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Ron Bauer The Wrong Lecture 1
Ron Bauer The Big Bag of Tricks & the Little Black Hat structure for a routine for children using a paper bag and a hat with slips with trick names
- Synopsis of the David Ginn Version
- Outline of Format
- Props for the Basic Outfit
- Finally
- Alternative Continuity Presentation Using a "Stamp Album" or "Coloring Book" Type Gimmick...
Ron Bauer Two-Card Turnover Technique TTT 17
Ron Bauer The Stud stud-variation of TTT 20
Ron Bauer The Book variation of TTT with book style turnover 21
Ron Bauer The Return end for end turnover 21
Ron Bauer RAP (Riffle Action Palm) single card 23
Edward Marlo One Hand Top Palm Cover tapping coverRelated to 23
Ron Bauer The Case of the Card in the Card Case (My Favorite Card Trick) 29