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Helder Guimarães Preface - My Journey
Helder Guimarães Part One - Choreographies & Techniques chapter intro
Helder Guimarães Aesthetic Naturally - Pivot Double Turnover/Ballerina Double Variation slightly flourishy double turnover, ends in position for Bruce/Tamariz replacement
Related toAlso published here 12
Juan Tamariz, Gordon Bruce Tamariz Turnover
Related to 15
Helder Guimarães Insertion of Double Card inserting a double in front end of deck, with wiggling
Also published here 16
Helder Guimarães, Frank Ward Cloyes On the Frank Cloyes Paintbrush Color Change top card stroked with double
Also published here 19
Helder Guimarães Visually Yours - The Retention Change choreography to unload a double before placing the card down
Also published here 22
Helder Guimarães Hold the Eye - Details on the Henry Christ Spread Switch
Inspired by 26
Helder Guimarães Organic Quality - Details on an Effortless Bottom Palm for single card
Also published here 32
Helder Guimarães Hidden in Plain Sight - Divide and Turn kind of a combination of turnover pass and light-reft spread pass
Related to 38
Helder Guimarães Flexibility of Approach visual versus non-visual, intro
Also published here 46
Helder Guimarães Visual Switch four Aces visually change into Kings on top of deck
Related toAlso published here 47
Helder Guimarães Non-Visual Switch switching three of four cards
Also published here 53
Helder Guimarães 1002nd Aces Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 55
Helder Guimarães The Illogical Nature of Naturalness - The Table Palm Add-on adding a palmed card to a tabled packet as it is spread
Helder Guimarães Beautifully Deceptive - The Choreographed Switch Jokers sandwich a card on the table, switched while Jokers are displayed
Inspired by
  • "Bilis' Switch" (Notes de Conférence, 1975)
Related to
  • "Empanada" (Armando Lucero)
Also published here
Helder Guimarães The Choice to Change named card appears sandwiched between tabled Jokers
Related to
  • "Empanada" (Armando Lucero)
Also published here
Edward Marlo Sandwich Load standard load
Helder Guimarães Open Index Handling spread and spread pass
Also published here 78
Helder Guimarães Finesse - Convincing Force handling for under-the-spread force
Helder Guimarães An Esthetic Quality - The Glamorous Turnaround sandwiched card exchanged with bottom sandwich card
Related to 88
Helder Guimarães Card to Sandwich sandwich cards tabled, selection instantly appears between them
Half Pass with small packet
Helder Guimarães Hidden in Action intro, large action covering smaller one
Helder Guimarães The Revolve Placement
Also published here 98
Helder Guimarães The Spread Replacement also for small packet which is instantly spread
Helder Guimarães By Mistake - The Perpendicular DMB Spread Control out-jogged card switched as in-the-hands spread is lowered
  • as a vanish
Inspired byRelated to 108
Helder Guimarães In the Secret Angle - The Revolve Diagonal Palm Shift all-around square-up cover
Inspired by 118
Helder Guimarães Optically Covered - The Secret Turnover overhand shuffle cover
Helder Guimarães, Pedro Lacerda Specific Moments - The Choreographed Card Steal single cut to table, cards palmed into right hand
Inspired by 130
Helder Guimarães Ode to Impossibility with three signed cards
Helder Guimarães, Peter Duffie Extended Pocket Ruse for three cards
Inspired by 145
Helder Guimarães Part Two - Essays & Repertoire chapter intro
Helder Guimarães Porto Opener "AKA The Practical Opener"
odd-backed card placed in position in new deck order with one card missing decided by spectator, it fits in where the card is missing
Also published here 156
Helder Guimarães The Opposite "Proving a Theory"
two spectators choose ten cards each, on all red and one all black
Spectator's Red-Black Shuffle riffle shuffle
Helder Guimarães Professional Hour "Just Warming Up"
cutting off named number of cards, then suit appearance with suit transformation
Breather Crimp
Christian Engblom Anti-Faro very brief
Helder Guimarães, Juan Tamariz Shuffle that Doesn't Shuffle Handling in-the-hands
Inspired by
  • "Shuffle that Doesn't Shuffle" (Juan Tamariz, Magic From The Heart DVDs, 2017)
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker Revelation
John Benzais Benzais Spin-Out Cut
Helder Guimarães In-the-Hands False Cut three packets, a bit flourishy
Double Friction Toss producing four cards
Helder Guimarães Suspending Disbelief "The Door to Impossible Things"
  • Why We Need to Suspend Disbelief
  • How We Suspend Disbelief
Helder Guimarães Mystery Switch "Be Afraid"
signed card in pocket transposes with card on table
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Helder Guimarães Liar's Truth "The Consequences of Intentions"
card chosen, then spectator lies about it and this liar card is spelled to and shows up, then it changes into original selection
Inspired by 230
Double Lift Substitute card in right hand slid under top card and both turned over as one
Helder Guimarães The Psychology of the Secret Switch "A Question of Identity"
  • The Objects that will be Switched for Each Other Share a Specific Identity
  • The Visible Actions in a Secret Switch Must be Logical
