Written by Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz

Work of Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz

47 pages (Spiralbound), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Osborne, David Britland.
Language: English

(40 entries)

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Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz Foreward
Peter Duffie Across The Universe face card of deck changes into several selections that are reversed in spread, using spread half passRelated toVariations 1
Jerry Sadowitz The Man In The Middle card peeked at, four Aces put in spectators hand, selection appears face up between Aces and rest changes to complete a Royal FlushInspired by 2
Unknown Peek Force break 2
Bruce Cervon Covered Hit Double Lift right hand holds a card and lifts off another card from deck 2
Peter Duffie Aces In Tiers Aces are in ladder configuration on and in the deck at the end 4
Jerry Sadowitz 007 And Counting Four Aces Repeat, climax change into Kings and Queens, Queens back to Aces and Queens to wallet 6
Jerry Sadowitz Strip-Out Addition and Switch deck placed on packet and packet removed with wrist turn 6
Jerry Sadowitz Packet Palm Switch packet apparently put on table with right hand, top cards secretly palmed, done face up with mates, with or without deck in hands 7
Peter Duffie Signus X 1 using two JokersInspired byVariations 9
Peter Duffie Monte Plus Variation as three cards are turned over, different choreographyInspired by 10
Jerry Sadowitz An Unpacket Trick four cards chosen, they are the four Fours, then they become blank cards, then they become Ace through Four of mixed suits, other three Fours are reversed in deck 12
Peter Duffie A Personal Triumph four packets shuffled togetherInspired byVariations 14
Jerry Sadowitz Fancy Dance Kings placed on top and instantly four-handed game dealt, Kings in performer's hand, they change to AcesVariations 16
Unknown Double Deal Technique 17
Peter Duffie A Case For Clouseau 18
Jerry Sadowitz Boom! three cards produced simultaneously, in-the-handsVariations 20
Peter Duffie A Minor Delusion using monte throw when selection is apparently tabled 22
Unknown Monte Throw 23
Jerry Sadowitz Boom Production from shuffled deckInspired by 24
Jerry Sadowitz Deadfall reversed four-of-a-kind in center of deck transpose with another cardAlso published here 24
Jerry Sadowitz Asymmetric Top Change one to four 25
Peter Duffie Face Up Garcia spectator cuts to four cards which change into AcesInspired by 26
Jerry Sadowitz Front Cover Jack and King of Spades chosen and lost, then Spades court cards taken out to find the selections, sucker element, three collectors cards change to Ace through Three of HeartsInspired by 28
Unknown Riffle Force break 28
Peter Duffie The Short Sharp Shock 30
Jerry Sadowitz Ipcress Ace through Three of Hearts lost, then Ace through Spades appear visually and change to Hearts 31
Jerry Sadowitz Open Production flourish card in which card is suddenly projectedInspired by 31
Peter Duffie Premeditated Sandwich black Queens on table, signed selection travels between them and a Joker changes into another selection 35
Peter Duffie Sandwich Mexican Turnover double used to turnover sandwich cards, single switched for double 35
Jerry Sadowitz All Things Must Pass selection lost in tabled half, Aces lost face-up in the other half, when tabled half is spread the Aces are seen sandwiching the selection 36
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 36
Jerry Sadowitz Now for the Variation wrong card changes into selection, wrong card now reversed in tabled other half 38
Jerry Sadowitz Palm Switch deck held face up, top card flipped face-down and removed, also as visible change 38
Peter Duffie A Commercial Twist Twisting the Aces with "do as I do" element, red and blue backed sets, in the end Aces change placesInspired by 40
Jerry Sadowitz Ready When You Are, J.B. jumbo coin climax 43
Gordon Bruce Matrix Steal tabled coin scooped up, both turned over and apparently tabled 43
Jack Avis Coin Switch coin scooped up with card 43
Earl Nelson Coin Load under Card slid under as card is picked upAlso published here 45
Edward Marlo Tip Move coin apparently slides from card into hand 46