilish Switch
Tom Gagnon Re-Entry marked coin into lighter, then back out into glass, blister on finger heals
Inspired byVariations 414
Tom Gagnon Shell-Acted shot glass upside down on card, coin apparently penetrates upwards through table and appears under glass, coin with card back on one side
Inspired by
  • "Copentro" (Bob Kline)
Also published here
Tom Gagnon Tiddlywinks Change as appearance, under glass
Also published here 421
Tom Gagnon Slow-Mo P&D Move one-handed pick-up and transfer into Tenkai Pinch
Inspired by 423
Tom Gagnon Tipsy Coin Vanish one of several coins vanishes
Inspired by 425
Tom Gagnon Chalk It Up dice stacking routine with pool chalk, eight ball final load
Inspired by 428
Tom Gagnon On Cue billiard ball shot against deck which splits at selection, breather crimp
Tom Gagnon A Ballsy Discovery card names written on billiard ball, ball spun on smooth surface with cup over it, it comes to rest with selection on top, crazy cue ball (weighted)
Eddie Fechter Fan Glimpse step and one-handed fan, see also p. 435
Tom Gagnon Shot in the Pack Joker shot with pool cue into deck next to selection, breather crimp
Inspired by 435
Tom Gagnon Estickmation Aces deck separated with pool cue each time
Inspired byVariations 438
Tom Gagnon Stick It To 'Em deck separated with pool cue at signed selection, breather crimp
Inspired byRelated to 441
Dai Vernon Flick Glimpse
Tom Gagnon Veiled Card Steal Aces lost and deck spread on table, covered with handkerchief and gathered, Aces then produced from pocket
Inspired by 444
Tom Gagnon Veiled Reversal Aces lost and deck spread on table, covered with handkerchief and gathered, Aces then reversed on top of deck
Tom Gagnon Veiled Overlap Steal deck with selection spread on table, covered with handkerchief and gathered, handkerchief removed and pocketed, card from pocket
Tom Gagnon Veiled Penetration no palming
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