  • If an Action is Not Logical, it Must Not be Visible
  • If Using a Third Entity, Make it invisible
Helder Guimarães The Empty Space "Worth Waiting For"
thought-of card appears between two Jokers in center of deck
Inspired by
  • "The Sculpture" (Helder Guimarães, Red Mirror DVD, 2010)
Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out
Helder Guimarães One Mistake "It Will Happen"
one odd-backed card in deck, half the deck dealt into two piles, odd card is the only one the spectator places into wrong pile
Helder Guimarães One-Handed Jinx Switch rest of deck placed on table
Helder Guimarães Crossing the Mirror "Welcome to Wonderland"
signed selection out-jogged in tabled half, top card of other half shown and outjogged, the cards kind of transpose à la Time Machine effect
Inspired by
  • "The Time Machine" (Steve Freeman, Genii, Vol. 34 No. 7, 1981)
Helder Guimarães Inside "The Tell Room" "Clues for the Advantage Player"
  • First Phase: five cards chosen by five spectators, they shuffle their card each in a four-card packet, all twenty-five cards mixed and dealt out in five poker hands, selections found
  • Second Phase: poker deal of five good hands that include the selections
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Helder Guimarães Unexplained Understandable "Preserving the Mystery"
unknown card in glass, three cards chosen, Joker transforms into each selection, all chose the Queen of hearts, it is shown as card in glass
Erdnase Break Dribble Force
Helder Guimarães Overhand Shuffle Control
Helder Guimarães Invisible "Belief/Existence"
spectator remembers a card and its position, selection vanishes and reappears face up in deck
Helder Guimarães Simplicity "Protecting the Essence"
  • The Essence is Not the Method
  • The Essence Relates to the Intellectual Effect
  • To Shine, the Essence Needs a Context
  • The Essence is a Construction
  • The Essence is Totally Revealed Near the Climax
  • The Essence is not a Fact Checker
  • You Always Feel the Essence
Helder Guimarães The Only Path "A Matter of Control"
spectator makes up cards in several stages and with help of message cards in envelopes, it's predicted
Inspired by 372
Helder Guimarães, Maurice Fogel Double Envelope
Related to
  • "A Cut-Away Gem" (Maurice Fogel: In Search of the Sensational, 2007, p. 369)
Helder Guimarães The Restless Joker "Notions of the Impossible"
named card is supposed to turn over, but Joker turns over repeatedly, Joker placed aside face down, it still turns over in deck and tabled card is named selection
Inspired byRelated to 388
Larry Jennings Larreverse here done with a double facer
Helder Guimarães 2+1 Structure "Further Thoughts on the Three-Act Structure"
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Magic and Memory" (Juan Tamariz, The Magic Rainbow, 2019, p. 113)
Helder Guimarães Midas's Touch "The Perception of Luck"
  • First Phase: small packet dealing demonstration with Ace through Five of Spades
  • Second Phase: those five cards are shown in random order, then suddenly sequential order
  • Third Phase: named poker hand is produced from a shuffled deck
Inspired by 406
Helder Guimarães Upright Strip-Out Switch faces only seen by performer
Helder Guimarães Synchronicity "An Act of Pure Luck"
  • First and Second Phase: spectator and performer each select a card from half the deck and find each other's cards, spectator via Tantalizer
  • Third Phase: cards at chosen position in both halves match, then whole deck is mated
Inspired by 432
T. Page Wright, William Larsen Rosetta Shuffle
Helder Guimarães Undoing Spectator's Shuffle overhand and riffle combination, with motivation
Related to 436
Helder Guimarães Part Three - Theory chapter intro
Helder Guimarães Magic: Concept, Expression, and Approach
  • What is "Magic"?
  • About Self-Expression
  • Approaching an Idea
  • Point Man Approach
  • Application
Related to 458
Helder Guimarães Construction: Intellectual and Emotional
  • The Skeleton of Construction
  • The Brick Wall
  • The Intellectual Path
  • The Intellectual Path - Definition
  • The Emotional Path
  • The Emotional Path - Definition
Related to 468
Helder Guimarães Life: Internal and External
  • The Life of Actions
  • Internal and Invisible
  • External and Experiential
  • Application
  • Robot Actions
  • Minimum Script
Helder Guimarães Composition: Unity, Harmony, Balance, Contrast and Emphasis
  • Simplifying the Infinite
  • The Narrative of Composition
  • The Audience's Self-Composition
  • Sell a part as the whole thing
  • Change the order of information
  • Change the relevance of the information
  • Make the spectator change the facts
  • Help the spectator give up on his own
  • Application
Helder Guimarães Performance: Movement, Rhythm, Order and Style
  • The Comfort of Performing
  • The Stimulus Approach
  • The Experience is not Independent from the Method
  • The Method is in Service of the Experience
  • Each Experience has a Main Goal
  • The Last Look at the Ceiling
Helder Guimarães Mystery: We Will Never Know
  • Reasons for Deception
Helder Guimarães The Incomplete Last Step
Helder Guimarães To Me
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